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How To Make Money With a Youtube Channel

When you hear the Youtube “Gurus” talk about how they make thousands each month on Youtube or hundreds of thousands per year, they generally include several ways their channel earns income, not just from ads. 

So how can you make money on Youtube? In this article, I’ll share how people make money on their Youtube Channels.


Once you reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time over 12 months, you can monetize your Youtube Channel with Google Adsense.

After becoming a member of Youtube’s Partner program, you can select videos for ad placement. 

how to Make Money with a youtube channel
How To Make Money With A Youtube Channel

Your videos will then play ads before, during, and after your video depending on your channel settings. 

Youtube keeps a portion of the ad revenue, and you are paid monthly for the total clicks. 

While celebrities earn millions, the majority aren’t making a full-time living running ads on their channel. Some do. 

Yesterday, I watched a video where the creator, who makes videos about Youtube and blogging, primarily has 200,000 subscribers and earns $5,000 per month. 

Another creator in the finance niche shared that he earns $250,000 per month on his channel through Adsense alone.

Affiliate Income

Many YouTuber’s are earning affiliate income. Affiliate marketing is where you review or talk about a product and include a link in your description or give out a unique code.

When the visitor purchases something through your link within a certain amount of time, you earn a commission.

Reviews on products that give you discounts on your products (Like I do with static nails) are great, but how many nail polish bottles do you need?

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Getting paid cash is where you want to focus more of your time, although I’m not turning my nose down at the free bacon and hamburger I get for life now from Butcher Box!

Ideas For Affiliate Income videos

Eighty-five percent of U.S. adults now watch online videos, according to a report by Statista. You can use this trend to your business's advantage by creating marketing videos like these Youtube Video Ideas.
  • Teach how to use something online. You can earn recurring commissions on subscription-based software! Tutorials do well on youtube.
  • Review products you use and Memberships you have (like clothing subscription boxes, food delivery, workout videos, etc.)
  • Demonstrate how you use something. An example might be a new recipe you are making in the instant pot. Include a link to the instant pot.
  • Feature fashion as in “what I wore this week” with links to items.
  • Take footage of your vacation and link to tour companies, hotels, cruise lines, and more that have formed affiliate relationships.

Sponsored Videos

Generating about $50 per 500 views is a decent estimate for sponsorship on your channel. You mention the advertiser and earn accordingly. 

Launched initially May 2007, the YouTube Partner Program is a revenue-sharing program that allows publishers to monetize their YouTube videos with ads. After joining the YPP program, publishers can display ads within or alongside their YouTube videos for which they receive financial compensation

Some more prominent names, brands, and channels will warrant higher sponsorship fees.

This arrangement often works out to a significantly higher amount than Adsense would on that many views.

I’ve got one that pays $50 for adding an intro that they created. That money is Not “amazing” as my channel is small, but it’s still an excellent way to earn passive income.

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Create Info Products

Most channels that focus on “teaching” how to do something link to the creator’s info products such as “cheat sheets” and courses. 

I did it! I reached my goal of qualifying a 2nd Youtube Channel in less than 6 months. What's more, is that I was approved just 24 hours after applying for the Youtube Partner Program - During a Pandemic no less! Here's How I Did it.

Some offer to coach and live appearances as well. Many have built proprietary software that they promote from their Youtube channel.

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Many channel creators also self-publish books, which also earn income through Youtube.

These are the types of strategies that can increase what you can make on youtube.

Recently, I spoke at an event. Between the live event fee and upsell to info products and services, I earned around $15,000 for that event.

As a Youtube Creator, I could easily say I earned $15,000 in one month from one video. 

Membership Sites

Some Youtube Creators offer membership sites. These sites often provide training, peer support, and other benefits and generally come with a monthly fee. 

Pretty woman is standing in front of video camera making videos for Youtube

Their membership sites might be on a platform such as Teachable or Thinkific, and they can also sell memberships directly through Youtube’s partner program once they are qualified.


Some Creators build a channel primarily to sell their services. For example, a real estate agent may create a channel about issues buyers and sellers face every day and neighborhood, school, and local information. 

Fashion Youtuber 1

Their channel is 100% monetized by their services.

A real estate agent who tracks $100,000 worth of commission in 12 months from the channel could say they earn six figures from youtube.


Superchat is a way to accept donation-style payments through your youtube Channel. 

Gaining more views on your youtube channel is very important as it increases brand awareness and can help your videos rank higher on Youtube’s search engine.

Most Creators who live stream give shout-outs to their Superchat donations. 

$5.00 is a typical Superchat amount. 

Many creators also establish a Patreon account, which works Similarly. 

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Youtube Merch

Once you are accepted into the Youtube Partner Program and qualify with 10,000 subscribers, you can sell merchandise on Youtube. 

In this guide with video tutorials, the creators of Tubebuddy, a tool we love, share the best practices in using their software to optimize YouTube videos and Channels. Learn more about generating leads through Video with these steps.

Branded T-shirts and coffee mugs are a couple of examples.  The merch shelf allows approved creators to feature their official branded merchandise on YouTube.  The shelf is visible on the video page of qualified channels, but may not appear on all video pages.  The merch shelf and related merch features currently support these merch retailers.

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There is an approved list of product manufacturers that Youtubers can use. 

Some of these are:

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