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30 of the Best Driving Apps to Make Money in 2022

30 of the Best Driving Apps to Make Money in 2022

There are many ways to earn money with your car this year. Most apps let you set your schedule and hours and get paid quickly. If you’ve got a vehicle and a smartphone, you could start profiting from any of the following 30 best driving apps to make money.

Rideshare Apps

1. Uber

Let’s state the obvious first! Uber is a popular ridesharing app that allows you to taxi riders to their destinations using your vehicle. Uber also works with vehicle partners, so you can drive for them using a rental. You can set your hours, but be aware that high-demand times for Uber rides may not be convenient for you. 

2. Lyft

Lyft is another well-known rideshare app. They are big on providing benefits to their drivers. Lyft promises drivers 100% of their tips, guaranteed earnings, 30¢ per mile for vehicle expenses, a healthcare subsidy, and medical and disability coverage. 

3. HopSkipDrive

HopSkipDrive is an app for driving kids to and from school. Drivers can earn up to $40 per hour with potential bonuses. However, safety first when working with kids! You must be at least 23 years old, have 5 or more years of caregiving experience, and pass a multi-agency background check, including fingerprinting. You also need a 4-door vehicle no more than 10 years old.

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4. SideCar

SideCar is a ridesharing app, unique in that it allows drivers to price rides themselves. If you have a big personality, SideCar could be a great place for you to shine. They encourage drivers to highlight themselves on the app with photos and blurbs, and they encourage riders to favorite and leave reviews for drivers.

5. Waze Carpool

The directions app Waze now offers a carpool platform. List a route, time, and the number of available seats for riders to reserve. Perfect for your commute!

6. Wingz

Wingz is popular for booking rides to and from airports. Customers can also book drivers to take them to events, doctor’s appointments, business meetings, and more. In Georgia, Wingz drivers can provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) rides. Wingz facilitates relationships between drivers and customers, allowing customers to book with their favorite drivers over and over. Drivers have the freedom to accept the customers and itineraries of their choosing.

Food Delivery Apps

7. UberEATS

Uber, being uber-successful, branched out into providing food delivery as well. Unlike delivering for one specific restaurant, UberEATS gives you flexibility. And it’s even easier to get started if you’re already giving rides through Uber. Customers can tip in-app, and drivers keep 100% of their tips, with the option to cash out up to 5 times daily.

8. Doordash

Doordash is a popular food delivery app. You don’t necessarily need a car; a motorcycle, bike, or scooter is enough to deliver food via Doordash. 

9. Caviar

Caviar is a food delivery platform that’s now a part of DoorDash. To become a Caviar courier is also to become a “Dasher,” and you can accept deliveries ordered through both platforms. 

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10. Grubhub

Grubhub is another popular go-to for food delivery. They offer their delivery drivers free instant cash out if they connect a Chase account. Drivers with a different bank account can also cash out instantly for a $.50 per transaction fee.

Grocery Delivery Apps

11. Instacart

The pandemic made Instacart a household name. This app connects you to users who would like someone to pick up and deliver their groceries to their homes. Even with covid restrictions relaxing, many people have learned to love getting their groceries delivered!

12. Shipt

Shipt is another grocery delivery marketplace. You must apply and interview to begin delivering for Shipt. You’ll also need a reliable vehicle, no older than a ‘97, and a newer iPhone or Android.

Moving Driver and Delivery Apps

13. Dolly

If you own a truck, trailer, or van, you can become a Dolly Helper and move and deliver large items for local customers. Top performers are said to earn $40-$60/hr, though rates vary by job. If you don’t have a larger vehicle, you can still work as a Dolly Hand, so long as you are able to lift 75 pounds overhead. Dolly Hands earn an average of $25-40/hour.

14. Roadie

Owned by UPS, Roadie is a delivery app that allows people already driving in the right direction to ship items to customers. These can be deliveries across town or across the U.S.

15. BuddyTruk

As the name implies, customers can use this app when they just need a buddy with a truck. Customers send a picture of what they need delivered. When a driver accepts a job, they help load and deliver the item to its destination.

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16. GoShare

Or as they put it, “Your Friend With a Truck™.” If you have a car, SUV, or minivan, you can earn an average of $38 – $40 per hour performing deliveries. Drivers who own a box truck can receive an average of $87 – $109 per hour. They report their top drivers earning thousands per month. Drivers receive direct deposit from GoShare in 4 days. 

17. Bellhops

Bellhops hires both movers and drivers. If you own or lease a box truck, Bellhops offers a pretty sweet gig: get paid to sit in your truck and wait while the movers load everything up! You just have to drive.

18. Lugg

Lugg offers its customers on-demand moving and delivery in the larger U.S. cities. They report their drivers making up to $2.5k/week! Customers can also book drivers to transport store and Craigslist purchases, donations, and junk. Luggers get paid at the end of each day via direct deposit.

19. TaskRabbit

Most people think of assembling furniture or hanging up Christmas lights when they think of TaskRabbit, but the platform can also be used for helping people move and making deliveries. TaskRabbit lets you set your own rates, schedule, and service area.

20. Amazon Flex

Unlike being a regular Amazon driver, Amazon Flex allows you to schedule shifts in hourly blocks. You can choose how long you want to deliver, and see ahead of time how much that block pays. It’s not available in every city yet, but if nothing’s available where you are, you can still download the app and be notified when they’re recruiting. 

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21. CitizenShipper

Do you love dogs? CitizenShipper is an app most widely used for shipping pets! Drivers can also deliver anything from furniture to cars, and more. It’s up to you what gigs you would like to take. 

22. Favor 

Favor is a catchall delivery service. That could include food, dry cleaning, groceries, and beyond. Think of it as personal assistant work, specifically in the driving sphere. Drivers are paid a percentage of each delivery fee and keep 100% of their tips. You can also make money by referring other drivers. 

Car Sharing Apps

23. Getaround

Getaround is a car-sharing marketplace, allowing you to rent out one or even multiple cars to Getaround customers. Even if you don’t own a car yet, you can get started with as little as a down payment on one. Getaround operates using The Getaround Connect® device, which allows renters to unlock your car through the app, eliminating the need for a key exchange. They also offer their renters 24/7 roadside assistance, enforce daily mileage limits, and insure your car for Getaround trips.

24. Turo

Like Getaround, Turo is also a car-sharing marketplace. You can choose how many or how few cars to rent out. Turo also provides one-on-one business coaching to help you succeed in your car rental business.

Roadside Assistance Apps

25. Urgently

Urgently is a roadside assistance provider network. If you want to offer roadside assistance to customers, or you already do, Urgently handles the admin side of things so you can focus on doing what you already do best. 

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Passive Income Driving Apps

26. Stickr

Passive income alert! The Stickr app sends you a sticker advertisement to display on your vehicle. You can earn cash as well as $50-$175 gift cards to restaurants in your area each month. 

27. StickerRide

Another car sticker advertisement app, StickerRide can also help get you a discount on motor insurance. Their AI identifies your driving style and comes up with an insurance plan to match.

28. OnMyWay

We’ve got to admit: this is a pretty cool idea! The OnMyWay app pays you for every mile you drive without texting or otherwise using your phone. It’s only $.05 per mile, but you can also earn money with the app as a passenger, and your passengers can, too. You will also receive $100 as soon as you register. Referring friends earns you money through the app as well. Hey, why not?

29. Mobilio

Much like OnMyWay, Mobilio rewards drivers for putting their phones away on the road. But the twist is that Mobilio is also a cryptocurrency. Your time spent driving safely is essentially turned into mining crypto. Therefore, the earlier you get in on the investment, the more you can earn!

30. This App Saves Lives

And for one last safe driving app to earn you passive income, This App Saves Lives rewards safe driving with points that can be redeemed online or in-store from popular brands such as Shake Shack, Urban Outfitters, Bombas, Insomnia Cookies, and more.

Driving Apps to Make Money FAQs

What Driving Apps Pay the Most?

The answer to this really depends on you, your lifestyle, and what kind of a commitment you can make to one of these driving ventures. For example, if you just happen to have a box truck, driving with GoShare is a great option for you. If you live somewhere rural and are available in the middle of the day, Uber isn’t going to be as lucrative for you as someone who lives in a major city and is free to work on Saturday nights.

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What is the Best App to be a Driver for?

This also comes down to you and what you want out of the gig. Do you like kids? HopSkipDrive might be really fulfilling for you. Do you go on lots of road trips? Roadie might be right up your alley. Do you need cash like today? UberEATS could be a solid bet. 

What Are the Best Driving Apps to Make Money Same Day?

Many of these driving apps pay extremely fast, but if you need to cash out same day, we recommend looking into Uber, UberEATS, Lyft, Earnin, Lugg, and DoorDash. Keep in mind each app has a different process to get started, so there may be an initial waiting period if you aren’t already set up to begin working. 

Are There Apps That Pay for Driving Data?

Yes! That’s another way you can make passive income from driving your car. Uber, Lyft, Earnin, Gigwalk, and DoorDash are some apps that you can earn money from selling your driving data. 

There are so many driving apps to make money! You can double, triple, and even quadruple up on a lot of these. Happy driving and earning!

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