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29 Of The Best Real Estate Agent Websites

29 Of The Best Real Estate Agent Websites

Trying to be in the field as a real estate agent, and build a marketing system at the same time, is tough for most real estate agents. Agents need a great website that is an extension of their brand, as well as a lead generation machine. Agents need to focus in the field, not spend all day behind a computer (unless they have a team like I do, and literally want to spend all day on a computer).

The best Real Estate Website for Realtors, in my expert opinion, is one you own, has unlimited growth capabilities, has a strong IDX, Lead Magnets, a Home Value Calculator, and Hyperlocal Information. Think about WordPress. Yet, which company offers the best real estate web design?

This article will do everything from breaking down the components of a great real estate agent website and which real estate website designers are providing the best real estate agent websites this year.

Dive into content with these content buckets.

Build Your Own Tutorial

In this ‘how to build your own real estate website tutorial video‘, I use WP Engine and the Essence Pro theme to build a hyperlocal niche website which is great in a mix of real estate agent websites.

You might also like the Winning Agent Pro Theme or Agentpress Pro. IDX Broker works great with any of these choices. Here is a video on how to install the Agentpress Pro Theme on WordPress.

Lori Ballen’s Top Tips

I’m Lori Ballen, a real estate agent, and digital marketer. For 20 years, I’ve been building websites and real estate agent websites for 10. I’ve used boxed products, real estate broker-provided platforms, and other solutions such as Market leader, Placester, and Point2Agent. By far, I prefer WordPress to create the best real estate agent websites.

After building lead generation tools for so many years, I founded a digital marketing company for real estate agents called Ballen Brands. In 2019, I gave that company to my brothers holding a small interest.

I wanted to focus my time on testing and measuring lead generation strategies. They provide real estate agent websites and services based on my personal strategies, so they will be mentioned a few times in this guide.

Here are my tips for choosing a top IDX website that acts as an asset, not a drain. There are many to choose from, and I’m passionate about the following suggestions.

  1. Choose a website (such as a BREW) you own or at least can backup the database. A CMS like WordPress is ideal.
  2. Don’t choose a website that limits you on pages, plugins, codes, etc.
  3. Choose a web host you can access directly such as WP Engine or Flywheel
  4. Choose a web developer that will support you as you grow, not a one and done
  5. Don’t buy a real estate website in a box without knowing how far you can grow it
  6. Choose an IDX that you can log into and customize such as IDX Broker
  7. Be sure to register your own domain that you own and have control over. Godaddy is an easy solution for this.
  8. Choose a website that allows you to use plugins or codes that create functions such as a lead generation bar or slide-in offers. After all, most of us don’t just want a website. We want leads!

Real Estate Website Builders

Choose what’s right for you. Interview several providers. Compare costs, features, and ownership. You’ll want to be sure you own the domain and content and that if you move brokers, your site moves with you. There’s not much worse for search engine rankings than starting over! A Website with CMS is even better!

BREW: Ballen Real Estate Agent Websites

Ballen Brands – 702.917.0755 (In full disclosure, this is my brothers’ company, so I’m a bit bias on this one).

The team at Ballen Brands prides itself on being different and on choosing function over fancy having tested and measured web performance and consumer experience for nearly two decades.

When you choose  Ballen Brands, you choose proven results and a team that cares about your success. Ballen’s goal is to empower agents to take control of their marketing platform.

Complete with analytics, a lead dashboard, custom templates for real estate market reports, community pages, and blog posts, drag and drop home page editor, reviews content blog and page, cornerstone content and so much more.

The Infused BREW (Ballen Real Estate Websites) will give you access to the robust CRM tools of Infusionsoft with lead cultivation campaigns.

  • It’s your website, you own it
  • Fully Growable without limitation
  • Designed by Mega Agent Lori Ballen
  • Analytics Integration
  • Home Value Tool Integration
  • IDX Integration and Customization
  • Buyer and Seller Content
  • Infused BREW CRM Option
  • Slide-In, Pop-up Offers Integration
  • Chat Integration
  • PPC Lead Generation Options
  • On-Site Training
  • Pipeline Management
  • Buyer and Seller Lead Magnets
  • Email and Marketing Tools
  • Lead Distribution tools
  • Automated Buyer Listing alerts and Log-In for Favorites
  • Team or Single Agent Dashboards and Pipelines
  • Tasks and To-Do Reminders
  • Seller Marketing Reports via the L2L Integration
  • Virtual Tour Builder via the L2L Integration
  • Landing Pages and Listing Marketing via the L2L integration
  • Home Values and SMS Bots via the L2L Integration
  • SMS Text Options and Automated Campaigns
  • Unlimited Categories, Posts, and Landing Pages
  • Listing Sitemap
  • SEO Wizard (Yoast) for Search Engine Optimization
  • Team Page
  • Referrals
  • Customization
  • Ability to Clone pages
  • Contact Forms
  • Pinterest Rich Pin Settings
  • Facebook Lead Ads (additional fee)
  • Google Ads (additional)
  • Web Visitor Tracking
  • SEO Site Map for Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Sharing
  • Multiple layers of IDX Registration Options
  • CMS
  • Content Marketing Blog
  • Various Template Designs

Pricing: You’ll pay an affordable upfront fee to set up your website and hosting. Prices are around $1500 – $2500 for set up and integration and you can discuss payment options. Your monthly fees from there depending on your integrations such as IDX, CRM, Analytics, Lead Magnets, etc. and most find this more affordable than the leased websites.

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In addition, each of the integrations is set up under your name so you can upgrade, downgrade, cancel, grow, etc. at your own pace.

And you own it. It’s yours. 702-917-0755. Generate more leads with your marketing platform.


 AgentFire is a real estate website platform popular with real estate agents who want their website set up for them, often with all the bells and whistles. 

With AgentFire, you can start small with a basic plan and then add elements like you would condiments on a burger.

The AgentFire website steers the viewer through three seemingly simple steps: 

  • Get a hyperlocal Spark Site with professional designs
  • Add on the tools you want your website to have, such as IDX or home valuation calculators
  • Sign up for a success plan

AgentFire Design Packages

There are four Spark Site packages to choose from. 

The first is an express set up for $99 bucks using a template.

The second option is for a semi-custom design with a complete setup and a custom-designed home page. This package runs a $699 setup fee.

Third, you can opt for a custom design, the home page included, and complete site set up, and an additional ten custom-designed pages. For this high-end option, you” pay a $1985 setup fee.

And fourth, which isn’t price on the website, and you have to request a quote, is the Enterprise Design.

But for any of that to be functional as a lead-generating real estate website, you have to have the fundamental essentials like property showings, offers like free home valuation tools, and a steady flow of valuable content on your blog – all of which come as a separate add-on price.

In addition to your Spark site’s design and setup, you’ll also pay a $129 a month service fee, at minimum.

Logo Design

Need a logo? Get one created just for you and set up throughout your Spark site. For logo design, you’ll be charged $400.

IDX, or the Internet Data Exchange, allows real estate agents to share information and pictures of properties for sale. 

The IDX is how you display properties and coordinate your property pages on your website. However, there is more than one IDX provider, and they’re not all created equal. 

The downside to this feature is that while it’s going to cost $30 a month on your bill, AgentFire doesn’t specify which IDX provider they use.

Home Valuation Tool

A home valuation tool is a valuable resource for real estate agents to capture more leads online. Several resources provide a free home valuation tool, but AgentFire’s home valuation tool is proprietary, powered by Home Junction™, a real estate data company. 

To get this invaluable lead-capturing resource on your Spark Site, it’ll raise your monthly bill by another $50.

Another resource for creating home valuations to generate leads on your real estate website is with ListingsToLeads, which also has an entire suite of benefits, so compare prices and features before you fork over extra cash.

What is AgentFire’s Blog Assist Pro?

It’s almost common knowledge that blogging fuels business websites for several reasons. First, it gives your website more of a chance to be found high up on Google’s search engine results page or SERP. 

Second, blogging boosts your website because since it can be found well-placed on the SERP, it’s visible to more viewers and gaining more traffic. And, with a lead capture offer and form included with your blog, you can generate more leads.

Third, publishing consistently builds brand awareness, establishes trust with your potential customers and clients, and establishes you as an expert in your field. But there’s a catch with the Blog Assist Pro from AgentFire. Here’s the deal:

The blog content you get weekly through AgentFire’s Blog Assist Pro isn’t unique. Other people are buying the same article you are. Some people will modify their version; others will publish as-is. Either way, Google can now be easily confused about which website to show for that blog post.

On the plus side, it is regularly published content that you can modify, and once it’s published on your Spark Site, you’re able to keep that content and use it however you’d like.

For $29 per page or $100 for ten pages, AgentFire does offer unique content provided by its team of professional writers.

Suppose you’re not a writer by nature or don’t have the time. In that case, another option is to hire professional freelance writers, seek out a digital marketing company, or consider a content agency. 

It may be more of an investment up front, but it’s a higher return, too.

Blog Assist Pro will increase your monthly bill by $19.95 per month.

Click Maps

Another fabulous feature to have on your real estate website is a map – not just any map, but a unique, clickable map with clickable zones that link to your IDX pages, AgentFire area guide pages, and more. The catch? There’s a one-time setup fee of $350, but if you want more than one zone, you’ll pay an additional $25 per.

Mail Chimp

Email newsletter marketing is another way to generate more leads online. By sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter, you continue to provide value while nurturing leads. 

And with AgentFire’s use of Mail Chimp, you can set your email marketing on autopilot to send out beautiful newsletters consisting of all of your new posts. However, to add this fancy feature, you’re looking at another $400 setup fee.

Direct API Integrations

Set up your Spark website from AgentFire, integrating with CRMs, such as:

  • Lion Desk
  • Follow Up Boss
  • KVCore Platform
  • Top Producer
  • Realvolve
  • Pipedrive
  • Chime
  • Wise Agent
  • Contactually, and more.


People describe AgentFire as quick to deliver with professional customer support and well-polished website designs.

The Bottom Line

AgentFire is a real estate agent platform designed for real estate agents by professionals rooted in digital marketing, so it’s no wonder it has plenty of 5-star ratings and ample positive reviews. 

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However, while the Spark Site offers the tools real estate agents need, they’re all sold separately, which can get confusing and expensive in terms of up-front costs and monthly service plans.


Real Estate CRM + Lead Generation + Success Management.

  • IDX to help generate leads
  • CRM
  • PPC Lead Generation Options
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Qualification
  • Pipeline Management
  • Lead Magnets
  • Email and Marketing Tools
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Instant Home Valuation Tool

We were unable to find public pricing, but articles show a range of $1000 – $2000 per month. We believe that includes some sort of lead generation via Pay Per Click, but you should speak with a Boomtown consultant to verify. Sales: (855) 842-5077


Created by Mega Agent Ben Kinney, Brivity is a popular solution because of it’s built-in seller tools.

  • IDX
  • Listing Alerts
  • Market Reports
  • Manage and Market Your Listings
  • Seller Reports
  • Landing Pages
  • Click to Call Feature for Leads
  • Texting
  • Auto Plans
  • Text Lead Capture

Call for Pricing. Tell them Lori Ballen from Las Vegas sent you. +866 295 3322


CINC, also known as Commissions Inc is a robust real estate platform that aims to have you engaged with your clients from the first meeting to “just sold”. Along with practicing proven strategies, CINC allows you to stay on the mind of your customers and clients throughout the real estate buying process.

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Engagement
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Conversion
  • Client Retention

While we couldn’t find public pricing, this article showed prices at $1800 – $2500 per month.

Sales: 770-970-9222

Website Box

Website box is a do-it-yourself solution similar to setting up a WordPress Platform on WP Engine or Go Daddy. If all you want is a calling card with IDX or a pay-per-click site something like this can be fine. If you want to build an asset, SEO, etc., you may find limitations here. From $99 per year to $299 per year, you wouldn’t expect much more. It’s simple.

iHome Finder

Gain more Real Estate Leads with custom IDX solutions for your Real Estate Website.


  • IDX Property Search & Lead Capture
  • Market Stats & Reports
  • Email Marketing
  • Real Estate Agent App
  • Real Estate CRM for Teams
  • Custom IDX Data API

Real Estate Webmasters (REW)

Real Estate Webmasters (REW)”]Buyer & Seller Lead Generation, Custom REALTOR® Websites

  • SEO
  • Custom Web Design
  • PPC
  • Branding
  • CRM

Ultra Agent

Another “boxed” solution-driven primarily by a standard theme and IDX. There’s nothing wrong with that if you want a simple IDX. It’s inexpensive and provides all of the standard IDX Features.


Standard IDX Properties for Real Estate Agents

KW Command

KW Command agent websites are offered to Keller Williams Agents as part of KW Command. Lori Ballen teaches how to build them out and her brothers at Ballen Brands, a KW command-friendly marketing company can also build it out for the agent for a fee. 702-917-0755.

Placester Real Estate Agent Websites

Get up and running quickly and easily with our simple, intuitive interface. $99-$199 per month. Fairly easy to use. Built on a WordPress platform yet with limitations on the ability to add many of the WordPress features available.

  • Mobile-Friendly Websitesite hosting Included
  • IDX Listing Integration Capability
  • Customizable Site Templates
  • Built-in Blogging
  • Advanced Lead Capture
  • Dynamic Map Search
  • Customizable Landing pages
  • Home Valuation Pages
  • Lead Management Tools
  • Email Marketing Tools2,500 recipient limit per email
  • RealSatisfied Agent PRO
  • Phone & Email Support

Agent Image

Call Now & Get Your Free Web Design Consultation With The Experts In Real Estate WebsitesAgent Image – 20 Years Of Specializing In Stunning Websites For Real Estate Professionals. Custom Design. Mobile Optimized. SEO Packages. Advanced IDX. 1.800.979.5799

Real Geeks

Offers custom IDX real estate agent websites and web design for Realtors who want to convert more leads into clients.

Some of the tools Real Geeks offers are:

  • IDX Best Real Estate Websites
  • Lead Manager CRM
  • Facebook Marketing Tool
  • Property Valuation Tool
  • Analytics
  • SMS Auto Responder
  • Market Reports
  • Drip System
  • Mobile App
  • Desktop and Mobile Friendly

Easy Agent Pro Real Estate Websites

  • Customization to create the best site
  • Premium Templates
  • IDX
  • Listing Flyers
  • Blogging & Pages
  • Neighborhood Farms
  • Instant Home Valuation
  • CMAs
  • Guides
  • Pop-Ups
  • Landing Pages
  • Locked Pages
  • Contact Forms
  • Schedule Calls
  • Lead Capture
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Pinterest Retargeting
  • Lead Management CRM
  • Activity Tracking
  • Email
  • CRM Integrations
  • Automated Replies
  • Texty Codes
  • Round Robin
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Automate with Zapier
  • Open House Sign In
  • Reviews
  • Team Roster
  • Social Post Scheduling
  • Analytics
  • Listing Sitemap
  • SEO & RSS

Property Minder Highlights

Customer Support, Sales Inquiries, Personal Training. 1101 So. Winchester Blvd., Suite J-225. San Jose, CA 95128. Priced at $39 per month and up.

The all-inclusive and personally branded Toolkit includes:

  • Responsive MLD Search
  • CRM
  • SEO Tools
  • Social Sharing
  • Mobile Apps and Desktop
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Website Editor
  • Secure Log In
  • Cloud-Based Storage
  • Client Tracking


iHOUSEweb provides IDX websites for Realtors and real estate professionals. Packages include marketing tools for lead generation and much more

  • Integrated IDX to attract buyers
  • Customizable Designs
  • Turboleads CRM
  • Turboleads Mobile App and Desktop

Real Estate Tomato

Real Estate Tomato was one of the best real estate agent websites earlier developers. They build custom WordPress IDX websites with a listed $1999 set-up fee plus monthly hosting.

Call: (530) 828-6764

Agent Evolution

WordPress for Realtors who want to attract buyers and sellers.  Options span from a complete agent website to WordPress themes & listing templates. Agent Evolution is now an IDX Broker Company. They build IDX Broker Home Sites.

There are 3 plans:

  • Agent Plan: Starts at $150 per month
  • Team Plan starts at $160 per month
  • Office Plan starts at $190 per month

Kunversion Website

Customized Website Services: Branded Themes, FB Live Chat, On-Site SEO Tools, Training & Webinars. Kunversion is a powerful website solution with its KV core version popular with the eXp brokerage.

  • Website and IDX
  • Lead Engine
  • Smart CRM
  • Listing Management and Promotion
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Get a Demo by calling: (800) 656-1646


Chime appears to build pretty standard IDX WordPress websites with themes and offers a CRM as well.


CRM + Lead Generation + Consumer Website + Success Management.


Dakno website design and marketing for real estate professionals including IDX, MLS integration, marketing strategy, and search engine optimization.


Drive Traffic & Capture Leads. Mobile page responsive with IDX & CRM integration with great visuals on desktop. Build your authority as a real estate agent.

Website Express

Award-winning website design for estate & letting agents Free Cancellation · Fast Response · 15 years experience · Affordable Pricing integration.

Style Agent

Responsive mobile page and desktop real estate website design built on the powerful WordPress platform. Our 3/4 custom real estate websites are designed to get you noticed. Generate more buyers and leads.

Pro Agent Websites

Providing state of the art Real Estate Agent and Broker websites. Completely supports IDX Listings from Sandicor, CRMLS, RMLS, CARETS


Official Home of AGENT WEBSITE – Websites & Hosting for REALTORS® Agents & Brokers. From $29.00 ~ 24/7 Support, E-mail, IDX, Free domain, Control

Zipper Agent

  • IDX Website attracts buyers
  • Email and Calendar Sync
  • Lead Capture
  • Round Robin Routing
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Lead Notification
  • Mobile CRM
  • Pipeline Management
  • Reporting and Dashboards

3 Plans:

  • Essentials: $79 per month
  • Professional: $99 per month
  • Optimum: Contact for Pricing
  • 1-800-350-3695


Add your favorite MLS feed such as IDX Broker to one of their templates.

IDX Feed

I use IDX Broker for my feeds to my Las Vegas website. My brothers Jeff and Paul Helvin are IDX Broker developers. When you sign up for IDX Broker using my link, you’ll save the $99 set up fee and Jeff and Paul are on call for support. 702-917-0755.

IDX Images

Header Widget

IDX 3 Column Widget


A Great website should easily collect and publish reviews. Positive reviews help prove authority for a real estate agent and website. This snippet is from the BREW by Ballen Brands. Reviews can be displayed on the home page and throughout the website.

WordPress is Top For Content Marketing

Most agents are not spending the time required to rank their real estate agent websites on Google. Furthermore, many platforms don’t have the capabilities that WordPress Does.

To get traffic from consumers to an agent’s website, we must answer their questions and provide useful content.

WordPress allows you to create unlimited pages and posts, is built for SEO, and allows for massive growth.

Build your brand as an authority with real estate market reports, hyperlocal blog posts, and expert advice.


What is the Best Real Estate Website For Realtors?

This depends on who you ask. Lori Ballen, a known real estate website developer and trainer says: “The best website is one you own and have complete control over. This is why I choose WordPress and a WebHost such as WP Engine or Flywheel (Call Jeff at Ballen Brands 702-917-0755). WordPress grows as you do, can increase the functionality with a simple plugin, and doesn’t require you to know “code”. You can change the entire design in an instant with a new WordPress theme. I have videos on my youtube channel that walk you through each step of the process if you are a do it yourself-er.

What is an IDX Website

Lori Ballen Realtor and Lead Generation Coach explains that IDX stands for internet data exchange. In simple terms, it’s the feed that allows listings to appear on your website. And they are not created equally. Lori loves her BREW (Ballen Real Estate Website) that has a strong, customizable IDX where she can change the look of the pages, colors, size, lead registration options, round-robin leads and more. Call 702-917-0755 to learn more.

How Much Does Boomtown Cost?

We could not find a public list of pricing on their website. A 3rd party report claims that there are various levels from around $1,500 per month to $1,500 per month, and each with a set-up fee. You can reach Boomtown in South Carolina at (843) 300-3300.

How Much Does Real Estate Webmasters Cost?

While pricing isn’t easy to find, a recent article by hooquest quoted starting prices of the Real Estate Webmasters LCE plan at $5000. It’s best to contact REW directly and get a quote. Morgan Carey, the owner posted an article about new pricing plans earlier in 2019. Call -877-753-9893

What Is The Best Website For Real Estate Agents?

The best website for real estate agents would be one that you own, is valuable, has unlimited growth capabilities, and has a CMS. A website like the BREW from Ballen Brands is aa wise choice. They are WordPress Websites designed by Lori Ballen and built by her brother’s Paul and Jeff Helvin. 702-917-0755.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Real Estate Website?

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to build a real estate website. The basics are the website itself, hosting, and IDX. You can get hosting for as low as $15.00 per month, can use a free theme for your WordPress website (which you get with your hosting), and can add IDX for around $50-$100 per month.

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