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The Best Transcription Software for Mac

If you want to get the best transcription software for Mac, you can choose from several different programs. Of course, they do not all offer the same features and quality of work, so we decided to assemble a list of the most suitable ones for your convenience.

Express Scribe

Express Scribe is the answer to every professional typist’s prayers. This effective program has all of the features and options that you will need when typing from audio files, which distinguishes it from other programs on this market. The Express Scribe interface includes a word processor for carrying out your transcription process in one window–no more dealing with cumbersome windows or tabs!

Uploading an audio file takes seconds while playback begins automatically after pressing play; start typing as soon as the recording starts by using hotkeys such as pausing, rewinding, speeding up recordings, etc., depending on what functions are most needed at any given moment. Even

if you do not have the transcription completed immediately after it is finished uploading, you can save your current progress and even transfer it to another computer with no problem.


This program is a godsend for anyone who needs to do machine transcription of spoken audio. It is highly effective because it not only converts files to text but also understands the context in which they were recorded.

For example, there are times when conversations may sound like one big long sentence, while at other times you will need otter.AI to understand when someone is asking a question or making a statement.

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This software transcribes various types of audio formats that you can upload to the interface, and if you are not too happy with the first transcription, just reupload it and correct what needs correcting!


Descript is one of the best Mac transcription software programs available. It offers a number of useful functions that you can use as you need. The program features desktop sharing that allows up to four people to simultaneously manage an audio file on their own computer, which saves time and effort for transcription teams!

Heuristic processing technology helps this program convert audio files into text quickly while maintaining accuracy in the process. The program even includes features that allow you to correct errors easily, which is not an option on other transcription software for Mac.


This program is intended to help you compose documents, speeches, and other texts from audio files. All of your recordings will have a timecode that allows you to avoid conflicts between what people are saying and the recording itself!

Additionally, Deepgram has various features that allow it to detect noise such as background sounds or even interruptions in the middle of a recording, and it even removes unwanted noise during playback.

All of the files that you upload will contain timecode metadata, giving you more accurate results when composing your document. You can even share your work with others online for faster feedback!


NVivo is one of the best transcription software programs for Mac because it gives you access to all of your data, no matter where it is located. The program features tools that allow you to easily search for recordings and any text documents that are associated with them.

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You can even import information from various other sources before uploading an audio file through the program’s interface for transcription. The cool thing about this software is that it allows you to create your own database as an alternative to using the stock options, which helps you to organize data according to your specific needs!


This is another transcription software for Mac that helps you to transcribe audio files. The program can convert numerous file types into text, including .mp3 and other audio formats. When it comes to organization, Streamr allows you to create different folders in your library in order to organize data by project or client!

The coolest thing about this program is that it allows you to assign tags so that you can easily find what you are looking for!


This is one of the best transcription services for Mac users, simply because it only focuses on one simple task: transcribing audio files. With Maestra, you can upload different types of audio files and quickly obtain a transcript that you can edit to perfection!

The program offers features such as copying and pasting texts from your document into other sections. This is a unique feature that allows you to use your transcript as the basis for other projects!

The transcription software is one of the best Mac programs that you can download because it offers so many features! You can use this program to record audio or video files, and then convert them into text thanks to voice recognition technology for Mac OS X.

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You can even monitor multiple conversations at once using different tabs on your interface!

This program is best for transcription teams, but it can also be used by individuals.

Additionally, you can upload files to the cloud using a “last updated” tag. This feature allows you to view all audio files that have been transcribed recently so that you can focus your efforts on older projects!


This is one of the best Mac speech translation software programs on our list! It allows you to convert audio files into text in a matter of minutes, thanks to auto-timing technology and state-of-the-art transcription features.

The program offers users an advanced keyboard that is optimized for speed and accuracy. This program is great for transcribing audio files from meetings, interviews, and lectures.

It even supports common audio formats like MP3, FLAC, M4A, and more!

Transcribe Wreally

This transcription software for Mac helps users to create text files from audio clips. It offers a number of options, including limiting the time period covered by the transcription as well as setting the maximum text length.

With regard to the interface, this program includes tabs that allow you to create new files as well as access previously recorded ones.


Dragon Anywhere is one of the best speech-to-text software Mac programs that you can download today! The program features a voice recognition system that allows you to dictate your documents instead of having to type them out yourself. You can even use this application on the go, as it is compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets!

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Dragon Naturally Speaking is a program that provides an excellent dictation experience for both the professional and those who need assistance with their speech. The 99% accuracy will have you finishing your work in no time, while powerful voice editing allows even more personalized corrections to be made without any hassle.

Training Words teaches Dragon how you speak so it can recognize not only what words are said but also when they’re spoken as well! If there’s ever an issue or confusion during this process of training then all worries should disappear because access to customized words throughout different devices eliminates any chance of miscommunication at any time see fit. 


 Inqscribe is a software for Mac OS X that transforms speech into written text.

This program is great because it will allow you to expand your vocabulary, and continue practicing on the most difficult words in your dictionary.

When you run this application, simply start recording and then play the audio back as clear as possible. The computer will then transcribe the audio and provide you with a text file that you can edit!

This program is ideal for students who need to learn English vocabulary quickly or authors who want to perfect their language skills.  

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