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Kelle is an app created by Keller Williams and Josh Team. She’s a “personal assistant” for the real estate agent. The download is now available.


Kelle uses artificial intelligence to “learn”  what agents want helping them build a referral network, find market data, provide production reports and more. Keller believes Kelle will help the agent take better care of their client while empowering them with technology to help defend their territory.

We are in the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ – an era of the machine-powered ‘know-it-all’ business that’s always on, analyzing, learning and thinking. – Gary Keller

Keller Williams is proud to be the first in the industry to produce this type of artificial intelligence. 

Kelle has been the subject of many Labs prior to entering Family Reunion 2018. Now in general availability, the assistant operates within Keller Williams’ single platform, the Keller Cloud, along with a host of other applications.

At LABS, agents regularly meet to design, improve, and give feedback on the growth of Keller Williams Technology and Kelle. 

An agent can get hands-free assitance from Kelle when saying “Hey Kelle” after they open the app. 

Ask Kelle

Lori Ballen Realtor has a ribbon with her name on it next the words KW technology and Kelle, AI app for real estate agents and qr code to scan for las vegas referrals

Listing and Marketing Reports

  • Show me listings in [city, state] [zip code]
  •  Show me my [closed, expired, pending, active, sold]
  • Show me my listings
  • Find listings at [address, city, state]
  • Show me a snap for [ZIP code]
  • Show me a snap for [neighborhood name] in [city,

Agent to Agent Referrals

Sample of Kelle showing the total contacts in the referral network. In this case, it says "I found 604 contacts in your referrals network" and then shows an agent and access to contact her.

  • Who is in my referral network?
  • Search my referral network for [name]
  • Add [name] to my referral network
  • Show me my referrals
  • Show me the status of my referral to [name] or from
  • Send a referral to [name]


  • Find [name]
  • Show database contact [name]
  • Find [name] on Connect


Kelle Mobile app is open and shows the skill "show upcoming events". Kelle responds with "Here is what I found. Enjoy! - a list of events is displayed
  • Show upcoming events at my market center
  • Show upcoming events at the [name of market
  • Show upcoming events at market center number #
  • Find content on Connect from [name]
  • Show me events added to Connect [time period]
  • Find my registered events on Connect
  • Find the latest Red Report
  • Find the [month, year] Red Report
  • Donate to KW Cares

Career Growth Initiative

Screenshot from the Kelle app showing the question "what is my cap status" and Kelle's Answer: you have paid $12,974.84 against your total cap of $16,000. You are $3025.16 away from reaching your cap
  • What is CGI?
  • How close am I to reaching my CGI goals?
  • How many closings do I need to reach my goal?
  • What are my monthly CGI goals versus actuals?
  • How many appointments did I complete this YR?
  • What is my listing appt/closing goal for this MO/YR?
  • How many listings have I taken this MO/YR?
  • How many listings do I need this MO to reach goal?
  • How many closings did I have last month?
  • What was my GCI last month or last year?
  • What is my average sales price?
  • Show me my average sales price by MO/YR
  • What is my cap?
  • What is my cap status?
  • Show me my closed units volume [time period]

General Questions

  • What is a BOLD Law?
  • What is LORE?
  • What is [insert Kellerism]?
  • How many agents are at Keller Williams?
  • When is Family Reunion 2019?
  • When is Mega Camp?
  • What is a 411?
  • What is company dollar?
  • What are the Four Conversations?
  • What is profit share?
  • What is a market center?

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