143 Good, Fun, and Interesting Topics To Write About

Are you struggling to find a topic for your next blog post? Do you want to write about something interesting but don’t know where to start? You can always search Google, but developing unique ideas is hard. Sometimes the best topics are right in front of us. This guide will help you find random topics, fun topics, deep topics, easy topics, and more!

Whether you’re writing an essay or a book, these writing prompts will be fun things to write about and will help you brainstorm new topics to keep your readers engaged until the end.

It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or nonfiction; this guide is perfect for everyone who wants some inspiration when they need it most.

Practice writing as a journal entry, writing short stories, or on a blog to get the juices flowing. Take one of the writing prompts and spin it into a different angle. Don’t worry about the specific detail; enjoy the wonderful list of creative writing prompts and start writing the first few words.

You don’t need any special writing skills. You can write about real-life examples or make up a fictional character.

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Whether you’re writing an essay or a book, this guide will help you brainstorm new topics to write about that will keep your readers engaged until the end. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or nonfiction; this guide is perfect for everyone who wants some inspiration when they need it most.

Random Topics to Write About

Welcome to our list of random writing topics! Whether you’re a student looking for inspiration for your next essay or a creative writer searching for new ideas, this list has something for everyone. From thought-provoking prompts to lighthearted musings, these topics are designed to spark creativity and encourage you to explore new perspectives. So grab a pen and paper, and let’s get started!

(1) Write About Your Day

write about your day

Is there anything more gratifying than getting your thoughts down on paper (or screen)? Putting pen to paper (or hands to keyboard) can help you make sense of the world. Plus, it’s a great way to document your life and share your experiences with others. If you’re not used to writing about your day-to-day life, here’s an example.

(2) Write about History

When writing about history, it's important to be accurate and thorough in your research. But it's also important to bring that information to life for your readers

When writing about history, be accurate and thorough in your research. But it’s also important to bring that information to life for your readers, making them feel as though they are right there in the moment. In order to do this, you need to have a good grasp of historical context and what makes stories interesting. You can write about factual history, or fictional history, or ask your readers about what they were doing on this date in history.

3) Talk about Strange Things You’ve Seen

woman looks at someone strange

We all have strange things we’ve seen. Weird and wonderful things that stick in our memory for some reason or another. Maybe it was something you saw on the news, or a bizarre event that happened to you personally. No matter what it is, share it with us! We want to hear about the strangest things you’ve ever seen.

4) Write a Letter To a Friend

If you're looking for tips on how to write a letter to a friend, look no further.

Write a letter to a friend or family member who doesn’t know that you never wrote them back when they sent it to you months ago.

5. Answer questions people just asked each other, but everyone is too shy to ask out loud (i.e., “What’s the meaning of life?” “What do you think happens after we die?”).

6. Tell us what your favorite children’s books are and why they impacted you so much as a child/teenager/adult (even if they aren’t for children or teenagers).

7. Discuss the history of your last name.

8. Explain an inside joke you have with someone. Who is involved? What made it funny? Did anyone not get it?

9. Write about an embarrassing moment that everyone should know about but no one would dare tell them because they’re too afraid to embarrass you back by reminding you of what happened.

10. Make up a ghost story about your home, school, workplace, etc., and share it with us!

11. Talk about why people are afraid of what they are scared of! For example: Spiders/snakes/heights/public speaking…etc. This can also be done in the first person.

12. Write a poem that rhymes! It can be about anything you want, but it must rhyme.

13. Draw out your thoughts on paper.

14. Come up with 15 ideas for how to decorate the inside of a shoebox, and post them on Facebook or Pinterest with links back to your blog so people can read more if they wish!

15. Have you ever won something notable? If so, write about why you think you won and what it was like winning (whether or not this includes people who competed against you!). How did winning make you feel? What would winning do for someone else?

16. Take a picture of an object (i.e., pens/pencils/notebooks) and write about it.

17. Write about what you would do if you had the opportunity to be invisible for a day.

18. Explain how to make your signature look fancy! Give some tips on where to start, what materials are good, etc. If you’re feeling uninspired, let us know how many signatures it took for you to get to your final product!

19. Everyone loves that one person who is always coming up with jokes no one else would think of on their own. Come clean and tell us some of YOUR go-to joke lines (i.e., Knock knock? Who’s there? Banana! Banana who?), OR tell us some jokes YOU’VE come up with yourself (as long as they’re family-friendly, of course).

20. Are you good at solving puzzles? If so, show us your skills and share some interesting puzzles with us that require thinking outside the box!

21. Have you ever come up with a prank to play on someone (or been pranked) that ended up working better than expected? Tell us about it in detail!

22. Do you know any good brain teasers/puzzles/riddles? Come clean and tell us all about them in hope we can stump our readers (or be stumped ourselves)!

23. Write about what makes something or someone “yours.”

Deep Topics to Write About

Welcome to our list of deep writing topics! These prompts are designed to inspire introspection and encourage you to explore the complex and thought-provoking issues that shape our world. From the nature of existence to the meaning of life, these prompts will help you push your writing to new depths and explore the human experience in all its complexity. So grab a pen and paper, and let’s dive in!

24. Write about what you’re most grateful for in life.

25. What are your dreams? What would it be if you could do, be, or have anything in the entire world?

26. Ask 100 people 100 yes/no questions to uncover their personality traits and habits! You can write all about them, OR you can ask your readers permission to answer 100 of these questions on their behalf so they don’t have to find someone else willing to take part in this activity! The more detail the better!

27. If we were reincarnated as an animal (which one would we want it to be?), why would we make that choice? And who would we pick if we had the option of choosing between an array of animals?

28. Imagine you’re walking down the street, and you happen to see a penny on the ground. What do you do?

29. Think about something that’s been bothering you lately (personal or otherwise). Now write about why it bothers you and how it could be improved!

30. Do aliens exist? If so, what would life on other planets be like? If not, what do we think happens when we die (i.e., heaven/hell/nothing)? Either way, your explanation for either theory should include evidence or reasoning.

31. Have there been times in your life when people expected more out of you than they did out of others who were in a similar position as yourself? If so, do you think this was fair? Why or why not?

32. What’s something that always makes people feel better when they’re down in the dumps (whether it be a person/animal/food)?

33. If there were one thing you could change about yourself or your life right now, what would it be?

34. Think of an important lesson you’ve either learned recently OR have taught someone else. Describe the situation for us!

35. Has anyone ever helped you out whenever you were feeling blue? If so, what did they do to help bring you happiness again? How do you pay back their kindness?

36. Write about a time you messed up big time, but came out of it okay in the end.

37. Think about something that’s currently upsetting you right now (person/situation/etc.). Now tell us why it’s making you mad! If possible, write this “article” as an actual letter to the person or people who are upsetting you…and then rip it up into tiny pieces after!

38. Have fun describing yourself! Think about your personality traits and habits, what makes you unique , etc.

39. Have you ever come across someone who was being really cold towards everyone? What did they do exactly?

40. Tell us about your morning routine (what do you like to do after waking up?)

41. What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome in life? Or, what was your greatest achievement/accomplishment?

42. If you had to live your life over again, would you make any changes at all? Why or why not?

43. Write an open letter to anyone who’s ever wronged you…and expose their wrongdoings!

44. Describe yourself as if you were talking to someone else about yourself

45. Now imagine how it would feel if bad happened right before the best thing that could have ever happened to you! How would it turn out?

46. Write about a time when the people around you were more creative than you . Where did they find their inspiration from, and how do you feel about yourself in this moment?

47. What kind of animal/creature do YOU want to be reincarnated as if there were such a thing? Why are you making this choice?

48. Describe someone who’s really full of themselves, or explain why someone should never go around acting so full of themselves!

49. What mistake have other people made recently that annoyed you? Make sure to explain what exactly irked your nerves the most.

50. What activity do you always find yourself doing, even if it’s not your favorite thing to do?

51. Write about why people take selfies.

52. What’s the best idea you’ve ever had?

53 What was your greatest achievement/accomplishment?

54. Describe a time when you were either incredibly happy or sad.

55. Do pets make life better or worse for people?

Fun Topics to Write About!

Welcome to a world of endless inspiration and boundless creativity! Our list of fun writing topics is here to inject some playfulness and excitement into your writing journey. Whether you’re a student looking to add some humor to your next essay or a creative writer in need of some lighthearted musings, these topics are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a spark in your words. From fantastical scenarios to wacky hypothetical situations, these prompts will take you on a wild ride of imagination and fun. So grab your favorite pen, put on your thinking cap and let’s embark on a journey to the land of fun and games!

56. Write about a time when you were given a second chance. What did you do to make the situation better this time around?

57. Write a funny story about yourself or another person! Think of it as if one of your friends was writing an article about what happened between the two of you.

58. Describe how something (likely natural) would look like if humans had never existed.

59. Have fun describing yourself and others using fruit/vegetable/etc. names!

60. Write about a time when you were given really helpful advice. How did it change your life?

61. Describe the most epic moment in history (in your opinion) and how it felt like to be there! 62. If you could give someone you know any type of superpower, what would it be and why? Be creative!

63. Do you think people who get lucky breaks can also fall on hard times?

64. Think about something that’s upsetting you (person/situation/etc.)

65. What’s the difference between reality and fantasy (in your opinion)?

66. Write about when you first met your best friend or what was the best thing that could have ever happened to you when you met them!

67. If the universe were like a big rollercoaster, what would you like it to stop doing (i.e., taking unfair advantage of people, making fun of someone who’s currently being bullied, etc.)?  

68. Have you ever thought about what life would be like if we were all robots? What would make this life different from our own and why might it be better or worse?

69. If you could live anywhere, regardless of the costs involved with relocating there, where would you go and what’s your reasoning behind wanting to relocate there?

70. Describe a time when someone was so addicted to something that they went overboard with their habits and ended up embarrassing themselves.

71. How has technology changed the world for better or worse?

72. Describe a time when someone was so addicted to something that they went overboard with their habits and ended up embarrassing themselves. Be

Topics to Write About Yourself!

73. If you had a chance to relive your childhood, what would you do differently and why?

74. Describe a time when something or someone made you feel incredibly guilty. What made this overwhelming guilt worse?

75. Imagine that one of the most exciting days ever in history just happened! Write about what people thought was going on and how it felt to be there!

76. Have you ever been able to make someone’s day better with just a conversation? Describe this situation and how it made both parties feel inside.

77. Think of an experience from your past which has 100% shaped who you are today (in either a positive or negative way). describing what exactly happened, how it made you feel, and how this particular event has affected who you’ve become.

78. If someone was to say that they were doing something incredibly sneaky right now (i.e., coming up with a plan behind your back, tricking someone into doing what you want them to do), what would be the sneakiest thing you could think of for them to possibly do?

79. For those of us who are no longer kids but still love cartoons, describe an experience where it felt like all the characters on your favorite cartoon were real and had their own lives! What exactly was happening in your imagination?

80. Describe a time when something or someone made you lose your temper. Be as descriptive as possible about what exactly happened.

81. Have you ever had a secret admirer? What was their reasoning for this? 83. Write about an epic journey where the main character is trying to return something they took from its rightful owner or recover an object that was lost long ago.

82. Describe when you were doing something incredibly heroic in your own mind (i.e., saving someone’s life, looking after someone who can’t defend themselves, etc.) even if there wasn’t really much to boast about afterward!

83. Have you ever felt like an outcast without knowing why (in the sense of feeling like people don’t want to be around you,

feel like no one understands you, etc.)? If so, explain in detail what exactly has been going on in your life.

84. Write about a time when an achievement propelled someone to fame for being unique in their skillset/interests!

Topics to Write About for Essays

85. Describe the most interesting dream you’ve ever had (be descriptive!). How did this dream make you feel?

86. Have you ever seen an animal that belonged to a different species before (a dog with feathers, for example)? What was it like and what were your thoughts about seeing it?

87. Write about your first crush! Try describing everything in superlative terms (i.e., “It felt like my heart was actually standing still at times!”).

88. If you could only talk to one person alive or dead for the rest of your life, who would it be and why do they stand out from everyone else?

89. Write a story about when someone set a goal for themselves and went above and beyond to achieve it!

90. Write about a time when you or someone else became attached to an object in a special way. What made this essential for them?

91. If you could go back to a place from your past, where would you go and why would you want to go there again?

92. Imagine that something happened recently that has been completely draining all happiness out of your daily life (i.e., losing someone important, being stuck at the bottom of the social ladder). Describe what this tragedy feels like in detail!

93. Have you ever felt like everyone around you was saying one thing while doing another (i.e., saying they cared about their family, acting like they were happy, etc.)? Describe the situation and explain how it made you feel.

94. Write about a time when you felt like you were here but not really “here” (i.e., your head was somewhere else). How did this happen and what were some of the consequences of being in this state for so long?

95. What do people mean to you? Are they simply companions to enjoy life with or are they there because of their actions towards you?

96. Imagine that someone has given birth to a precious item or pet without knowing it! Describe what happened one day/night where everyone found out about this new addition to their lives!

97. If someone told you that your life would only last for a day, how would you spend your time until the end of that day? What would be an essential part about

your experience and what wouldn’t matter at all to you?

98. Describe a time when something made you feel like royalty (for example, winning first prize in something, having someone wait on you hand and foot for 4 days straight). To make this interesting, try describing everything as if it’s still happening now!

99. Imagine that there is a conspiracy theory going around where everyone believes that somewhere out there is a person with certain abilities (for example they can teleport anywhere and if anyone touches them they’ll absorb two years from their life). Write why this person is special and what they’re able to do that everyone else can’t!

100. Write about a time when you saved yourself (perhaps by thinking your way out of something, finding the solution on your own, etc.)

101. Imagine that you are an animal currently living in the wild! Describe what your day looks like and how it differs from the days for humans!

102. Write about a time where someone was special without knowing it but then realizing that they were because another person told them or showed them this/how this came about. What made this person realize their worth?

103. If you could become an object/thing, what would you choose to be? Why would this bring joy to your life?

104. Write about something that you wish you could forget, but can’t!

105. Write about a time where your thinking saved the day (i.e., everything revolved around figuring out what to do next). What made this difficult and how did you manage it?

106. Describe what it feels like to be different from everyone else in some way (maybe because of unique hobbies, unordinary talents, etc.). How would people treat someone like you?

107. Imagine trying to present an idea/event/concept for the first time ever! What has gone wrong with your presentation up until now and why does it need to be perfect on the next try? What happens during this final attempt at getting it right?

108. Write about someone who has lost something that was very important to them (for example, the last piece of their family, an item they’ve worked on for years to make perfect, etc.). How do you think they feel?

109. Describe what it’s like to be judged by everyone for something you had no control over! What kind of reactions do people give? Why would this bother you so much?

110. Imagine having a twin that is the complete opposite of your personality/appearance/etc. What are some struggles that come with having that person around? How would this impact your entire life if it wasn’t under your control at all times?

111. Why do we hide certain parts about ourselves from others? How can others affect this decision?

112. If you had to be an animal for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why? How does this change your day-to-day life?

113. Imagine that you just found out about some major rules/laws that everyone else has known since they were born! These laws are meant to keep you safe but some people don’t believe in them. What would happen if these people broke the laws on purpose and how do others feel about their choice?

114. Write about a time where someone saved you (saved your day, helped you get something back, etc.). What did they say/do exactly? Why were they so special in this moment?

115. Think about a time where you were traveling to somewhere familiar or unfamiliar and you got lost/misplaced! Where did you end up? What happened once you realized that this wasn’t the place that you needed to be?

116. Imagine a world completely different from our own (for example robots taking over, no use of electricity). Write about what daily life is like for someone living in this new setting. What’s changed and what has stayed the same?

117. Write about a time where your choices could have gone either way! How do the results compare between each choice made? Which one would you pick if given the chance again? Why?

118. Make things less scary by turning them into something more acceptable/fun/not scary! What changes are made? Why would this make the difference and how does this affect things differently?

119. Write about a time where you were able to help someone (maybe even complete strangers!) that was struggling with something, but you worried that they wouldn’t accept your aid. How did they react and why did you do what you did?

120. Describe a time where physical appearance mattered more than anything else (for example: everyone loved you because of your looks). Did others like who you were as a person for who they really were or was it all about the way that you looked?

121. If there were no words allowed in any form, how would everyone communicate with each other? How would society change because of this?

122. Write about a time where you had to make a hard decision that others could not understand (at all). What was the situation and what did you choose?

123. You are stuck inside of your head, with no body attached! Write about what it’s like to live in here by yourself. How does this change things?

124. If everyone saw colors differently than one another (for example red might look green), how do people try to imagine what color things actually are? What else might be different because of this scenario?

125. Imagine finding out that everyone has an animal counterpart they must take care of for life! Describe their struggles and why you would be given this task. How would you react?

126. If everyone was able to feel each other’s emotions at all times, what would happen if someone felt really strong ones (like hatred) and how do others react to this?

127. Imagine a Utopian world where everything is perfect and no one ever has to worry about anything again! Why would this not last forever? What might cause it to fall apart or what could possibly go wrong with such a plan?

128. Write about a time when something small completely changed your day/life for the better (and even for those around you!). Did others realize that the change happened and how did they feel about it?

129. You can literally pick any celebrity and write about their life! Where do they live, who are they married to/dating, what is their job like? Describe them in-depth.

130. Think of a time when you had to hide something from someone that was extremely close to you (maybe even yourself!). How does this affect your relationship with that person and why might it be hard to continue living the way you were before this situation happened?

131. Imagine a world where everything looks brand new and shiny all of the time! What would people value differently if this was real? Why is there still so much dirt/dust in places?

132. You have been placed into a different body than your usual one (for example random animal). What is life like for this other being and why were you stuck in there?

133. If everything was given away for free (no money needed), what would happen to the economy and how would we function as a society today?

134. You can make one person you know extremely happy! Describe their reaction and how they change because of this great news. How does it benefit you as well?

135. Write about a time where someone took advantage of you (for example: swindled, using as slave). Why did this happen and how do you feel as a result? How does this affect your relationship with that person moving forward?

136. Imagine reaching the age where everyone must die at once! What happens during the days leading up to the big day and how does everyone prepare for this destiny? What happens afterward?

137. Write about a time where you had to make a decision that affected your entire family (yes, even those not directly related). What was it and how did they react when they found out the situation you were in?

138. You are now extremely small! Describe life from this perspective and how it is different than usual.

139. If there were no games whatsoever, what would happen to society as we know it? How would people be entertained without simple pleasures like these? Would anyone realize that something wasn’t right or would everything continue normally with no change?

140. You can read/write into someone’s mind! How do you use this newfound ability and what are the rules of reading minds vs. writing them? Who does age have anything to do with this?

141. Write about a time where someone was given an opportunity that was similar to yours (meaning: same position, the same type of dream), but they failed and you succeeded! Why did only one person succeed and how does this affect your personal life moving forward?

142. You can watch/observe into the past or future but not in any specific order. Describe how this affects your daily life and why you might be chosen for such a privilege.

143. Imagine if everyone had jobs based on their abilities (so people who were good at singing became singers, etc.). Why would this be beneficial to society and what might people do on their spare time?

Creative Writing Prompts

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