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The call to action is defined as “an instruction to” aiming to incite an instant response from the target audience. They include “call now” or “click here” it leads the reader to take some action.

Call to Action Samples

Let’s now look at examples of a good call to action found in real estate blogs, mailings or a website.

  • Finding your next house is simply a click away

This call to action (CTA) not only spurs interest from somebody but also gives the person hope in finding the best house. The phrase “your next house” simply spurs some form of confidence and assurance.

Here, you’ll find the best Items of Value to go with your “Call to get, Click here to get, Fill out to receive” calls to action

  • Search the MLS.

This phrase inspires an already proven method of finding the right house. The MLS has been used for quite some time and is the most recommended real estate search tool in America.

Such a phrase connects the client with the idea that they can control their search experience. We use a strong IDX and Real Estate Agent Website to make this offer “search for homes”, or “see a list of foreclosures”.

  • How to save thousands on your next home.

This CTA is important for the budget-conscious client. It serves to highlight economic consideration from your part even as you search for the best real estate deal for your client.

  • Receive a Free market analysis.

This CTA is important to give the client an impression of having done comprehensive research on the available properties giving him the best available alternative.

Subscribe for New Videos

You can offer a subscription service with Youtube. Invite the user to subscribe and click the bell to be notified of new videos pertaining to the market. 

  • Get a Free relocation guide

A relocation eBook serves as a guide book in the entire process to give the client a step by step guide as he or she relocates from one area to another.

One way to capture leads and make offers is with a landing page and autoresponder. We use Listings To Leads to make offers like this. You can take a free trial here. 

  • Join our monthly listing report.

This CTA instructs a prospective client on what to do in order to get periodic updates from a real estate agent. This CTA shows the firm is not offering a one-off service but continually caters to the customers’ needs in the long term.

The CTA helps the real estate firm establish a good mailing database for email marketing as well as a forum for the client to contact the client directly and frequently.

You can simply set them up on your IDX with set criteria to deliver this. Or, you can create a “best list” on your website, using a page and IDX widget and set your database up to automatically deliver this list every month. 

It would update automatically using dynamic IDX such as IDX Broker

Now taking listings.

This CTA serves to highlight the readiness of the real estate agency in conducting serious business right away.

  • Fill out this form to find out the value of your home

Most sellers are online looking to determine the market value of their property. This offer is a good one. We use an instant home valuation page from listings to leads to deliver the value and then follow up with text and email campaigns.

Register for market information

Many will register to follow a market to see if it’s the right time to buy or sell. There are many companies that offer “snapshots” of a market or you can design a real estate market report each month to send to the list.

Check out Get Response for automated emailing of your market report.

  • Download free report instantly.

Offering a free report on improving your home value, or first time home buyers list of mistakes or top loan programs can be a great call to action. Use an email autoresponder such as listings to leads or Get Response or Click Funnels to create an automatic workflow that sends the report immediately.

  • Enjoy your virtual tour.

After testing and measuring many calls to action that lead to registration, I’ve found that people will register for photos and tours more than general details. It’s a strong offer.

  • Talk to a knowledgeable agent

While not the best offer on its own, suggesting specific advice and including a phone number is a great call to action. The more serious buyers and sellers will call.

  • Twenty home shopping tips.

This CTA serves to widen the scope of the services offered by the real estate company. It shows they are willing to go the extra mile to recommend and add some valuable information at no extra cost. This also gives the impression that you have the client’s best interests at heart even as you are conducting your business.

  • Read this report to Sell your home quick.

This CTA is best-served to capture the short-term motivated seller. Most sellers want to sell quickly, but some will wait it out for higher dollars. Quick attracts most.

A Call to action on a blog or webpage is often placed in the middle where the visitor tends to stop after scrolling. It’s a good idea to monitor these pages with heat maps to measure the effectiveness of the call to action placement.

It’s a good idea to have one clear offer in more than once place.

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