Webinar | What you Need to Know in SEO in 2017


Dominate Search Engines in 2017:

Not knowing SEO could be one of the most damaging attributes of your new year. We live in a digital era where anything and everything is found online. Most people don’t pick up a phone to talk. Instead, they whip out a smart phone and Google it – even when shopping real estate. Does Google know you exist? When a prospect Google’s a specific property, is your property showing in the results? How can you make yourself more visible to web users? You’ve GOT to know SEO.

The above webinar, taught by Digital Marketing Strategist and Real Estate Agent, Lori Ballen, explains what is needed to dominate search engines in 2017. For a complete comprehensive guide for SEO in 2017, click here.

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Tools mentioned on the webinar:

Listings To Leads
Clicky Analytics
IDX Broker
Ballen Real Estate Websites
Ballen Marketing Services

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It’s not always easy doing all the marketing yourself, when you’re supposed to be focused on one very important thing: your clients. Focus on what matters and leverage out your marketing tasks to Ballen Brands. Ballen Brands is a digital marketing company founded by Lori Ballen, a real estate agent who took lead generation to the next level. The Ballen Brands team knows Real Estate and how to generate leads online – and they’re ready to help you.

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About The Presenter

Lori Ballen


Lori Ballen is a real estate agent turned digital marketing strategist. In her own efforts to grow her real estate business, she discovered the truths and myths of digital marketing strategies, including the importance of SEO. Her experience has catapulted her into the public eye through live classes, convention presentations, webinars, and Facebook Live videos in which she shares her discoveries. Lori has established herself time and time again as an expert in her fields – real estate and digital marketing. She knows first-hand how to use digital marketing and SEO to grow her real estate business.


Listings-To-Leads. Listings-To-Leads is a dashboard that imports all of your listings and gives you the templates to design virtual tours, blog posts, classified ads, landing pages, social shares, and so much more. This is a tool that Lori uses and has continued to use in her own real estate marketing efforts. Click Here for your free 30-Day trial (extended exclusively for you from the regular 14-Day trial).