📽️ How to Optimize your Videos for SEO and YouTube


Youtube is one of my favorite traffic sources online. Many real estate agents and small business professionals haven’t looked at youtube as a means of traffic for their website. Most businesses still see youtube as a just a video website. Real Estate Agents and Companies need to acknowledge Youtube and see that it is another search engine like that of Google.

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You must check out Tubebuddy. It works inside Youtube to measure tags, tell you where your video ranks for a certain search term, who else ranks, which tags you might want to use based on a scoring system and more.

People, including buyers and sellers of real estate, today are searching for more content in different formats likes audio and video. Consumers are looking for answers from content that will show them how to use products , where they can get them , how they can buy them for cheap. They also want to know about the people that make the products. Buyers and sellers are looking for homes, information about home values, and where to find real estate agents.

Youtube is owned by Google and is now recognized by digital marketers as the world’s second biggest search engine. Videos released on Youtube have a much higher chance of ranking on Google search compared to that of videos on another platform.

Many local businesses haven’t caught on how great Youtube could be for their real estate business. Afraid of putting their face out there in front of a crowd is quite daunting. But the potential for a reward is far greater, and more important the competition level is much lower.

Here are some great Youtube optimization tips to help you make sure that your video is ready to rank both on Youtube and Google.

Youtube Video Title

After you create your video explaining your content , or product , sale or tutorial , label the video on your desktop using some of the keyword phrases that you are trying to target.

Example : Learn how to get the most for your home .mp4 , This is the same label that you will keep in mind for your video title once you upload it to youtube. Keeping in mind that our keyword phrase is that of getting the most value for your home.

You can use the adwords keyword planner to find keyword phrases, or Tubebuddy right there in Youtube. This will help you when you are labeling your content that will relate and correspond to the search results. There is no need to be too obvious. Try and add your keyword phrases into the title as naturally as possible.

Best practice is to Keep your title shorter than 10 words. There is no rule of thumb here just general experience with my own video marketing. Videos with a lower amount of words in the title have always performed better for me.

Video Description – SEO for Real Estate, Optimize your Videos

Many people tend to forget about the video description to leave it blank or just add their link to there website. The video description is prime virtual real estate. It is very important that you fill out your video description. Google can’t actually crawl the video content.

  • No matter how good the information is. It’s up to you to tell Google’s bots and search spiders what is in your videos. Write a great description of what your video entails. Naturally including your other keyword phrases that correspond to your main focus keyword.Example: if our focus keyword is home values , other long tail keyword phrases would be home values in Las Vegas or waterfront home values in Laguna Beach.
  • Add links to your other related videos or other related articles. Making sure that you http:// to all your links in the description as traditional www. links won’t work.
  • Make sure you add a link to the actual product or service on your website. So if the video is called how to how to stage your home to get the most money in your pocket make sure that the link will take them to the corresponding article about this topic. Many sites owners , are not adding the right links under the videos to the actual article page or product page. Most of the time it will link to the home page. Thus giving the customer a bad experience. This will create a high bounce rate for your home page , which has a negative effect on your sites home page SEO.

Captions – SEO for Real Estate, Optimize your Videos

The jury is still out on this one , but if Google gives a place to fill out information it maybe a good idea to fill it out perfectly. Captions are the videos transcription. Captions are like subtitles you may have seen on your Tv.

It is unclear whether Google takes this into account when it’s ranking videos. Looking at all the videos from SEO gurus and even webmaster tools youtube channel, all these videos have wordperfect captions. The voice recognition software in youtube isn’t that good. You might need to hire a VA (virtual assistant) or have one of of your team transcribing the video word for word. You may also try sites such as rev.com for transcribing at about $1 per minute.

Taking notice that when you use the on screen word search (command or control and F) it will pick up all the written text which most SEO experts assume Google will crawl. This is another place where you can sprinkle in some long tail keywords.Custom Thumbnail – SEO for Real Estate, Optimize your Videos

A LOT of experienced video SEO experts make sure to add a good title to the thumbnail image. image. Try to label the image using the same title as the video , Example if the video is called How to stage your home for sale” , then the image will be called either how-to-stage-your-home-for-sale.jpg or howtostageyourhomeforsale.jpg .

All of the content site and auto blogs tend to scrape video content and images which are well optimized. These blogs will embed your video and get you that initial videos views. The thumb nail also enables you to choose how your video will look to others. When uploading a thumb nail make it clean and clear so that people will click on it in the related searches on the side bar of Youtube

Off Page Video Optimization – SEO for Real Estate, Optimize your Videos

This is the hard part of video SEO. This will take really hard effort and hard graft if it’s going to work for you. When you first upload a video on Youtube it is critical it that you have some kind of initial promotion strategy to get the ball moving.

Adding your video to your blogs can help also including a link to the video to in the form of a long tail keyword anchor text link. Start creating playlists with in Youtube under specific related heads may enable you to gain traffic from your older videos for your new video.

Looking back at what we have learned , here a some of the most important boxes you need to check when you are adding a video to Youtube. Video is one easiest ways to rank on Google and also gain traffic from Youtube as a search engine. If you are finding it hard to get traffic to your website, you need to start using Youtube to host your video content. It will increase your website engagement and keep your clients coming back for more. Thus giving you business the exposure it deserves.


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