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Wix Affiliate Program

Wix Affiliate Program

Learn how easy it is to become a Wix affiliate and earn money for promoting an already super popular website building platform.

Wix is a publishing platform that helps people to launch websites. It is a popular choice and boasts 109 million users worldwide.

Wix features very user-friendly drag-and-drop options that make building an attractive, professional, and functional website accessible for everyone. 

They have many templates to choose from, all of which have customizable color schemes, images, and fonts to make them look unique.

Wix also provides domain names with the sites and many other features and apps that can be added to the site.

Wix sites can accept payments, feature a shop, get email subscriptions, and book appointments into a bookings calendar – to name just a few features.

Some features are only available on the paid plans. 

Wix also has a free version, with no time limits. So it can be an attractive option for those who want to try it out without a financial commitment. 

The free websites might even be enough for many people who don’t want the other benefits of the paid plans.

What is the Affiliate Program

In a nutshell, the Wix affiliate program is set up so that anyone you refer through to the Wix site, that then selects a premium plan – you get paid a referral fee for.

Wix supplies creative links, banners, and landing pages to help you promote your affiliate link. When the customer clicks on the Wix link from your website, it is tracked so that if they do sign up, you will get the credit for the referral.

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However, you need to be the first Wix ad they clicked on in order to get the credit. 

Any website can sign up to become a Wix affiliate, especially those with high traffic, and not only Wix websites.

What You Get Paid

Wix will pay $100 USD for each customer you refer to a Premium Plan, who doesn’t cancel in the first 14 days. The good news is there are no limits on how much you can earn as an affiliate.

However, there is a minimum you need to refer earn before you get paid. The monthly target for affiliates is $300 USD, so 3 referrals. If you don’t make the $300 target, the earnings so far remain in your account.

Once you hit the $300 target, you can get paid. Wix sends out an email mid-month letting you know you have hit the target. You then need to invoice them so you can get paid. But, don’t worry, the email provides details on what you need to do.

How To Become An Affiliate

It is very easy to become a Wix affiliate and it costs nothing. You simply complete the online form which should only take a few minutes. It asks for basic personal information as well as your website address. 

You also need to agree that your site does not contain any abusive content.

After your application is approved, you get emailed a link with login details for your affiliate dashboard. Easy!

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