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When Is The Best Time To Post On LinkedIn?

When Is The Best Time To Post On LinkedIn?

To earn a better engagement on LinkedIn, you must post your content when your target audience is online. However, finding the most appropriate time to post on LinkedIn isn’t an easy task; thus, some facts can help you out.

Even if you have the best LinkedIn content, you must find the best day and times to reach the maximum target audience.

Suppose you post your content at the wrong time; your specific audience will never see it. Therefore, you need to have an optimized posting schedule.

Although there is no specific answer to the best posting time, you need to use research to make these assumptions.

What Do You Consider When Posting on LinkedIn

Working Hours and Target Audience

For you to find the best time to blog post, have your specific audience in mind. Do business research to find out how your target audience uses their internet. 

For example, if your target audience is a professional, there is a probability that they won’t check into a social platform during business hours.

There are, however, many pocket hours you can utilize. For example, many professionals tend to check the internet during lunch hours or heading to and from their offices. 

From there, you can decide on what time you are likely to reach more audiences.

The best time to post on LinkedIn is during the early morning or late evening. These are the times when people are on their way to or from work.

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Days of the Week

The best days to post on LinkedIn are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Of these days, Wednesday gets the highest level of engagement. The worst days to post on LinkedIn are the weekends, Monday, and Friday. On the weekends, LinkedIn engagement drops drastically.

Utilize Time Zones

If you are a regional, national or global social media marketer, you must consider time zones wherever you want to post any LinkedIn content. Most marketers post at different time zones to hit everyone. However, since LinkedIn can penalize people who post more than once a day, we don’t recommend such.

We recommend you have a good posting schedule based on when the largest population of your audience is likely to be on LinkedIn. Use social media analytics to find out audience location.

Follow Specific Audience

You must analyze your target audience entirely by looking at the following parameters;

  • What content do they like reading?
  • How do they use LinkedIn?
  • Which days are they more active on LinkedIn?
  • Which times of the day are they likely to be online?

In addition, lunch hours and time zones deserve attention. Use social listening tools and analytics to understand more about your target audience and how they use LinkedIn.


The best times to post on LinkedIn also vary according to the type of industry. For example, B2B has optimal post success with blog posts done 11 am -2 pm. On the other hand, B2C businesses and software developers perform well from 9 am -5 pm.

What are the Best Times to Post On LinkedIn?

According to data collected by several social media management companies, we can say that it is safer to post on LinkedIn during:

  • Working hours are from 10 am to 6 pm. Interactions are more during the first half of working hours. Many people tend to cruise through the internet, searching for new research, opinions, and inspirations before they begin working.
  • Commute hours, 7 am – 9 am and 6 pm to 8 pm. Again many people turn to social media platforms, including LinkedIn, while traveling to or from work. This occurs early morning and late evenings.
  • During free times and breaks- professionals also tend to check LinkedIn feeds during breaks or free times. For these reasons, lunch hour and tea breaks can be a fantastic time to post LinkedIn content.
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Best Times to Post Per Industry

LinkedIn engagement varies depending on the industry. For example, B2C businesses should aim between 11 am-2 pm. On the other hand, Healthcare and higher education companies should post their content 11 am – 1 pm. 

On the other hand, media companies should post between 8 am, and 10 am since this is when professionals tend to check on news happening across the globe.

The best time for a B2C blog post is between 11 am to 2 pm. If you are a B2B business, you should not post beyond 9 am to 5 pm. On the other hand, healthcare and Higher Education companies are encouraged to post between 11 am -1 pm.

You can infer when your posts are likely to attract more engagement by analyzing the behavior of your competitors and the specific audience in your industry. 

For example, suppose you post content on LinkedIn, but your audience isn’t available, your content won’t get the engagement and views it deserves.

Therefore, if you want to build your brand on LinkedIn, be sure to find out when your audience prefers surfing the site. With this, you are likely to have a better idea of the most appropriate post schedules.

The Worst Time to Post on LinkedIn

Weekends are the worst times to post on LinkedIn since most people will socialize with the real world. During the weekend, people spend time with friends and families and do sporting activities like swimming, going to the gym, and watching games.

Mondays also show low engagements compared to other weekdays. Workers are trying to catch up with weekly plans or get everything running after a weekend. Therefore, they rarely get time to check on LinkedIn feeds.

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LinkedIn engagement is also not good outside business hours as people switch from professional social media to personal ones after leaving their offices.

How Many Times Should You Post On LinkedIn?

You don’t need to publish your LinkedIn content more than five times a week to find success. In most cases, you can find the highest engagement for the first posts. 

After that, we recommend a frequency of between two-five times weekly depending on the type of content you hope to post, the kind of industry, and your target audience.

Have a keen look at your quality rather than quantity; therefore, your quantity should not overwhelm quality. However, you must be strategic and thoughtful to offer help with every piece of content you post. 

Posting low-quality content will ruin your engagement metrics on the platform. Damaged metrics will make LinkedIn less frequently display your content.

If you wish to make five posts in a week, ensure they are not the same and diversify as much as possible.

In summary, the best time to post on linked in depends on multiple factors. Different sectors have different timelines that favor them. 

However, any linked-in content should be posted during business hours. LinkedIn content will have the least engagement during the weekends and odd hours since professionals shift their focus from professional platforms to personal platforms. 

For you to make choosing an appropriate posting time, look into the following factors;

  • Free times and lunch hours
  • Audience analysis
  • Your industry type
  • Days of the week

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