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A Day in the Life of a Blogger

A Day in the Life of a Blogger

Hi. I’m Lori Ballen. I’m a full-time blogger. Blogging started as a way to generate leads from my catering company and became a full-time passion after I discovered the freedom and earning potential. In this article, I’ll share a day in the life of a blogger.

Good Morning

I'm up between 4:00 AM and 5:00 AM. That's how a morning starts in the day and life of a blogger.

My days usually start early. I’m up between 4:00 AM and 5:00 AM, even on the weekends. Waking up early is a habit I started when my kids were young. I needed 2-3 hours before the rest of the world woke up to get things done. I like the peace of early morning and find it an excellent time to analyze what’s working and create new content.

With my fresh-brewed coffee, I settle into my massage chair with a blanket and my computer. The cat is curled up on my legs.

I’m ready to begin.

Checking Blog Analytics

I start by looking at my ad revenue earnings from the day before. I see which posts are doing well and what type of content is being shared the most. I open Clicky, my analytics software, to get a snapshot of how yesterday performed as far as top content.

Then, I’ll take a glance at my keyword rankings on SEMrush. I’m looking for a significant jump or plunge in the rankings of other keywords.

While I don’t spend a tremendous amount of time in the morning on analytics, it’s essential to review these key metrics before creating content.

It inspired me to create and tweak some of my older posts. For example, this morning, my article about 143 fun things to write about was starting to generate traffic. I visited the page and realized that this could be an excellent topic cluster.

I could create articles to use as examples for each of the 143 topics or create a how-to article for that topic. Then, each subtopic page can link back up to the 143 fun things pillar post.

Internal links help build a relationship between pages and pass link equity from one page to another. When I notice that a page is beginning to rank well on Google, I can build it up by creating a topic cluster around it.

So, today’s post is precisely that: the first cluster page that will link to the pillar post. Item number 1 on the list was “write about your day”.

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And here I am, writing about my day.

Keyword Research

If I’m already inspired to create something specific in the morning, I don’t do keyword research. I have a running list of topics to pull from and never have “writer’s block” because of this.

Sometimes, I have an idea or gain inspiration from a video or an article I read and want to explore a topic.

Other times, I come across a website that I want to dive deeper in to see how they are generating their organic traffic.

I use SEMrush to perform a competitive analysis and browse their ranking keywords to look for opportunities.

On a new website, I’m looking for low competition keyword phrases. I’m looking for high-traffic keywords on a more developed website that I can outrank.

Creating Content

After that, I start writing. I have more than one website, plus a website I sell content on and external blogs like Medium, so I’ll write anywhere from 2-5 posts each day. If I’m creating a deeply researched long-form article or guide, I may only work on one piece each day until it’s completed.

My posts usually range from 1,000 to 3,000 words, but I try to mix them with shorter and longer posts.

For example, yesterday, I created a blog about scooter rentals on my Las Vegas real estate website.

I was inspired to create that list-style post based on a low competition keyword phrase I discovered one-morning doing keyword research.

One of the ways I make money is with affiliate marketing. I write about a product, include a link to the brand page, and earn a commission if someone makes a purchase.

In this case, I wanted to promote some of my Groupon affiliate pages, and scooter rentals were abundant. I saw an opportunity when I researched scooter rentals in Las Vegas on SEMrush.

I used my AI writing tool to help create product descriptions for each scooter rental service. Then, I used my Groupon affiliate link builder to add a Groupon to each item on the list.

The list post took me 45-minutes to create, and if it ranks, it can earn ad revenue, affiliate income, and sponsorships. These posts don’t help generate real estate business from the website but are another way to add income, gain traffic, and establish authority with Google for “Las Vegas.”

After Sunrise

Once the sun comes up, I get up and open the house. I show gratitude as I open each of the shutters to let the sunshine in. This helps me get my mind right for the rest of the day and stay in a creative mindset.

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I spend 30-45 minutes easing into the day, filling the humidifiers, loving on the cat, and getting dressed.

I take advantage of the early morning to get some movement in. I find that the endless hours of computer work take a toll on my neck and back, so I try to move every day.

I do yoga, take walks, ride bikes, do a cardio workout, or work with weights.

After my workout, I check the mail and email and visit my money (checking bank accounts, paying bills, etc.).

I have a healthy breakfast, such as yogurt, granola, and fruit.

If I have a webinar I’m hosting or a coaching call that day, I’ll begin getting ready for that process.

If there are no plans, which is how I generally prefer it, I’ll freshen up, get dressed in something comfy, and make a cup of green tea, moving into the late morning or afternoon.

More Computer Time

The majority of my workday is now spent in front of the computer. I get to choose how I work when I work, and what I work on. And, my workdays are longer than most. However, it doesn’t feel like it because I’m working at home, cozy in my favorite surroundings.

As I settle into the afternoon, I’m either at my stand-up desk in my home office, on the patio in the backyard, or at my kitchen table. I’ve set up ergonomic stations around the house to move around and get my blood flowing.

My kitchen table is surrounded by windows and looks out onto my pool. When I open the windows, the sound of the birds and the wind in the trees help me focus.

I believe the proper environment is essential for content creators who rely on their creativity to make a living.

I’ll work for a couple of hours before lunch creating another blog post, working on a video, or editing an article. I’ll also be responding to emails, creating new lead magnets and products, and working on my social media marketing.

Lunch Break and a Video

I usually break for lunch around 1 or 2 p.m. I usually make a fresh green salad or a quick sandwich. I like to watch a video during this time. I’ll look at the most recent videos published on Youtube related to the content, SEO, or affiliate marketing.

This inspires me and helps me stay updated on the latest trends.

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After Lunch

In the afternoon, I’ll continue working on new content and products. I might also be doing more coaching calls, webinars, or interviews. My energy tends to fade in the late afternoon, so I do my most creative work in the morning. Since I wake up so early, my later afternoon is equivalent to someone else’s early evening.

I may take a walk, a bike ride, or a swim to re-energize and get back into the flow. I usually move to the living room with my computer around 3 PM as I find it to be a nice transition into the evening.

I’m generally nursing a cup of coffee, tea, or vitamin water.

By this time, I’ve generally published several pieces of content, including blogs, emails, or videos. I’m also a course creator and spend some afternoons updating my courses at Ballen Academy.

I’ve had a 12-Hour day, with 2 or 3 breaks by this time.

Wrapping Up The Day

I generally end the day with a small dinner (unless I’m fasting) and a bubble bath. I settle in by 7 PM and spend an hour or two watching my favorite shows until I fall asleep.

When I go to bed, I don’t have to wonder if I did enough. I know that I always put in a full day’s work. I’m fulfilled and satisfied, knowing that the work I did today could create earnings for years to come.

There you have it! My average day as a blogger. Of course, this can vary depending on my goals for the day, but this is a typical routine. I hope you enjoyed getting a peek into my day-to-day life as a content creator.

Note: These 143 fun topics to write about inspired this article.

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