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AgentFire Real Estate Websites: Beautiful Websites For Agents On Fire.

AgentFire Real Estate Websites: Beautiful Websites For Agents On Fire.

Hi! I’m Lori Ballen. I’m on a missing to present the best software for my fellow real estate agents in the industry. I’m a Las Vegas real estate agent and understand marketing systems’ importance. 

AgentFire is a real estate agent website with IDX, Hyperlocal features, etc. 


Lori Ballen – AgentFire Partners

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Are you tired of competing online with Zillow and other agents? Spark Sites help you win a different game by making you stand out as the hyper-local authority.

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Sample of Agentfire Real estate website scaled

 AgentFire is a real estate website platform popular with real estate agents who want their website set up for them, often with all the bells and whistles. 

With AgentFire, you can start small with a basic plan and then add elements like you would condiments on a burger.

The AgentFire website steers the viewer through three seemingly simple steps: 

  • Get a hyperlocal Spark Site with professional designs
  • Add on the tools you want your website to have, such as IDX or home valuation calculators
  • Sign up for a success plan

AgentFire Design Packages

agentfire real estate websites

There are four Spark Site packages to choose from.  The first is an express setup using a template. The second option is for a semi-custom design with a complete setup and a custom-designed home page.

Third, you can opt for a custom design, the home page included complete site setup, and an additional ten custom-designed pages.

And fourth, which isn’t price on the website, and you have to request a quote, is the Enterprise Design.

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But for any of that to be functional as a lead-generating real estate website, you have to have the fundamental essentials like property showings, offers like free home valuation tools, and a steady flow of valuable content on your blog – all of which come as a separate add-on price.

In addition to your Spark site’s design and setup, you’ll also pay a monthly service fee.

agentfire brokerage websites

Logo Design

Need a logo? Get one created just for you and set up throughout your Spark site. For logo design, you’ll be charged $400.

IDX, or the Internet Data Exchange, allows real estate agents to share information and pictures of properties for sale. 

The IDX is how you display properties and coordinate your property pages on your website. However, there is more than one IDX provider, and they’re not all created equal. 

The downside to this feature is that while it will cost $30 a month on your bill, AgentFire doesn’t specify which IDX provider they use.

Home Valuation Tool

A home valuation tool is valuable for real estate agents to capture more leads online. Several resources provide a free home valuation tool, but AgentFire’s home valuation tool is proprietary, powered by Home Junction™, a real estate data company. 

To get this invaluable lead-capturing resource on your Spark Site, you’ll raise your monthly bill by another $50.

Another resource for creating home valuations to generate leads on your real estate website is with ListingsToLeads, which also has an entire suite of benefits, so compare prices and features before you fork over extra cash.

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What is AgentFire’s Blog Assist Pro?

It’s almost common knowledge that blogging fuels business websites for several reasons. First, it gives your website more of a chance to be found high up on Google’s search engine results page or SERP. 

Second, blogging boosts your website because since it can be found well-placed on the SERP, it’s visible to more viewers and gaining more traffic. And, with a lead capture offer and form included with your blog, you can generate more leads.

Third, publishing consistently builds brand awareness, establishes trust with your potential customers and clients, and establishes you as an expert in your field. But there’s a catch with the Blog Assist Pro from AgentFire. Here’s the deal:

The blog content you get weekly through AgentFire’s Blog Assist Pro isn’t unique. Other people are buying the same article you are. Some people will modify their version; others will publish it as-is. Either way, Google can now be easily confused about which website to show for that blog post.

On the plus side, it is regularly published content that you can modify, and once it’s published on your Spark Site, you’re able to keep that content and use it however you’d like.

For $29 per page or $100 for ten pages, AgentFire does offer unique content provided by its team of professional writers.

Suppose you’re not a writer by nature or don’t have the time. In that case, another option is to hire professional freelance writers, seek out a digital marketing company, or consider a content agency. 

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It may be more of an investment upfront, but it’s a higher return. Blog Assist Pro will increase your monthly bill by $19.95 per month.

Click Maps

Another fabulous feature to have on your real estate website is a map – not just any map, but a unique, clickable map with clickable zones that link to your IDX pages, AgentFire area guide pages, and more. The catch? There’s a one-time setup fee of $350, but if you want more than one zone, you’ll pay an additional $25 per.

Mail Chimp

Email newsletter marketing is another way to generate more leads online. By sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter, you continue to provide value while nurturing leads. 

And with AgentFire’s use of Mail Chimp, you can set your email marketing on autopilot to send out beautiful newsletters consisting of all of your new posts. However, to add this fancy feature, you’re looking at another $400 setup fee.

Direct API Integrations

Set up your Spark website from AgentFire, integrating with CRMs, such as:

  • Lion Desk
  • Follow Up Boss
  • KVCore Platform
  • Top Producer
  • Realvolve
  • Pipedrive
  • Chime
  • Wise Agent
  • Contactually, and more.


People describe AgentFire as quick to deliver with professional customer support and well-polished website designs.

The Bottom Line

AgentFire is a real estate agent platform designed for real estate agents by professionals rooted in digital marketing, so it’s no wonder it has plenty of 5-star ratings and ample positive reviews. 

However, while the Spark Site offers the tools real estate agents need, they’re all sold separately, which can get confusing and expensive in terms of up-front costs and monthly service plans.

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