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(111) I Am Worthy Quotes

(111) I Am Worthy Quotes

Feeling worthy is a powerful affirmation to embrace. When we do, our good qualities and gifts naturally begin to shine outward into the world. Despite what you have been told, there is nothing wrong with being yourself. There is nothing wrong with being different from others. In fact, it ensures success when you embrace your uniqueness and individuality in all aspects of life.

You are not perfect. You have shortcomings, but so does everybody else. The key is to accept who you are with all of your quirks and flaws. When you do this, you will realize that there is no reason for feeling unworthy. There is absolutely nothing preventing you from living a happy life full of love, peace, success, wealth, and health.

Here are some affirmations for you when you are feeling less than worthy.

I Am Worthy Quotes

1) “All the darkness in my life is dispelled by the light of love and understanding.”

2) “I am worthy of a heart that holds no shackles and keeps no secrets and loves without bounds.”

3)  “My worthiness does not come from who I am, but from Whose I am. My spirit is healed now. It’s never too late to heal the past.”

4)  “The raindrops on my window remind me that there are ups and downs- good times and bad times. The sun shines through each gap, to remind us that there can always be sunshine after rain.”

5) “No matter how many mistakes I’ve made or how low i’ve fallen, part of me still believes I am destined for great things.”

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6) “I am definitely not perfect, but I do have a loving and beautiful spirit and it is up to me to embrace and nurture my amazing gifts.”

7)  “Today, I let go of all the guilt, shame , blame , anger , resentment, frustration , confusion , self-doubt, sadness , regret & unworthiness . I choose love in this moment. And always.”

8) “My flaws are part of what make me uniquely myself. When you see them don’t look past them or take advantage, instead accept that these are the qualities which define me.”

9) “The imperfections in my life are temporary- they will pass because I am awakened to the spiritual perfection that is my true nature.”

10) “I may not feel like I deserve love, but love doesn’t ask for permission. Love comes before words and feelings, and it never fails.”

11)  “It may take time for me to come around to believing in my own self-worth , but i know that all things are possible when you believe in yourself. With each new day of living, I am becoming stronger and more resilient within.”

12) “Time spent worrying about what other people think of me is wasted time. It takes courage to be exactly who I am in this moment, standing before myself honestly. Even though there are some flaws I’d like to change about myself, at the end of the day I know it’s ok to be me.”

13)  “I am not afraid to show my flaws and insecurities because they make me human . I’m learning how to embrace them and see myself through God’s eyes- which is loving, kind , patient, and flawless. I am good enough for this world and the people in it.”

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14) “I’ve failed before, but that doesn’t mean i will fail again. It means i have room to grow and become even stronger than i was before.”

15) “All that does not kill us makes use strong .”

16) “My society has told me there is a way i should be… But who am i to believe such lies? I see who i am and that’s enough for me. It’s not my job to be everything they want me to be.”

17) “I have intrinsic value just because I fearfully and wonderfully made , just because God loves me. That is the deep truth at my very core.”

18)  “My fears, doubts, insecurities- these are only illusions created by my thinking . This awareness liberates me from their grip so I can live more freely.”

19) “The bolder i become with being myself, the easier it becomes… The path of liberation is forged by living authentically despite what others think. My self-worth rises as I stand tall in my own shoes.”

20) “My life’s purpose is calling me. I wake up anxious to get started, because i know the world could never be brighter than when i am doing exactly what i was born to do.”

21) “The light of love burns bright in my heart , no matter how dark things may seem for me right now.”

22) “I don’t have to prove myself . If someone doesn’t see my worth, it’s their loss .”

23)  “There are so many people who will bring out the best in me… They encourage me and inspire me to rise higher every day. I’ve got this!”

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24) “Today, I choose to believe that all things are possible- even if that means believing that i am good enough to accomplish my dreams.”

25) “I am more than capable of achieving all that i put my mind to, because i am not just flesh and blood. I am spirit filled with power , created in the image of almighty God!”

26) “The people who love me unconditionally- they give me hope for a better tomorrow.”

27)  “I may not be perfect, but I’m perfectly imperfect . And that’s enough for me.”

28) “Let me walk in strength today, even when I do not feel strong. Let me share love even when I do not think myself worthy of it. Let me live courageously & brightly, even when I want to hide away in the darkness.”

29) “I am enough . I don’t need to be more or less. I just need to love myself where i am in this moment , and let that ripple out into the world around me.”

30)  “When I love myself, my fears fall away & only confidence remains… The endless possibilities in front of me are vast and heart stopping, but they can never compare to the boundless possibilities within my own heart!”

31)  “The greatest battle i face is trying to silence the voice inside my head telling me that i’m not good enough. But I am! That’s why God created me!”

32) “Nobody else holds all of the power- it resides within each of us. I am capable of creating anything i desire for my life… It’s as simple as believing and as powerful as taking action.”

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33) “Let me love myself where i am now , today, so that someday i can find joy in the journey towards becoming unapologetically who i already am.”

34)  “I show compassion to those around me because we’re all just doing our best, and that is enough .”

35) “My worth does not depend on what i accomplish or how much money i make. My self-worth is inherent , because God made me with a pure heart.”

36) “Self-worth cannot be earned; it comes from within. There may be trappings of society telling me otherwise, but not one has the power to dictate my worth.”

37)  “I am accepted, today and right now. No matter what anyone says or does, they cannot take that away from me. I accept myself as a child of God.”

38) “Every moment i spend doubting my own worth is a moment i could instead be using to learn something new about myself.”

39) “My voice matters . My thoughts matter . My feelings matter . My story matters .”

40) “I can’t afford to compare my journey to those around me… God has placed me on such an unique path for such a unique purpose- it pains me when I pay attention to those who don’t see my value!”

41) “The things i’m afraid of are not real. I cannot be harmed, nor can they cause me lasting harm beyond my own perceptions.”

42) “My worth is in knowing my struggles but not letting them define me. It’s in seeing the good & bad equally & combining them together to create my unique story.”

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43)  “I loved myself when i fell down- and though it was hard, i got up smiling because i knew that this would make me stronger .”

44)  “When you are authentic , you are completely honest with yourself… As a result, your mind is clearer so you can see how special you truly are!”

45) “You do not anyone else to give you permission to be yourself. You are worthy of being loved just as you are!”

46)  “I am strong, even when i feel weak. I am fearless, even when i’m afraid . I am courageous , because fear does not define me.”

47) “I was made to do hard things- so today, i will get up & keep fighting through the pain until my good comes around. This is who i am.”

48) “The one thing that makes me worthy is having a pure heart… No matter how many mistakes have been made, no matter what’s going on in life- if you have a pure heart, God sees it. And He loves you for it.”

49) “Every day is a new chance to love myself and others. I will not hide because i’m afraid of what others think of me; i am worthy , no matter how dark it gets.”

50) “I am strong and full of grace . I may stumble and fall, but every day I get up a little stronger… This is my story & i’m sticking to it.”

51)  “My worth does not depend on the things i possess or achieve in life. My self-worth comes from knowing that as long as I keep God first, nothing can shake me!”

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52)     “I want you to use your life for good for today . Stop worrying about tomorrow’s worries and just live each moment with care.”

53)   “I am me , and that means I’m perfect just the way i am.”

54) “My worth is not measured by all my failures or all my success- it is simply who God made me, and i love myself for that.”

55) “I can’t keep believing that people’s negative opinions about me matter , because they don’t. The only opinion of myself that matters is mine .”

56)  “My existence does not take away from anyone else’s life; it empowers others to live their own lives to the fullest! (One love, y’all!)”

57)  “As long as you are breathing, there is still hope. Don’t give up now- keep dreaming!”

58) “I believe in myself because God believes in me. I am worthy , just the way i am- because He made me this way for a reason.”

59) “We have to stop caring so much about what other people think of us… It’s none of our business, and the only person who has to live with you is yourself.”

60)  “I can’t let someone else’s opinion of me change how i feel about myself. The only thing that matters is how i see myself!”

61) “In order to really love yourself , you must be able to forgive yourself for everything that has ever happened or will ever happen.”

62) “My beauty does not come from my outer appearance; it comes from within! My actions show my true worth!”

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63) “Just because someone doesn’t appreciate you the way you want them to, it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate you in a different way that’s just as special.”

64) “I am not bound by the labels people give me. I am who i choose to be, and no one can stop me but myself.”

65)     “I’m not obligated to fit into your idea of what i should be; i’m obligated to simply be myself and let my light shine!”

66)  “Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough: God created only one YOU- and He loves YOU more than words can say!”

67) “I am not defined by my pain, but rather how I overcome it. (Remember that)”

68) “Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough- because you are! You were made to shine.”

69)  “You are the only one who gets to decide what is beautiful for yourself; so embrace who YOU are , and remember to be your own kind of beautiful!”

70) “I am strong & independent… But i am still human & i need others just as much as they need me! I am worthy .”

71)   “Your value does NOT decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth ! (Read this again!)”

72) “In a world where everyone defines beauty differently, the only person who decides what is beautiful for you should be yourself!”

73) “I am worth more than diamonds or pearls. My true value comes from the fact that God created me, and He does NOT make mistakes.”

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74)   “No matter how hard people try to tear me down , they will NEVER succeed… Because I know my worth!”

75) “Beyond all external appearances, i am patient & kind; i am never jealous or envious of others; i am not boastful or proud…”

76)  “Sometimes there are things that we can’t change about ourselves- but our attitude towards those struggles CAN change if we want it to.”

77)     “The only thing that should define what is beautiful for you, should be YOU!”

78)  “I am worth more than the air i breathe and the blood that flows through my veins. I am worthy .”

79)   “I don’t judge other people for their mistakes- everyone makes them & we all learn from them! I just try to learn from mine.”

80)     “My self worth is not measured by how much money i have in the bank, but rather who loves me & who God says i’m worth!”

81)     “When things are hard , remember that sometimes it’s ok to let yourself cry . When you’re done crying, then get back up because it’s time to celebrate who you are and what  you’ve done!”

82)    “You’re stronger than any storm, braver than any fear , smarter than any problem & more precious than gold.”

83)     “Trying every day to be the best person i can possibly be is my way of showing how much worth God has given me! (Because He believes in me)”

84)   “As long as we still have hope, we should never give up. HOPE is what makes us strong; it empowers others too live their own lives to the fullest! (One love, y’all!)”

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85) “I may not know where i am going or how i’ll get there- but i am going to continue fighting for what I believe in (me).”

86)  “You don’t have to pretend like you’re happy when you really aren’t, because no one will ever understand how much pain your heart is hiding.”

87)   “As long as i am living, I am worthy of my dreams; and that’s worth something (to me).”

88)   “Your life doesn’t serve the world if it’s only purpose is to gain attention. Your life finds its greatest meaning serving others!”

89)     “I remember who i was before i lost myself trying to please everyone else; and i’m so thankful God took me back!”

90)   “Change is hard- but if you don’t face the hard things in life, then you will never understand how beautiful it is to survive them.”

91)  “I am never alone. Because when i feel like reaching out is too hard, God reaches down & grabs my hand- every single time!”

92)     “When I’m constantly telling myself that nobody loves me or needs me , I forget all of the people who are always there for me… Sorry about that.”

93)   “Just because something doesn’t last forever, does NOT mean it wasn’t worth your while- just relish in what you had and be glad with yourself for trying.”

94)    “I may seem broken on the outside, but I am still me on the inside.”

95)     “No matter how many times you fall down , you should never be too afraid to pick yourself back up.”

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96)     “Someone else’s pain does not define my story; but someone else’s journey DOES inspire mine!”

97)    “I am not a regret waiting to happen- I am a future waiting to happen!”

98)     “I may feel like i’m drowning, but one thing is for sure… I refuse to sink.”

99)   “My biggest motivation comes from knowing that somebody out there is facing challenges & struggles of their own- and they’re still dreaming big! (Keep going!)”

100)   “I know who i am and what i want- and that’s pretty awesome (tbqh)”

101)     “For once, I know who i am and what i want. So why should anyone else have to tell me? (I’m complicated but it’s worth it.)”

102)    “Don’t let your past imprison your future.”

103)     “The sun is never gonna shine the way it did when you first saw it with her. But that doesn’t mean it won’t rise again.”

104)     “If being alone means being with myself… Then i don’t ever wish to be around other people.”

105)     “One of life’s biggest questions is-” What are you willing to lose for something ?”… But the biggest question is-” What are you willing to gain from never having tried it at all?”

106)     “The hardest moment in life isn’t when you’re falling. It’s when you have to pick yourself back up again.”

107)     “I survived being lost, but i can’t imagine going through my entire life without ever knowing what i want or where i’m going.”

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108)     “Everything happens for a reason… Even if that reason is only to give us a story we can share one day.”

109)    “You know how they say not every story has a happy ending? Well neither does mine… But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth writing.”

110)     “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is always your choice.”

111)    “Some people think that the road to happiness is all sunshine and rainbows… But it’s actually more of a ‘dirt road’ with some pot-holes every now and again.”

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