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Understanding How Works

Many people continue to look for ways to have a flexible career schedule and autonomy over their work. That has led to the expansion of the freelance writing industry. Professional and avid writers can earn money while working from a remote location at whatever time they wish. That said, many freelance writing websites have cropped up to offer opportunities for writers to find jobs and earn money. One of the recently created writing websites is This article discusses how you can use the site to make money or get your preferred writing jobs.

What is is an online platform designed to provide freelance writers with a one-stop space for finding jobs, acquiring professional writing skills and several other digital tools that assist writers in managing and sharing their content. It is critical to note that this online service is not your typical company that employs writing professionals. Think of it as an online concierge service where you can find a job, write the content, and earn your highly desired cash.

As a writers’ hub, the website contains several features to get you started. Here are some features on

1. A well-curated listing of available jobs.

2. Several publications that help find pitches in written content, including how you can submit your work.

3. A project management system for proper organization of articles and documents.

4. Editing features that analyse the readability level of each article.

5. A portfolio feature where writers can add their profile and previously completed tasks [for sharing with clients].

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6. A training “university” where writers can find tutorials, training audio and videos to help them get started in writing.

7. Additional features that enable you to monitor your work status, as well as time logging and statistical data.

Subscription Fee

Whether you are a professional writer or a beginner, you need to meet the subscription requirement for, and that means paying a subscription fee. The site provides no-hassle pricing. You can either choose a lifetime subscription fee which is paid once. Currently, the rates stand at $47.

The website has only invaded the internet, and you can expect the price to surge up to about $95 as it continues to record new subscriptions.Alternatively, you can also receive services by choosing the monthly subscription. That costs $15 per month.

The pricing is pocket-friendly, and it beats most of the rates you’ll find on other online writing services. Monthly packages come with a limited number of the features as mentioned above. The lifetime subscription, however, provides the entire list at a fraction of the current market price. Besides, the pricing is highly transparent, because has a 1-month money back guarantee.

Finding Work Within the Job Listings offers a curated work listing gathered from diverse sources. The site works collectively with other online writing services to expand their database, so it’s can provide individuals with limitless opportunities. All jobs feature in one place. Although this is a common practice by many writing job companies, it alleviates the many hours writers spend searching for newly posted jobs and sending pitches.

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Having learned that offers jobs like other companies, what makes this online writing service stand out from other services? The filter options on the software are tremendously helpful. You can filter your search depending on the source, expected pay, type of job, as well as the keywords.

Additionally, you can select your preferred filters and save them for a preset rum on the jobs. Another excellent filter feature is that you can receive daily, weekly, monthly or timely notifications whenever a job that meets your search pops up. Timely notifications provide considerable advantages to early applicants, as they get to receive the alerts firsts.

Job Submissions Area

There is a large pool of online writing services that feature publications that indicate the possible pay for each submitted and approved job. An advantage of using is that it offers a curated list of posts with many search filters. That gives writers a place where they can find payable jobs.

For each publication, a brief description of the requirements is given. This information also includes the amount of money it pays. These jobs come from different web sources ranging from entry-level categories that pay about $50 for every article, to bigwig clients who offer as much as $1 for every word.

Having a diversified list of jobs in one searchable section provides an excellent opportunity for writers to pitch for available works. The team behind the service have done a tremendous job maintain a stocked listing, which is quite convenient for users.

Project Management and Text Editing

Project management is a critical feature of any online writing service. It enables users to monitor and keep track of their live writing works. This feature is significantly essential for writers who have established a steady workflow. For every project you handle, you can create smaller tasks and then link your articles to the project. You can then track the timeframe used to complete one project. 
On the other token, you ought not to ignore such an important feature just because you’re starting out on writing. It comes with project management tools that can provide quick solutions for organizing your work. Besides, it readily accessible, as it is cloud-based.

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Also, comes with a web-based document editor. However, that can make you question why they had to add it, yet you can utilize Microsoft Word and other editing apps for the same purpose. The team decided to include a web-based editor that has a readability level and grading system that provides live updates as you type your piece. It also indicates the time you’d take to reading and speaking time of the article.

Like Microsoft Word, the editor provides word and sentence count, as well as a spelling checker. The ability to also incorporate basic formatting features, hyperlinks and a variety of header tags make the service a great addition. 
As a writer, it works for your advantage to create a portfolio where you can detail your personal information for your clients to see. has a functional portfolio with a simple interface. Users can upload a cover photo, profile picture, a title and a description, as well as clips for additional information.

The service excels with great additional features. An example is the word counter that helps you to know the number of words you type per minute. Soon, subscribers to this service will be able to receive writing jobs ads which will avail exclusive jobs to the site.

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