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5 Teespring Alternatives: Print On Demand Solutions

Finding an eCommerce tool to help create custom products is the first step to selling print-on-demand products. Teespring has become a go-to solution for many online traders owing to its user-friendliness and handy features.

The site allows you to design, customize, and sell t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, phone cases, and more and share the custom link with friends who want to buy them. You don’t need to print the item first; instead, the buyer chooses the print and buys the design directly from the site.

Teespring handles the printing, shipping, and sale of the merchandise. If you have used the software, you may have discovered a few limitations and wondered if there are alternatives.

First, Teespring categorizes all the products making it challenging to navigate the store. Also, you may have noticed that the site pays sellers who have met order minimums worth $100.

If you haven’t, you must wait until you meet this payment threshold. Luckily, there are many Teespring alternatives you can explore. Here’s an overview.


The site has become a leading eCommerce platform giving Teespring a run for their money. What sets Redbubble apart is that it’s a standalone site that doesn’t support other eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

As such, you can’t install Redbubble on a Shopify store to create and sell custom items. On the contrary, you must upload your design and logo on the site and sell directly from the website.

This feature is a bit restrictive for people who already have Shopify stores, but it’s an excellent option if you want to get your work online quickly. All you need to do to sell on Redbubble is to open an artist shop, upload and customize designs.

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This online site is relatively new in the print-on-demand vertical, having been established in 2017. Spreadshop allows users to design and sell custom merchandise quickly.

It mainly focuses on merchandise sellers like YouTube content creators, private companies, and NGOs.

And the good part is the site takes care of everything from production to shipping of the product like Teespring. 

Upload your designs, choose the products you want to sell, and allow the software to do the rest. What’s more, you’ll be selling merchandise from your free shop.


The software is another great alternative to Teespring that helps users create digital products like music, ebooks, artwork, wall art, and videos. As such, it’s ideal for creatives like writers, designers, painters, filmmakers, musicians, and artists.

Unlike the first two alternatives, Sellfy doesn’t try to handle the entire process. Instead, it helps you set up an eCommerce platform and share it on third-party platforms like social media.

What stands out about this software is the diverse range of products you can sell- from merchandise to digital items to subscriptions. In addition, the setup process is pretty straightforward; you get to white-label your brand and get instant payouts too.


This eCommerce tool helps you create a website you can use to sell well-printed custom t-shirts

The store is customizable, and your audience will hardly recognize the software’s input. However, many customers cite its ability to create high-quality products as one feature that makes Teemill stand out.

What’s more, it’s an excellent tool for buyers who order nature-friendly custom products. The company packages products in natural materials and allows buyers to send them back when worn out. Teemall recycles the materials and makes new packaging items for sale.

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Established in 2005, Zazzle boasts a vast collection of unique designs thanks to its extensive group of artists. Its primary clientele comprises graphic designers and content creators looking to create custom products using ready-made design templates.

With Zazzle, you can either customize existing designs or create yours from scratch. One feature that makes this platform stand out is its ability to allow customers to design ready-made designs further.

However, it’s not as user-friendly as other software we’ve reviewed. In addition, it needs concentration and prior experience in using design software to learn how to use it.

What Should You Look at When Subscribing to an eCommerce Print On-demand Site?

When choosing a print-on-demand site, consider these essential factors:

  • Shipping: Does the company ship products on the next business day or do you have to wait longer? Where does the company ship from and what is the shipping period?
  • Printing options: Which printing techniques and customization options does the company offer?
  • Product catalog overview: What custom products does the platform offer?
  • Extra features: Does the platform have unique features that set it apart from others? How is its customer service?
Is it Possible to Upload the Same Design on Multiple Websites?

Yes, it’s possible. Most print-on-demand marketplaces don’t require exclusivity. As such, you can upload your designs on as many platforms as you want. Is it Possible to Upload the Same Design on Multiple Websites?

Want to become your boss? A side hustle like selling custom products is an excellent way to get you started. Simply research and choose one of the eCommerce platforms discussed. Evidently, Teespring isn’t the only eCommerce platform. There are plenty of alternatives that can fit your business model perfectly.


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