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Ezoic vs. Monumetric

Ezoic vs. Monumetric

Today, earning revenue from your website through ad networks is easier than ever when you compare ad networks like Ezoic vs. Monumetric. 

Find out the differences between these two ad networks and which one is better for your website.

Double Your Ad Earnings

Ezoic is the best way to monetize your website and increase your ad earnings. Their cutting-edge technology ensures that you get the most out of your ads.

Monetizing a Website

In today’s increasingly digitized world, earning revenue online has become easier than ever.  In particular, ad networks have gained popularity among website owners and publishers, as they are an easy way to generate revenue through websites by displaying ads. 

If you have a website of your own and are looking for ways to earn money, joining an ad network is something to consider.  While Ezoic and Monumetric aren’t the only ad networks out there, they’re considered the best, and for many reasons. 

But with so much choice out there, it can be challenging to decide which ad network to choose. To make things easier, here’s a comparison of Ezoic, Monumetric, and what they offer. 

Once you have all the information about both networks, you can decide which network is optimal for your website. 

Ezoic: An Introduction

Ezoic is an ad-testing platform that allows website publishers and owners to earn revenue from their website through sponsored ads.  The platform uses Big Data and machine learning to understand users’ behaviors, which in turn is used to improve the website and optimize earnings. 

To be able to join Ezoic, your website needs to generate a minimum amount of traffic. Ezoic used to require websites to have at least 10,000 visits per month.  The 10,000 view requirement is realistic compared to other ad networks like Mediavine, which demands a minimum of 50,000 views and lately double that. 

Ezoic, however, now allows entry-level subscribers to their DIY ad software. this means that Ezoic minimum traffic is beginner level. Ezoic uses user experience (UX) metrics to gauge the best combination of ads, size and placement on the website, and lucrativeness. 

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Setting up an account with Ezoic is entirely free of charge and doesn’t require any technical fluency. 

The process of setting up your account is simple, and publishers can usually start displaying ads on their websites within 1-3 days of setting up with Ezoic.  Simply put, Ezoic is an interactive, user-friendly platform that helps website owners monetize their websites in the most lucrative way possible. 

Ezoic Review

While not new at blogging, I haven’t been monetizing my websites with ads for very long. My experience stops short at Google Adsense. When I got an invitation to join Ezoic, I figured it was worth trying. It

While not “easy” to set up, I was able to get through it on my own. I enjoyed the ability to test the placeholders, and review the amount of revenue each placeholder was bringing in.

This helped me realize which placements were worth keeping, and which weren’t.

The reporting at Ezoic is very detailed, showing everything from the age group of users to the number of clicks to revenue.

Another thing I find valuable with Ezoic is that you have your own account manager. He’s always willing to discuss the results of your ads with you, and make changes if necessary.

I was invited to join the premium network, and while I don’t really like paying to play for premium ads, the expense did bring in an ROI. I would say Ezoic premium is worth it.

My revenue did increase over Google Adsense, overall.

If you do sign up for Ezoic, take advantage of the tutorial videos, and getting help from your account manager.

Double Your Ad Earnings

Ezoic is the best way to monetize your website and increase your ad earnings. Their cutting-edge technology ensures that you get the most out of your ads.

Monumetric: An Introduction

Like Ezoic, Monumetric is a platform for publishers to earn revenue by displaying ads on their websites. 

With a focus on innovation and optimization, Monumetric guarantees profit through collaboration. 

Monumetric also offers insights into the ad strategies being used on your website. They provide site audits that help publishers reach their goals. 

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At the same time, Monumetric also partners with support technicians who ensure your ads are thematically in unity with your website’s design. 

Monumetric, like Ezoic, allows users to control how many ads are displayed on their site as well as ad placements on the site. 

Like Ezoic, Monumetric also requires website owners to have a minimum amount of traffic on their websites. 

Below is a list of the different programs offered by Monumetric and their specific requirements regarding traffic. 

  • Propel program is a program for amateur or first-time publishers and bloggers. It requires websites to have at least 10,000 monthly page views.
  • Ascend program requires websites to have a minimum of 80,000 monthly page views. 
  • Stratos program requires websites to have a minimum of 500,000 monthly page views. 
  • Apollo program requires websites to have a minimum of10 million monthly page views. 

Key Differences Between Ezoic and Monumetric

While Ezoic and Monumetric are similar in many ways, they also have several differences that make them stand out from each other. 

Starting Fee

Ezoic is entirely free to join; there is no signing cost or starting fee. On the other hand, Monumetric charges a $99 signing fee, and users have the option to deduct this fee from their first month’s earnings. 

Minimum Number Of Ads

While Ezoic doesn’t require the minimum number of ads to display on your website, Monumetric requires you to have at least six ads on your website. 

Notice Period

If you want to leave Ezoic, you don’t need a notice period. You can quit your partnership with Ezoic with just a click of a button. On the other hand, Monumetric requires a 30-day-notice period. 

Processing Time

The time it takes to get your ads up and running on your website is much less with Ezoic than it is with Monumetric. 

With Ezoic, publishers can start featuring ads on their website within 1-3 days of setting up on the platform. With Monumetric, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to start featuring ads on your website. 

The reason for Monumetric’s longer processing time is because Monumetric offers to review your website both internally and through their advertising partners to help determine the best ad strategy for your website. 

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Ezoic vs. Monumetric: Which Is Better For Your Website?

Users of both Ezoic and Monumetric claim that both these ad networks are easy to set up and use, and both offer publishers and website owners the ability to earn generous revenue. 

No one ad network is ‘better’ than the other. It depends on your circumstance and priorities. For example, if money is tight, it makes more sense to opt for Ezoic over Monumetric given Monumetric’s signing fee. 

Or, if you think you’ll benefit more from having a range of different programs to choose from, Monumetric might be the right choice for you. 

One thing that makes Ezoic stand out not only from Monumetric but also from all other ad networks because Ezoic uses AI technology to test everything from the choice of ads to their size and placement on the website. 

Moreover, Ezoic allows you to compare its services with other networks. 

For example, if you’re currently using Monumetric as your ad network and are considering switching to Ezoic, Ezoic offers a side-by-side comparison of the two to help you make your decision. 

This in itself is a testament to Ezoic’s confidence in the quality of its services. 


With ad networks like Ezoic; Monumetric, you can easily monetize your website by displaying ads of driving traffic to third-party websites. 

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