Affiliate Marketing Blog Examples

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are plenty of bloggers and publishers out there who are doing it successfully. But what exactly is affiliate marketing, and how can you start doing it yourself?

Affiliate marketing is when a blogger, publisher, or influencer sends customers to a product or service that isn’t their own. In return, they get a commission for every purchase, referral, lead, or subscription that came from their site.

This guide will show you several affiliate marketing blog examples to show you how it works. 

Note: Many affiliate bloggers use Thirsty Affiliates to create custom affiliate links on their domain and index and track affiliate links. Thirsty Affiliates is the tool I use on this website.

The Food Blogger

According to SEMrush: “Bloggers who make between $7,500 and $25,000 per month get 42.2% of their revenue through affiliates.”

Lauren is a food blogger.

On her blog, Cafe Deluxe, she offers recipes and kitchen tips. In addition, as an affiliate partner with Amazon Associates, Lauren reviews top kitchen appliances and links back to products that are sold on Amazon. (Like I did just there).

She then earns a small commission if someone clicks on her link and purchases within 24 hours.

See the example:

The Travel Blogger

94% of Travel Blogs sell advertising – Optinmonster

If you’re a travel blogger, there are several affiliate programs that you can promote. A few of my favorites include Expedia,, and TravelPayouts.

When promoting travel affiliate programs, be sure to write about your own travel experiences. These personal stories will help build trust with your readers and make them more likely to click on your links. You can also create videos, social media posts, and even e-books about your travels.

In this Example, TheCultureTrip features the top 20 things to do in Vermont. Their affiliate offers include experiences and tours.

Check out Viator’s affiliate program if you want to offer tours on your travel blog.

See the Example:

The Parenting Blogger

The Realistic Mama Blog earns $20,000 per month according to her published income reports.

As a parenting blogger, you can promote many different affiliate programs. Some of my favorites include Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

When promoting affiliate programs as a parent, be sure to write about products that you’ve personally tried and liked. These personal product reviews will help build trust with your readers and make them more likely to click on your links. You can also create e-books and videos that highlight your favorite products and encourage parents to give them a try.

In this Example, Susie of features the best baby activity toys for toddlers. In addition, their affiliate offers include parent-approved products from Amazon.

The Fashion Blogger

Nordstrom.” class=”wp-image-28506″/>

As a fashion blogger, you can promote some different affiliate programs. Some of my favorites include Kate Spade, RewardStyle, and Nordstrom.

When promoting affiliate links as a fashion blogger, be sure to write about products that you already love. Then, when you show yourself in the outfits you suggest, you will help build higher interest with your readers and make them more likely to click on your links. 

You can also create banner ads or text links that link back to specific products sold through the program.

In this Example, The Everygirl features a roundup of popular holiday outfits. As an affiliate partner for stores like Nordstrom, Old Navy, and Zara, they make money when someone purchases through one of their affiliate links.

See example:

The Tech Blogger

In this video example, I published a video case study on my results with ranking on Google using an AI writing tool called Jarvis.

As a tech blogger, you can promote any number of affiliate programs. Some of my favorites include Canva, Jarvis, Grammarly, and Teachable.

When promoting affiliate links as a technology blogger, it’s best to create product comparisons, product reviews, or teach someone how to use the product. Youtube is a popular platform for affiliate marketers that teach software or demonstrate how to use products.

In this example, on my website, I compare Ezoic vs. Monumentric, two ad services for bloggers. As an affiliate with Ezoic, I can earn recurring commissions when someone signs up as a user and makes money on the platform.

The Gardening Blogger

As a gardening blogger, you can promote several different affiliate programs from plants to the soil, to planters.

Grow your traffic to a few hundred thousand, and you could earn a decent payout from ads and affiliate networks. – Garden Betty

If you can demonstrate how to use the products in your blogs, your conversions will be higher.

One example of an authoritative website about Gardening is Common Sense Home. In this example, the blogger links to Amazon and websites that sell gardening products.

See example:

The Fitness Blogger

As a fitness blogger, you can promote any number of affiliate programs. Some of my favorites include Savage Barbell, Bowflex, and Fitbit.

When promoting affiliate links as a fitness blogger, it’s best to create product comparisons or teach someone how to use the product. Videos are one example where an influencer could promote a fitness-related product.

In this example, on The Gym Lab, the blogger compares Bowflex vs. Total Gym. In addition, they have included affiliate links to earn commission from each of the brands, as well as Amazon.

Some affiliates will include Amazon links even though the commissions are lower due to the high conversion rates.

See example:

The Lifestyle Blogger

A lifestyle blogger generally blogs about a mix of things from beauty to fashion, to travel, to finance.

According to her income report, the Professional Hobo earned $23,337 in affiliate sales in one year.

Affiliate marketing is no different for this type of blogger. Some affiliate offers that are popular with lifestyle bloggers include Cruise Direct, Beachbody, and eHarmony.

When promoting affiliate links as a lifestyle blogger, it’s best to create product comparisons or teach someone how to use the product. You can also make money by connecting an influencer on Instagram with a product they might be interested in.

In this example, on Sincerely Jules, Jules shares her favorite boots to toughen up a look along with reward style links to her outfit choices.

The Craft Blogger

As a craft blogger, you can promote affiliate programs for Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joann Fabrics.

One excellent example of a craft blogger that makes money with affiliate marketing is Jamie from C.R.A.F.T (Crafting Really Awesome Fun Things).

In this example, she links to multiple products from Amazon that help make a fun Halloween customer at home.

The Beauty Blogger

@mikaylanogueira I AM LIVING FOR THIS LOOK! #makeup #beauty #MakeMomEpic #IFeelWeightless ♬ original sound – Mikayla Nogueira

As a beauty blogger, you can promote affiliate programs for Sephora, Ulta, and Glossier.

Many beauty bloggers create “looks” and then promote the makeup they use. One famous beauty blogger is Mikayla Nogueira.

Today, Mikayla earns money from sponsorships, as well as many beauty perks like free products.

Mikayla also has a Linktree, which is a page of sponsored and affiliate links from which she benefits financially.

The Home Improvement Blogger

As a home improvement blogger, you can promote affiliate programs for Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Amazon.

In this Example, Kris from Driven By Decor provides a tutorial on how to paint bathroom vanity. While this website is also monetized with ads, she has many affiliate links to Amazon.

The Pet Blogger

As a pet blogger, you can promote affiliate programs for, Petco, and Amazon.

In this example, the blogger, The Dog People (powered by shares tips on keeping a dog cool during a heatwave.

The blogger links to products like screens and wading pools from Amazon.

The Outdoor Blogger

A popular niche for bloggers in the affiliate marketing space today is the outdoor niche. The outdoor niche includes hunting, camping, boating, fishing, and other outdoor influences.

If you blog about the outdoors, you can earn money with affiliate programs from Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, and Sitka Gear.

In this Example, Cool of the Wild covers top tents for camping in cool weather. In addition, there are affiliate links that go to camping gear websites in which the blogger earns a commission.


No matter what type of blog you have, there are likely affiliate programs that you can promote. By creating great content and building trust with your readers, you can make money by sending them to products and services that you believe in.

One of the best ways to get started in affiliate marketing is finding a program you believe in and promoting it on your blog. There are many great programs out there, but some of my personal favorites include Amazon Associates, ShopStyle Collective, and Awin.

Once you’ve chosen a program, make sure you’re familiar with its terms and conditions. Each program has different rules, so be sure to read them carefully.

Then, it’s time to start creating content. For example, when you write about a product or service, make sure to include links to the affiliate program so your readers can learn more. You can also create banner ads or text links to make it even easier for your readers to find what they’re looking for.

Many affiliate bloggers use Thirsty Affiliates to create custom affiliate links on their domain and index and track affiliate links.

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Blog Post Ideas for 2021 [by niche]

As a full-time blogger with multiple niche websites, I understand that it can be difficult to find blog post ideas that people love. This list of blog ideas for 2021 can get you on your way to creating great content for your blog. 

Blog post Types


A listicle is a list of items explained in the form of a blog post. These are very popular for 2021. You’ll see listicles created as part of the famous “Best X for Y blogs.” These can be a numbered list or general bullet point list.

This blog post is an example of a listicle as well as a pillar post. 

Here are 3 examples of listicles.

Keyword research can be used to find more topics. You can use Google auto-suggest and type Best * for * to see a long list of recently searched keywords and phrases.

Pillar Post

A Pillar post is a long-form, in-depth informational article. Also referred to as a skyscraper post, a Pillar post generally has 2000 – 3000 words and many separate paragraphs with headings that serve as subtopics for the main topic. 

Pillar Post Examples:

  1. How to make money with Youtube Superchat
  2. Ghostwriter for hire
  3. Affiliate marketing for beginners
  4. The best way to start a blog

Question and Answer Post

A blog post that asks a question in the title and answers that question in the text’s body is a favorite among bloggers who focus on ranking on Google with SEO. 

Because questions are frequently typed into Google, having a blog that answers the question can generate search engine traffic. 

You can also create a FAQ on any blog. If you are using the YOAST SEO Plugin, the FAQ content block with schema markup is a great choice. 

Question Post Examples

  1. What is Knack?
  2. What is Keap?

Product Review Posts

Search engines today are often used for researching a product, book, movie, or other item or service before making a decision. 

Therefore, many bloggers create a series of review style blog posts to satisfy the searchers intent. Often, they do the product review and include their affiliate link to earn a commission.

Examples of Product Review style Posts

  1. Is Yoast Premium Worth It?
  2. Writer access Review

How-To Tutorial Posts

If there is anything that you can teach in a step by step process, then you can create a tutorial-style blog post.

A tutorial-style blog post can contain video, images, graphics, audio, written step by step, or a combination of any of the aforementioned formats.

Samples of Tutorial Posts:

  1. How to set up the Essence Pro theme on WordPress.
  2. SEO content writing tutorial
  3. How to write a blog post on WordPress
  4. How to remove the background of a photo
  5. How to make money on Instagram

This vs. that Posts

One of my personal favorites, this vs. that posts are very popular for 2021. If someone types a search into Google wanting to compare 2 products, most often a ‘this vs. that’ blog is offered on the search engine results page (SERP).

You can compare products, services, activities, places, or just about anything else you can think of. These types of blogs can be very lucrative when publishing display ads or including affiliate links.

Youtube videos are also created in this category and do well.

Examples of This vs. That posts:

  1. Ezoic vs. Monumentric
  2. Thinkific vs. Teachable
  3. Bluehost vs. Wix

A Day in the Life Of

People love to take a virtual peek inside the life of someone they want to model. In many niches, documenting what a day looks like for that niche can be both insightful and entertaining to the viewer.

This can be done in an autobiography format, an interview style blog or video format, or a blog post series that strings together many individual posts featuring different professions or people.

For Example:

  • A day in the life of a Japanese Delivery Driver. [see video]
  • A day in the life of a Harvard student [see video]
  • A day in the life of a chef [read blog]

Case Studies

Case studies are blog posts that share the results of some sort of experiment, project, or test. Some examples of case studies would be:

  • A documentation series based around starting a niche website
  • Following the journey of a particular type of investment
  • A blog post explaining how you increased your website by 20%.
  • A series of blog posts documenting training a new hire using a particular type of software
  • A blog post explaining how you tried fasting for 7 days and what the results were.

Personal Blog Posts

Personal blog posts can bring life to an otherwise unbranded website. Adding in a personal post from time to time can create a boost to the brand. Personal blog post are a great opportunity to inspire the reader.

Here are some examples of personal posts.

  • Announcements [Getting married, having a baby, Moving]
  • I’m sorry posts
  • I failed at [x] and here’s what I learned
  • My personal journey with [challenge]

Blog Post Ideas by Niche

Every niche offers the opportunity to compare products, create listicles, build tutorials, and more. Many bloggers, however, don’t know what to write about.

I took the time to compare some of the most popular niches and create a list of blog topic ideas for you. If you need help writing your blog content, I have a list of ghostwriters here.

Small Pet Blog Post Ideas

In this niche, the Will, How, Why, Can questions are very popular. Starting out with a Q & A blog in the small pet niche can generate traffic from Google if your blog posts rank. Your target audience is the small pet owner and it’s important to solve that audience’s challenges with small pet ownership.

Blog TopicType of Blog Post
Will an (animal) eat (Food)?Q & A
How big does an (animal) grow?Q & A
Why do (animals) fight?Q & A
Can (animal) see in the dark?Q & A
How long do (animals) live for?Q & A
(Animal) BreedsListicle
Best (product) for (animal)Listicle
How long does an (animal) live?Q & A
[number] facts about (animal)Listicle
The ultimate guide to raising (animal)Pillar Post
The most expensive (animal) on the planetListicle
How to build a cage for an (animal)How-To Tutorial
Is (product) for your (animal) worth it?Product Review
Can an (animal) live outside?Q & A
How fast can an (animal) run?Q & A
Is a pet (animal) safe for kids?Q & A
Steps to train your [animal]How-To Tutorial
[number] reasons your [animal] does [activity]Listicle
[number] problems with raising a [animal]Listicle

Travel Blog Post Ideas

In the travel blog space, covering the best restaurants, attractions, hotels, and travel options will be ideal. Each location you travel to will offer the opportunity for listicles in these categories, product reviews and this vs. that style posts.

Click here to read more on how to become a travel blogger.

Blog Post IdeasBlog Post Type
Best restaurant in [location]Listicle
Top places to visit when in [location]Listicle
How to get to (location) on a budgetHow-To Tutorial
[Number] best day trips from [location]Listicle
Bucket List IdeasPillar Post Listicle
Travel Hacking StrategiesPillar Post
[number] cheap places to visit on a budgetListicle
The Comprehensive travel guide for [location]Pillar Post
[Location] airport and transportation tipsPillar Post
What is the best way to get to [location]Q & A
What language do they speak in [location]Q & A
What size luggage is a carry-on?Q & a
[number] things to see before you turn [age]Listicle
[number] [types of places] to experienceListicle
Everything you need to know about [place or activity]Listicle
[number] most beautiful [place/item/activity ] in [location]Listicle
How to pack for a trip to [location]How-To
[Cruiseline] vs. [Cruiseline]This or That
Can I travel to [location] without a passport?Q & A
Is (a product like luggage) worth the investment?Product Review
Is it worth upgrading to 1st class on [airline]?Product review

Food Blog Post Ideas

Becoming a food blogger can be very rewarding. It’s a competitive niche, however, that will require a strategically planned content calendar. You can use the following blog post ideas to create listicles, product reviews, recipes, and more.

Blog Post IdeasBlog Post Type
RecipeHow – To Tutorial
How to use your [appliance]How – To Tutorial
How long do I cook [food] for?Q & A
Instant Pot vs. Air FryerThis vs. That
What is the best (appliance) to make (food)Listicle
Is the (appliance) worth it?Product Review
Best way to make [food]How-to Tutorial
[number] easy [appliance] recipesListicle
[number] intredient [appliance] recipesListicle
[number] ways to make [food][description]Listicle
How to make [restaurant dish] at homeHow – To Tutorial
How to make [popular dish] Low Carb How – To Tutorial
How to make [popular dish] Sugar-FreeHow – To Tutorial
The best cookbooks for [year]Listicle
Is it ok to eat [food] on the [x] Diet?Q & A
The complete guide to making [food, meal]Pillar Post
A complete shopping list for [diet, recipe, meal]Listicle
The fastest way to make [food]How-To Tutorial
3 delicious ways to make [food]How-To Tutorial
Is [food] OK to eat when someone has [condition]Q & A

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Lifestyle blogs can contain information on beauty, marriage, parenthood, fashion, travel, crafts, finances, and whatever else you like. Learn more about starting a lifestyle blog here.

Blog TopicBlog Type
How to Make [Recipe, Craft, Costume]How – To Tutorial
How – To do [X] with your HairHow – To Tutorial
How to Know When You are ready for [baby, marriage]Pillar Post
The best [X] for [Y]Listicle
Fun Things to do with [X] on a budgetListicle
How to [x] your own [X]How – To Tutorial
Holiday gift guideListicle
Book or Movie ReviewReview Post
Questions to ask for self-discoveryListicle
Questions to ask a date (or spouse)Listicle
Why I decided to [X] and what happened afterCase Study
Most embarrassing momentsPersonal
How to know if you are [phase in life]How – to
Where to buy the best [X]Listicle
How to throw a [x] (baby shower, 1st birthday)How – to
Tips for living in a [small house, apartment, dorm]Pillar Post
True confessions of a [X]Personal / Interview
Working from Home [home-schooling]Pillar Post
Fun [activity] to do with [friend, spouse, date, kids]Listicle

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