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What’s Your Dream Job? A List of All the Different Jobs in the World

What’s Your Dream Job?  A List of All the Different Jobs in the World

Have you ever wondered what your dream job might be? There are so many different jobs in the world, it can be hard to choose just one! Today, we’re going to take a look at all the different jobs out there and see if we can find the perfect one for you. Keep reading to learn more!

Jobs that Start with A

Accountant: a person who keeps records of financial transactions, prepares financial reports, and analyzes accounting data.

Advertising agent: a person employed by an advertising agency to arrange for the placement of advertisements in newspapers or magazines or on radio or television.

Administrative assistant: A person employed to help executives and other managers with their work, such as drafting correspondence, making travel arrangements, arranging conference calls, researching issues.

Aerospace engineer: Someone who uses science and math to design aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites.

Affiliate Marketer: A person who is contracted with a company to promote its products and services in return for payment based on sales or leads produced.

Agricultural worker: A person employed in tilling soil for cultivation purposes; a farmer

Aircraft pilot: A person who flies commercial, cargo, private planes by operating the plane’s controls.

Animal trainer: someone who trains animals for riding or performing tricks.  This job does not necessarily mean they are outside of the circus, it could be someone training dogs to do tricks at home for their kids. An animal trainer has many forms of education that vary from learning about the certain breed of animal they are working with, learning commands, understanding the psychology behind training methods, learning how to read your animal’s body language and what actions can be done to motivate him/her into doing what you want him/her to do.

Animal Caretaker: Someone who takes care of animals at a zoo, sanctuary, or for an individual. This person usually cleans the enclosures and feeds the animals. They may also be involved with breeding programs.

Animal trainer: a person who trains animals according to principles of animal behavior.

Apartment Manager/Maintenance Person: The person in charge of managing an apartment building or complex, including aspects such as leasing units, renting units, collecting rent payments, dealing with concerns consumers have about their units/complexes (i.e., maintenance issues), etc. An apartment manager is usually required to have some sort of real estate license depending on state law.

Archaeologist: someone who studies human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites such as burial grounds, historical ruins or artifacts.

Architect: a person trained in planning and designing structures, such as houses and office buildings.

Artist: a person who creates original works of art, such as paintings, sculptures, or drawings.

Astronomer: a scientist who studies the universe and the objects that inhabit it, such as planets, comets, and nebulae.

Athlete: a person whose sport is running, swimming, or playing football, etc., and who is trained to participate in sports events.

Auditor: someone who examines financial records for accuracy during an accounting period.

Jobs that Start with B

Babysitter: a person hired to take care of a baby, child, or children.

Baker: a worker who makes bread and pastries in a bakery.

Banker: someone employed by a bank who handles the financial transactions of the bank’s customers.

Barber: someone whose job is cutting hair and trimming beards

Beautician: a person trained to give beauty treatments such as facials, manicures, and hairstyling.

Bicycle mechanic: a person who repairs bicycles for people in his or her neighborhood.

Bookkeeper: a person whose job it is to keep track of money coming into and going out of a business; an accountant.

Bus driver: someone who operates a large motor vehicle used to transport passengers to different locations.

Businessperson: a person who owns and manages a business.

Butcher: someone whose job is to cut up dead animals for people to buy and eat as meat.

Jobs that Start with C

Carpenter: a person whose job is making and repairing wooden objects such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and window frames.

Cashier: a person employed by a store or other business establishment to take care of the money that customers use to buy things; a sales clerk.

Caterer: someone who prepares food for special events such as weddings and banquets.

Chef: someone who considers cooking an art form; someone who cooks professionally in restaurants or hotels.

Chemical engineer: Someone who uses chemistry to solve problems related to the production of chemicals for industry or everyday life.

Childcare worker: A person employed to take care of children for parents at their homes or in daycare facilities.

Clergymen: a member of the clergy, especially a Protestant minister or a Jewish rabbi.

Computer programmer: a person who writes code for computer programs.

Consumer advocate: An official employed by an organization to represent consumers in legislative and individual proceedings dealing with consumer affairs.

Content Marketer: a person who creates or distributes marketing content for a company or client.

Copywriter: a person whose job is writing advertisements. You can learn more about copywriting here.

Cosmetologist: someone trained to help clients with all aspects of personal grooming, including hair styling and coloring, manicures, pedicures, makeup application, and skincare.

Counselor: someone who provides advice and guidance to others; especially, a person trained to help people with problems such as marital difficulties, alcohol or drug addiction, etc.

Court reporter: a person whose job is to record everything that is said in court on tape so it can be used as evidence during the trial process.

Cowboy: a man who takes care of cattle on ranches in the western U.S., especially on cattle drives and in rodeos.

Criminal investigator: A detective employed by law enforcement agencies to investigate crimes.

Curator: someone experienced in curating art exhibitions; usually employed by an art gallery, museum, or historical site.

Customs agent: Someone whose job is to inspect luggage and packages that are brought into the United States from foreign countries to make sure they meet U.S. customs regulations and laws before the travelers enter the country.

Jobs that Start with D

Dancer: someone trained to perform dances professionally.

Dentist: a doctor who specializes in treating diseases of the teeth.

Dietician: Someone who advises on diet and nutrition based on sound scientific knowledge, rather than personal opinion or traditional ideas.

Digital Marketing Strategist: An individual who is skilled in online marketing, online advertising, and strategies that help businesses succeed in digital.

Diver: a person who prepares and dives for pearls, coral or treasure.

DJ: A person who creates an entertaining mix of songs for a radio station, television show, or public event.

Doctor: a health care professional trained to practice medicine; someone whose job it is to treat patients suffering from injuries or illnesses.

Doordash Driver: A person who is hired by door dash to deliver food for various restaurants.

Draftsperson: someone whose job is to make technical drawings of buildings, machinery, etc., especially to show how they will look when they are constructed.

Dressmaker/seamstress: someone whose job it is to make women’s clothes

Drywall installer: Someone who installs drywall, or gypsum plasterboard, on walls and ceilings.

Jobs that Start with E

Economist: Someone who studies economics—the behavior of consumers, producers, investors, wholesalers/retailers, and other groups engaged in the exchange of goods and services on national scales.

Editorial assistant: An editorial assistant works

Editor: a person whose job is to edit written material before it is published. Editors check for grammar and spelling mistakes and make sure that the writing follows certain rules depending on what sort of publication they are working with.

Electrician: someone whose job involves doing electrical work in houses and buildings, such as wiring light fixtures and repairing heating systems.

Electrical Engineer: a person who designs machines that use electricity

Economist: Someone who studies how societies use their scarce resources to produce goods and services while trying to satisfy their expanding wants.

Editor: A skilled worker who makes written material clear, effective, coherent by correcting spelling, grammar, etc.

Electrician: someone trained in the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical equipment such as wiring systems, motors, etc.    

Engineer: someone who uses science to solve problems.

Entomologist: A scientist who studies insects.

Jobs that Start with F

Farmer: Someone who works on a farm or is employed in agriculture.

Firefighter: a person trained to put out fires and prevent damage caused by fire, especially one working for the fire service.

Fisherman: Someone whose job is catching fish as their main source of income.

Flight attendant: A person employed by an airline to serve the passengers onboard the aircraft.

Florist: An individual who specializes in growing, transporting, displaying, and selling flowers.

Forestry worker: someone whose job is caring for forests by planting new trees or maintaining forests.

Forester: somebody who looks after forests. J

Jobs that Start with G

Jobs that Start with G

Gardener: An employee of a wealthy family or estate, responsible for maintaining the garden and grounds, sometimes also the interior of the house too.

Geographer: Someone studies geography; an expert in the world and the way it works.

Geologist: someone who studies rocks, landforms, earth processes, etc for scientific purposes.

Golfer: A person who enjoys playing or practicing golf as a sport or hobby.

Jobs that Start with H

Hairdresser: Someone whose job is to cut and style hair, sometimes also color it too; not necessarily in a hairdressing salon.

Handyperson: Someone skilled at DIY (do-it-yourself) tasks around the house but without any professional qualification for this work.

Health Inspector: a person employed by a public agency to ensure that places where food is served or other areas are clean and safe for customers.

Horticulturist: A scientist, gardener, grower of plants–someone who works with flowers grown for their beauty and fragrance.

Hotel manager: The manager of a hotel whose job it is to ensure that the hotel runs smoothly and provides excellent service. Some managers concentrate on managing employees while others focus on setting up policies and procedures within the hotel.

Jobs that Start with I

Interior designer: Someone who designs interiors such as rooms in a house or office building, both modern and traditional. They should be creative individuals who can use design elements to create

Jobs that Start with I

Influencer: Someone who influences social media, YouTube videos and/or photos to help their followers work toward a goal.

Inspector: Someone who investigates or monitors for problems.

Instructor: Someone who spends their time teaching others, usually at school or in some other educational environment

Inventor: A person who comes up with ideas for new products and makes those ideas a reality.

Investor: A person who invests money in order to earn a financial return.

Italian chef: A cook specializing in Italian cuisine, especially pizza and pasta.

Jobs that Start with J

Journalist: Someone who writes articles for newspapers, magazines or online about current affairs or their specialist area. They gather information and research their articles before they write them.

Jobs that Start with K

Kindergarten teacher: An educator who teaches young children before they start at school. Some kindergarten teachers may also care for children during the day, such as taking them to the toilet, eating lunch, etc.  

Knitter: Someone who knits handmade garments and makes patterns using knitting needles or a machine. They can knit back and forth or in circular patterns.

Jobs that Start with L

Librarian: A person who works within a library system as custodian of books, duties include acquisition, classification, and circulation of books as well as assisting patrons in finding what they are looking for.

Lawyer: Someone who knows how to effectively represent an individual’s interests in legal proceedings.

Librarian: A person who works within a library system as custodian of books, duties include acquisition, classification, and circulation of books as well as assisting patrons in finding what they are looking for.

Landscape gardener: Someone who designs gardens with different elements such as plants, paths, and waterways to make the garden attractive and functional.

Jobs that Start with M

Mechanic: A person responsible for the upkeep and repair of cars or other powered vehicles.  

Marketing executive: An executive whose job is to promote and sell products and services by carrying out marketing campaigns.  They often work in an office but sometimes need to visit clients or attend conferences too.

Movie director: The person responsible for making sure a movie is made and meets the filmmaker’s expectations. Their job involves directing actors and overseeing all aspects of film production like lighting, sound effects, etc.

Masseur: Someone who massages people for relaxation or to treat injuries and muscle pain.  

Medical Laboratory Technician: A person who works in a laboratory analyzing body fluids and tissues to find out what is causing someone’s symptoms or health problems.

Merchant: Someone who does business by buying and selling products, their job is similar to that of an entrepreneur but on a smaller scale so they usually work for one company rather than running their own business.

Meeting planner: The person responsible for organizing meetings including events such as seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.. They may also be responsible for arranging the catering, entertainment, and accommodation.

Military personnel: A person who is part of an army, navy, or air force.

Mechanical engineer: A person with a scientific background whose job is to design, develop and maintain machines like cars, boats, planes, or robots.

Model: Someone who wears clothes for photographs in magazines etc., they are usually required to have the right kind of body shape for each designer’s collection.      

Musician/Performer: Someone who performs music professionally on stage or in studios – singers, guitarists, keyboard players, etc.. They may also need to be able to play more than one musical instrument.

Massage therapist: Someone trained in techniques designed to relieve stress, muscle tension, and pain. They use massage strokes to stimulate the flow of blood and nutrients in the body’s tissues.    

Milk/Fruit juice taster: Tastes samples of milk or fruit juices to check they meet quality standards before they are sold to consumers.

Model maker: A person who makes models for companies by building up layers of plaster, clay, or another material over a frame made out of wire mesh.  

Midwives: People trained to take care of women during pregnancy, labor and birth as well as caring for newborn babies.  

Jobs that Start with N

Nurse: Someone trained in first aid, health care, and life-saving procedures who works under the supervision of a physician or surgeon or independently if they are the only medical personnel on duty.

Nutritionist: A person who studies what food is best for your health so you can get the right amount of nutrients from what you eat.

Network administrator/engineer: They manage local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), and intranets/extranets by making sure all hardware and software are working properly. They also provide technical support to users connected to the network(s).  

Neurological surgeons: A surgical specialist whose main focus is on disorders or injuries involving the brain and nervous system.    

Non-destructive testing technicians: They inspect products, equipment, and structures made from metal, plastic, rubber, etc… to make sure they meet quality standards using X-rays, etc.   

Nursing assistant/aide: Someone trained in simple tasks designed to help an elderly person or a patient recover after an accident or operation.  In some cases, people without any formal qualifications can work as nursing assistants if they have a lot of experience taking care of sick family members at home.

Nuclear medicine technologists: A person who uses special procedures and equipment for diagnosing and treating diseases in patients such as cancer patients. They use radioactive materials called radiopharmaceuticals to treat and diagnose problems such as cancer, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, and injuries.

Jobs that Start with O

Occupational therapists: They help people develop or recover their skills so they can cope with everyday tasks if they have suffered from an accident or illness.

Office Manager: A person responsible for the day-to-day administration of an organization’s offices (e.g., first-level supervisor).  

Oil rig worker: Operate machinery and perform maintenance on oil rigs in order to drill holes deep into the earth to extract oil and gas.

Optometrists/Ophthalmologists: Are vision specialists who test eyesight and prescribe corrective lenses as need be as well as checking for signs of serious medical conditions like diabetes etc. They also provide pre, during, and post-operative care on eye procedures.

OTR drivers: Truck drivers who deliver products to customers on a set route on public roads.

Jobs that Start with P

Paralegals/Legal assistants: They assist lawyers in legal cases by providing additional information or research skills not necessarily requiring formal qualifications of their own.

Paramedics: People who are trained to give emergency medical treatment to people who are injured or became ill while out in public places.  

Parks workers/Groundskeepers: A person whose job is to maintain public parks, playgrounds, sports fields, zoos, etc., Generally they mow the grass, plant flowers, and trees, remove litter, etc.,  

Pattern makers: A person who makes patterns for clothes, shoes, toys, etc.

Paving company owner: Someone who owns their own company that does paving work on roads or around buildings using equipment like dump trucks or bulldozers.  Typically they own the paving equipment themselves as well.

Petroleum engineers: They use math and science to make sure there is enough oil to meet demand all over the world by designing ways of getting it out of the ground faster/safer/etc., than one would with conventional means.   

Pharmacists: People trained in medicine to counsel patients about different medications, prepare prescriptions, and give advice on how to take them correctly so as not prevent further illness/problems along with ensuring drug interactions are minimized.

Personal Care Aides: Assist elderly or sick people with everyday tasks like personal hygiene, dressing, etc.

Photo archivists/technicians: People responsible for maintaining and cataloging photographs are known as photo archivists. They take care of the prints by cleaning, fixing damage caused by light/air/etc., make sure prints are correctly stored to prevent further damage, ensure people have access to them if needed, organize them in order to be useful, etc.  

Phlebotomist: Phlebotomists collect blood samples for tests and transfusion.

Physical therapist: A person who helps injured people/patients gradually become functional again by providing treatment like massage, exercise, heat/cold packs, etc. which enables them to recover and return back to normal active lives or as close to it as they can manage.

Physicist: Physicists study the nature of matter and energy in the universe. They work with others researchers such as chemists or astronomers to solve specific problems or gain a deeper understanding of various phenomena.

Police detectives: Detective police officers investigate crimes that have been committed in order to arrest criminals and provide evidence against them so they can be charged/​convicted in a court of law.

Pilots: An airline pilot is someone who flies an airliner (typically a small plane), transporting passengers and cargo to different airports all over the world. Some pilots are also employed by companies with their own planes to fly executives around, often called Corporate or Business Jets.  A helicopter pilot is similar but they operate smaller chopper vehicles instead of fixed-wing aircraft like airplanes do.  

Plasterers: A plasterer is a construction worker who attaches plasterboard sheets to walls and ceilings in order to cover them so as to provide decoration, insulation, etc., or help keep building structures stable.    

Police officers/Detectives: Investigators who enforce the law by patrolling assigned areas looking for signs of crime after it has happened or trying to prevent it from happening. Police officers usually patrol on foot, by car, or on motorcycles depending on the situation and available equipment they have at their disposal.

Postal workers: They work for a postal service company delivering mail to people either directly (door-to-door) or indirectly (by dropping them off at a centralized location like a post office).   

Precision machinists: Precision machinists create high-quality parts and tools using machines like lathes and milling machines which often require highly skilled craftsmanship to make properly due to how they function and their level of accuracy required.  They also check finished products with gauges, microscopes, etc., in order to test those that meet specific standards.   

Prepress technicians: A prepress technician is someone who inspects, processes, and proofs print jobs on specialized machines to ensure they are correct before passing them along to the next step in production. Prepress technicians check for problems with images or text being too dark, too light, blurry, smudged, misregistered (i.e., two parts that should have lined up didn’t), etc.   

Pre-school/kindergarten teachers: Educators who instruct students ranging from toddlers to children around the age of six/​seven years old on fundamental skills like how to read and write, basic math concepts, socialization/cooperation with others, knowledge about different subjects/​concepts they might not be familiar with yet (e.g., science), art appreciation & creation, etc.

Purchasing managers: Purchasing managers are responsible for finding companies/suppliers who sell products at prices lower than the market average so the company they work for can purchase them in bulk, saving money over buying them elsewhere.  They then negotiate with the suppliers to get even lower prices (often by purchasing higher quantities) which further reduces expenses and improves business profits.

Public health consultants: Public health consultants usually work as part of a team interfacing between governments/​the public/​other agencies on one end and researchers/​universities/​factories/​corporations on the other end with the goal of creating more effective medical products, policies, etc.

Jobs that Start with Q

Quality control inspectors: Quality control inspectors oversee products being produced or services being offered to ensure they meet certain requirements laid out beforehand in terms of quality and safety standards. For example, a quality control inspector working in a construction site might check finished materials using x-rays, ultrasounds, etc., to make sure they are of sufficiently good quality to be used in construction without any defects or problems.   

Quick service restaurant managers: They work for fast food/casual dining restaurants and manage the store’s staff, ordering supplies, creating employee schedules, handling employee complaints/​issues/​problems, etc.  They might also handle moving some customer transactions (like taking orders), order delivery of supplies when required, etc. 

Jobs that Start with R

R​abbi: A rabbi is a Jewish spiritual leader who provides guidance on religious matters.

Real Estate Agent:  They help people find houses/apartments to buy, sell houses they already own, etc.

Recruiter: A recruiter helps companies with hiring new employees by reading resumes, doing initial phone screenings of applicants, consulting with the company’s higher-level executives about who to hire for what jobs, finding out about available jobs in the area which are a good fit for the company’s needs and priorities (e.g., wages offered), getting more info on certain candidates/​jobs if necessary after screening resumes & performing initial phone interviews, etc.  Once potential employees are selected they might facilitate setting up job interviews between them and their employers or even arranging transportation to get them where they need to go once hired.

Receptionists: People working in administrative support positions whose job it is to greet people who come into their organization or company, answer the phone when it rings (including transferring calls where appropriate), etc.   

Registered nurses: They work in hospitals, healthcare centers, nursing homes, private practices, etc., providing medical care to patients by checking them over thoroughly during intake and patient check-ins for new arrivals.  They take patients’ health histories, look over their symptoms/complaints using exam tools like tongue depressors/​stethoscopes/​etc., listen to their heart rate/​blood pressure/​lungs/​etc., perform general tests of physical fitness/range of motion/agility/coordination/strength that are relevant to the patient’s particular condition(s), diagnose problems based on that information, etc.   

Restaurant managers: People working at restaurants who oversee the entire operation there from making sure employees and chefs are working and serving customers in a timely fashion to handling customer complaints/​issues, buying ingredients/supplies at market prices, etc.   

Research assistants: They usually work for professors or experts in fields like medicine/​genetics/​etc., helping them gather the information that will be useful in their research by looking up facts and data about certain subjects related to what they’re studying (e.g., gene sequencing), interviewing people who have relevant expertise/knowledge/evidence, etc.   

Retail store managers: People working at retail stores who are in charge of the entire operation there, overseeing everything from inventory management to personnel scheduling to handling customer complaints/​issues/orders to buying products at market prices themselves.   

Risk assessment analysts: Risk assessment analysts study the risks involved with different products & activities to make sure they meet safety standards. They read reports from accident investigations, look at trends in accidents involving similar products, identify common causes of accidents/problems associated with a particular product, etc., to gauge whether a certain product can be considered safe enough for use/adoption.   

Risk management consultants: They work for insurance companies, helping them decide whether or not they should extend coverages/offer policies to a specific person/​company based on the risk involved with insuring them, funding/​managing claims related to their clients’ accidents/​disasters/​etc. and performing loss evaluations for assessing what caused an accident so it can be avoided in future.  They might look at historical data about losses related to natural disasters or accidents involving similar products, calculate risks based on two very different scenarios (e.g., potential profits vs potential damages), etc.   

Jobs that Start with S

Sales managers: They work for companies that sell specific types of goods or services, overseeing their sales department making sure employees are doing their jobs efficiently and productively by setting targets/quotas for them, finding out about company performance & upcoming events which will affect it (e.g., economic changes), monitoring how effectively resources are being used, evaluating employee performance regularly based on whether they met certain goals & objectives, etc.

SEO: A person responsible for managing websites with the goal of having pages rank on the search engines.

Sales representatives: Working with companies involved in manufacturing/distributing consumer goods like fashion apparel, home appliances, food & beverages, electronics, etc., sales representatives make sure retailers are stocking their products adequately by assessing stock availability at different stores on a regular basis.

Social Media Manager: Social media managers are responsible for managing a company’s social media presence.

Social workers: They help people in different situations improve their lives or solve their problems, e.g., parents needing help coping with a child’s death or someone transitioning into a different gender.

Server: People who work at restaurants, bars, etc., taking orders from customers, bringing them their food/drinks, responding to requests for things like more water/​coffee/​food, etc.

Software developers: These people design & create video games, computer programs, mobile apps, etc. They might work for big companies or they might be freelancers.

Software engineers: A software engineer designs & builds video games, computer programs, mobile apps, etc. for a living.   

Staffing coordinators: These people are responsible for coordinating staffing assignments by taking into account factors like the skill sets required, the availability of applicants with those skills, budgets/funding allotted for certain types of projects/jobs, etc., before placing employees in different positions which match their qualifications & needs.   

Stenographers: Stenographers are court reporters who transcribe court proceedings verbatim by listening to what’s being said and typing every word they hear without any pauses/pauses between words because it can make a difference in the outcome of a case. They might work for law firms, individual lawyers, the government, etc., depending on where their expertise is required.

Statisticians: A statistician studies facts & figures about different phenomena in an effort to figure out whether or not something has a pattern that can be used to predict future events/trends involving them.

Stenographer: Court reporters who transcribe court proceedings verbatim by listening to what’s being said and typing every word they hear without any pauses/pauses between words because it can make a difference in the outcome of a case. They might work for law firms, individual lawyers, the government, etc., depending on where their expertise is required.  

Stock analysts: Working with companies involved in manufacturing/distributing consumer products like fashion apparel, home appliances, food & beverages, electronics etc., stock analysts monitor movements in their company stocks regularly based on factors like market changes or rumors about upcoming events which will affect them, assess whether or not their prices are reasonable, etc.

Subway sandwich artists: Subway creates healthy fast food options for people who want to eat nutritious meals without having to prepare them at home themselves. Subway sandwich artists create different types of sandwiches (e.g., turkey, bacon club, meatball marinara) depending on the type(s) ordered by customers at their restaurant outlets.  

Superintendent: A superintendent oversees & manages the construction of buildings like apartment complexes, skyscrapers, office spaces, shopping malls, etc., to make sure they’re built according to plans agreed upon with clients before beginning work on any project (e.g., deadlines met). 

Supply chain managers: Working in corporate sectors that deal with consumer goods like fashion apparel, home appliances, food & beverages, electronics, etc., supply chain managers focus on taking raw materials supplied by different manufacturers/producers to the required destination while minimizing costs along the way. They then make sure that supplies are delivered in a timely manner to distributors involved in selling them at their intended prices.  

Supply chain analysts: Working for big companies or other business entities, supply chain analysts assess current market conditions to determine where products should be produced (countries) based on several factors including labor rates available in different countries, import duties levied by certain countries against products originating from others based on political considerations, etc. This data is used by businesses looking to outsource the production of consumer goods to make decisions about which countries they should partner with for production purposes.  

Survey research manager: In social science surveys, a survey research manager plans the logistics of how the questions asked will be distributed to different people involved in a study (e.g., interviewers who’ll conduct face-to-face interviews with respondents) and/or analyzed (e.g., statistical analysts who’ll assess responses to determine whether or not a hypothesis is valid). 

Sustainability managers: A sustainability manager works with companies involved in manufacturing/distributing consumer products like fashion apparel, home appliances, food & beverages, electronics, etc., to ensure that their processes are environmentally friendly so as not to damage natural resources or put people’s health at risk by using toxic chemicals during production.  

Superheroes: Superheroes use their superpowers (e.g., flying, superhuman strength, invisibility) to rescue people in emergency situations like fires or earthquakes without any consideration for their personal safety because they know that doing so will help save the lives of innocent people.

Systems analysts: Systems analysts use software tools to monitor the performance of computer systems/applications using metrics like processor usage, memory usage, etc., which are used by different companies around the world in day-to-day activities involving computers (e.g., Internet browsing).                       

Jobs that Start with T

Typesetter: A person who selects, formats, and arranges a piece of writing to prepare it for publication.

Typesetter: Someone who sets up type in proper form for printing or reproduction.

Toupee Maker: Someone who manufactures toupees.

Trademark Examiner: A trademark examiner is an attorney employed by the government to examine marks before they are approved for registration on the principal register to determine if they conflict with existing marks already registered or pending registration.

Tractor Operator: Someone who operates a tractor.

Tactical Officer: A tactical officer, also called a tac-off, tac officer, or patrol rifle operator is an individual trained to use firearms and batons for self and crowd control. They often serve in response units that respond to emerging threats and emergencies such as riots.

Text Editor: A person employed by a publishing company whose responsibility is to correct written material before it goes into the publication process.

Teacher: Someone who instructs another on some subject or skill usually through one-to-one teaching or other direct instruction.

Tech Writer: Someone who writes technical materials such as user manuals and online help guides, among other things.

Tank Driver/Operator: Driver of the tank.

Taxonomist: A taxonomist classifies organisms into species, genus, family, and so on following the standard rules of biological nomenclature, usually according to their evolutionary relationships.

Teller: Someone who works in a bank dealing with customers’ accounts and transactions, either at the counter or through an electronic system.

Translator: Translates written text or speech from one language to another by means of an interpreter.

Teacher’s Assistant: Someone who assists teachers with instructional duties such as grading papers and administering tests.

Technical Writer: Someone who writes technical materials such as user manuals and online help guides, among other things.

Trainer/Instructor/Coach: Someone who trains others.

Tax Collector: The people in a specific community who are responsible for collecting the taxes from the citizens and companies residing there.

Tune-Up Technician: They bring new life to your car by replacing old parts.

Turret Gunner: Someone who operates a machine gun on a rotating mechanism on top of an aircraft or other armored vehicle, allowing it to be aimed at one point while the body of the vehicle is being protected from enemy fire.

Tour Guide: They give tourists information about a certain place they’re visiting, usually through tours that last anywhere between 3 hours to about a week’s time.

Tailor/Seamstress: Seamstresses and tailors alter garments or create clothing from fabrics according to clients’ specifications.

TV Producer: Someone who’s in charge of producing a television show or series, either for market reasons or for other considerations such as brand-name promotion.

Tool Programmer: People who program tools used by others working in computer-assisted design (CAD).

Tour Guide / Escort: They give tourists information about a certain place they’re visiting, usually through tours that last anywhere between 3 hours to about a week’s time.

Translator/Interpreter: Translates written text or speech from one language to another by means of an interpreter.

Trucker: Someone who drives a truck for a living, transporting goods from one place to another.

Transportation Coordinator: A transportation coordinator plans transportation systems such as railways, highways, shipping lanes, airports, and stations.

Taxi Driver/Chauffeur: Drives a taxi or other type of vehicle for hire while transporting passengers.

Technical Support Analyst: This is the person in charge of supporting users when they encounter hardware or software problems.

Traffic Surveyor: Collects data in order to determine traffic and volumes in order to design effective traffic control systems.

Terminal Manager: The person in charge of all activities taking place at the terminals or stations, including cargo operations and passengers/visitors handling.

Train Conductor: The people who are responsible for safely operating trains on railroads. They also ensure that the train stays within its schedule to arrive at destinations on time and maintains cleanliness during the journey.

Traffic Engineer: A traffic engineer helps design streets, highways, bike lanes, and other features so as to try to promote better traffic conditions. Tax Collector: The people in a specific community who are responsible for collecting the taxes from the citizens and companies residing there.

Travel Agent/Agency: These agents act as middlemen between customers and suppliers of travel arrangements, including airfares, hotel reservations, cruise ships, and tours.

Jobs that Start with U

Uber Driver: Someone who drives for Uber, a transportation network company that allows customers to look up the location of nearby cars and then order a ride from their smartphone.

Unarmed Combat Instructor: They teach people self-defense techniques such as grappling and striking without using any type of weapon (e.g., boxing).

Undertaker: A licensed professional who prepares the deceased for burial or cremation, and directs their funeral.

Urban/Regional Planner: This is a person who develops practical solutions for land-use problems such as housing and transportation, industry and shopping complexes.

Urologists: They specialize in surgery of the urinary tract; they also study diseases and disorders of the kidneys and urethra as well as abnormalities affecting the testes, prostate gland, and penis.

UX Designer: UX designers, also known as UXDs , create experiences for end-users of products and services.

Jobs that Start with V

Vertical Farmer: This person works on a farm that is capable of being housed vertically so as to save space. They usually have plants stacked within towers with artificial lighting systems for vertical farming.

Vegetable Grower/Farmer: People who grow vegetables for the market. They ensure that their plants are growing healthily and are harvested at the right time.

Veterinarian: A person who deals with caring for sick animals. The veterinary does this by administering drugs, vaccines, or medical attention. He also provides health care to pets. Veterinary can also refer to a doctor who specializes in the study of animals, their diseases and t

Voice-over Artist: This is someone whose voice is recorded for video footage before being played over other visuals that are meant to be part of a certain scene or sequence. Voice-over artists help narrate stories without appearing on screen.

Videographer/Video Editor: A videographer records moving images using cameras, camcorders, etc., which he then edits together with his video editor before finally adding any relevant background music or effects.

Jobs that Start with W

Web Developer: A web developer designs, codes, and tests websites to make them functional for target markets.

Weapons Technician: They are people who take care of the weapons used by armed forces personnel. They do this by performing regular inspections (checking whether all parts are present), inspecting ammo supplies, repairing damaged equipment, etc.

Water Quality Tester: This is a person who analyzes drinking water quality in places such as factories and homes for harmful materials like chlorine and bacteria that can affect health.

Wedding Consultant/Coordinator: These people advise engaged couples on different aspects of their wedding ceremony so as to help plan their big day. Wedding planners, on the other hand, are in charge of putting together wedding-related events.

Wedding Dresses Designer: A person who designs and makes dresses for the bride to wear during her special day.

Welder: This is a person who works with an oxyacetylene or electric arc welder by performing welding operations on metals of different types for buildings, ships, bridges, etc. They may also be tasked with cutting materials using these same tools.

Wind Power Technician: These people install and maintain wind turbines that generate electricity from clean renewable energy like wind power.

Writer: This is someone who writes eBooks, articles, essays, etc., for websites or blogs to share information with the public.

Jobs that Start with X

X-Ray/Medical Imaging Technologist: An imaging technologist performs diagnostic imaging examinations using x-ray equipment, ultrasounds, MRI scanners, etc., and prepares the patient for these procedures so as to ensure effective and safe imaging.

X-Ray Technician: This is a person who uses x-rays to conduct diagnostic studies on broken bones or organs inside a patient’s body. They then either prepare images that can be interpreted by physicians or use x-ray machines to help cure injuries/ailments through radiation treatment.

Jobs that Start with Y

Yarn Spinner: A yarn spinner is someone who makes fabric by twisting yarn made from fibers of different plants and animals. They may also need to dye the resulting product before it can be used by manufacturers/fashion designers.

Yes/No Pollster: People who ask questions of random members of the general public, get their feedback about issues affecting society, etc., through polls, and then use this feedback to help frame future policies and legislation, predict election outcomes accurately, etc.

Yoga Instructor: Yoga is a form of exercise meant to train the body and mind through meditation, breathing techniques, etc. Yoga instructors teach yoga to students of all levels in schools, colleges, or private classes so as to help them achieve better health and peace of mind.

YouTube Star: A person with a large following on YouTube who is paid by advertisers/brands in exchange for promoting their products in video clips that they upload on their channel(s), which have thousands or even millions of subscribers. Some famous YouTubers are bloggers (video bloggers) who share lifestyle tips and other forms of personal advice with their followers while keeping them engaged with humorous language and entertaining elements like memes.

Jobs that Start with Z

Zoologist/Wildlife Biologist: A zoologist is someone who studies animals and their natural habitats (wildlife), including their behavior, classification, etc. They may work for zoos or wildlife conservation organizations that look after the well-being of endangered species.

Zip Line Attendant: This person helps passengers use zip lines at tourist attractions like amusement parks by ensuring they are properly secured to the zip line or cable (if required).

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