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How to Make Money with an inkjet printer

How to Make Money with an inkjet printer

An inkjet printer is a great way to make money if you know how to use it correctly. In this guide, you’ll learn how to make money with an inkjet printer.

Selling Prints

The best way to make money with an inkjet printer is by selling your prints. The amount you can charge for each print varies based on different factors, but the only way to know what you should charge is to use an open auction site like eBay to sell your prints and see what people are willing to pay.

Here are some rough price points for selling prints: 8 x 10 – $10-20 12 x 18 – $25-40 16 x 24 – $50-75 20 x 30 – $75+ *Price per print increases depending on size of the poster* At this point, it may not be worth it for you to bust out a ruler or measuring tape so here’s a quick equation that I use to figure out the price per print. Just use a tape measure or ruler to determine what size your paper is, then plug in the numbers below!

*Price Per Print = Paper Size/50*

For example, let’s say I have an 8″ x 10″ print that I want to sell. Plugging that into our equation will give us:

8/50 = .16 *Remember that 1 inch equals 2.54 centimeters* So for this 8″ x 10″, you would charge $10-20 depending on how good of condition it’s in. If you’re selling multiple prints at once, don’t forget to add an additional 5% commission fee for eBay and PayPal cut! means that you are allowed to copy and redistribute this document in any medium or format. You must keep the links to any original author(s) and their work.

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Print and Sell Stickers

Another great way to make money with an inkjet printer is by printing and selling stickers. You can get large sticker blanks (available in various sizes) from places such as Vista Print for cheap, and you can use them to print out cool designs that people will buy.

Here are some ideas of stickers you could sell: Band merch – This one’s pretty obvious. If you’re into a band that has a decent following or just don’t mind picking up some extra cash, sell their merch online and to friends, and colleagues.

Promotional ItemsPromotional items like pens and keychains are another good option for making money with an inkjet printer if you’re using it at school/work. People usually keep these things around so they’ll always come in handy when looking for a pen or if they need something to hold their keys.

Custom Stickers – This is my favorite use of the inkjet printer and it’s extremely easy too! All you have to do is find an image online that you want to promote, print it out on a sticker, and sell away! If done correctly, this could be your most profitable option as your profit per hour can range from $3-5/hr.

Print and Sell Business Cards

Another great way to make money with an inkjet printer is by selling business cards. You can design them yourself or use one of those free sites like Vista Print to design some cheap premade ones. Although there are plenty of ways to go about making money with business cards, here’s a quick idea of how you could make them work.

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Find an audience (people you know are usually the best) and sell your cards to them at $5/card. You can do this by standing outside one day or by offering to walk up and down the student center handing out cards!

Print Coupons

Coupons are another way you can make money with an inkjet printer if you know what you’re doing. You can find some success with this using Canva! You can easily design coupons that will attract people then print them out on regular paper to save some costs. Just be sure not to include any “redeem by” dates so it looks like it’s valid for a long period of time. As always, you can sell these coupons at the same price as your stickers.

Find an audience and offer to walk around their favorite stores in exchange for some money. Not only will this help you generate income, but it’ll also provide great social proof when someone asks about your awesome business cards with awesome offers!

Rent out Your Printer 

If you’re like me where I don’t like wasting ink or toner, then getting paid to rent out my printer would be awesome! The main thing that I’d do would be to print off resumes/business cards for people in return for money (usually $5 per resume/business card). Then they can take it to wherever they’re applying and add a personal touch. (Think college kids on this one).

Print Invitation/Thank-you Notes

As with business cards, invitations/thank you notes are another thing you could do for money with an inkjet printer. Just design them yourself using pre-made templates from Canva, print them out on card stock, then sell them away! This one’s pretty easy too because most people buy these things anyways just to have it around So if anything, all they have to do is write in their own info and give it as a gift!

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Print Mailers

If you ever need any business items printed, such as flyers/mailers, why not offer to print them for people and get paid for doing so? All you have to do is find an audience and advertise that you can print these things out. Or maybe just go around to your neighborhood, local groups, friends, and family offering your services if that’s easier. Then set up a deal where they’ll pay $1-2 per mailer. Or if they’re just flyers and you don’t want to bother printing those out individually, ask them if they could send the files over email instead. You could make money with an inkjet printer by using this method anywhere!

Fashion Design

I know what you’re thinking: “fashion design isn’t something you can print!” Well, I agree, but there’s so much involved in designing clothes so why not incorporate your inkjet printer into it? You can do things like having someone take pictures of the clothes so you can print them out, or sketch up designs on paper which you could then take to a copier and enlarge it. Doing things like this will allow you to sell your designs online!


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