TextBroker vs iWriter: Which Is Better?

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Back in 2017, a study revealed that there were over 57 million freelancers ready to work. Meanwhile, projections see a steep increase in writer demand over the coming decade. So as a company in need of high-quality content, you’re in luck. 

There are countless resources for hiring freelance or contract writers but a few have broken the mold. Take TextBroker and iWriter, for example. 

Their platforms offer easy, user-friendly answers to some of the most common content questions. Let’s take a look at how they compare. 

TextBroker vs iWriter: an overview 

TextBroker and iWriter are both content development platforms for businesses and individuals. 

They each let you determine the size and type of the order you make, meaning clients can get small-batch content delivery or have large, recurring projects handled too. 

Besides, both options give you the chance to control costs from the back-end. 

A closer look

These content delivery platforms are so similar that people often get them confused. It doesn’t help that there are several other options as well. 

To get a better understanding of which one is better, you have to look at each more closely. 

So, here’s what you need to know: 


This platform prides itself on prioritizing the most important projects on your schedule first. 

They also have zero restrictions on topics, offer three different order types, and handle bulk content in several languages. 

To make things even more comfortable, they take care of invoicing for you. That frees up your time to work on brand recognition and other vital tasks. 

Plus, you can sign up for free and enjoy the same service quality that has satisfied over 80,000 clients so far. 


  • Self-service options available 
  • Upfront pricing 
  • Boosted SEO with tools of the trade 
  • No contract or membership required 
  • Cancel services any time 


  • Limited direct customer support 
  • Relaxed criteria for hiring writers 


This platform has published more content on the internet than any other company since 2011. That’s most likely because it carefully vets its writers and then promotes better content with in-house incentives. 

Meanwhile, iWriter offers exceptionally affordable pricing and completely customized content regardless of which package you order. 

You never have to pay a dime until you’re fully satisfied either. That amounts to zero costs and unlimited revisions here. 

This platform is known for its speedy turnarounds and friendly customer service as well. Moreover, they’re capable of handling large or small batches and can help syndicate your content too. 


  • Four different content quality tiers 
  • Large pool of talented content writers 
  • Enhanced SEO tools for all niches 
  • No contract or membership required 
  • Cancel services any time 


  • Cumbersome pricing schedule 
  • Three-day window for revisions 

Keep in mind that both options allow clients to dictate the volume of content they want to be written. There are no minimum or maximum orders, and you can enjoy flexible payment options as well. 

However, if neither one of those platforms is suitable, maybe one of the others will be. 

5 content marketing tools like iWriter and TextBroker 

If you search online for “content writing services,” you’ll be inundated with various options that all look pretty much the same. 

The reason is that they each offer high-quality verbiage at reasonable prices. The main differences are in how the platform is set up and how much their services cost. 

So, to save you some time, we’ve filtered out the 5 best alternatives to iWriter and TextBroker. Check them out individually, and then compare them to what you already know about the others. 

#1. Content Development Pros

These pros offer some of the cheapest rates in town, with full pages of customized content available for only $12.95. You get 100% satisfaction with unlimited revisions and they transfer the rights of all content into your able hands. 

#2. WritingOpedia 

Here, you’ll benefit from intense research before any of your content is ever written. That’s because they hire only expert writers and typically generate more formal content than some of the competition. 

#3. BuySellText

BuysellText is ideal for companies and individuals who are looking to enhance their online presence. Pricing is plain and simple, they have a flexible production schedule, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. 

#4. Gorilla Writers 

Gorilla Writers professionals specialize in simplifying complex content for casual readers. They offer clarity alongside creativity while also offering steep discounts to new customers and those who purchase bulk orders. 

#5. Content Cucumber 

Simplify the entire process with a reliable content writing service that offers monthly payment schedules. Their easy flat-fee pricing bodes well with their already effortless platform and generous revision allowance. 

For more information on any of the content writing services mentioned above, visit their websites or directly contact their customer service. 


Q: How do I know what type of content to have written? 

A: You don’t have to know what kind of content works best because these platforms are designed to help you target your ideal demographic with reliable SEO tools and organic writing. Most of the time, you only need to reveal your niche and budget then they’ll take care of the rest. 

Q: Do I get to pick my own content writers? 

A: On some platforms, you might get a chance to select your favorite writers upfront. Others may let you choose based on various drafts that get presented. Either way, you seldom have to pay for content you don’t want because most services offer unlimited revisions. 

Q: What do I do with my content after it’s written? 

A: A majority of top-notch content writing services can take care of publishing and syndication for you. There are some that also offer self-service to those who want a more hands-on approach to their content marketing strategies. Both options result in high-quality Latin being delivered to your page. 

Q: What happens if I don’t like the content that gets delivered after a revision? 

A: Some service providers offer unlimited revisions and/or satisfaction guarantees. So, there’s little risk involved with letting someone else handle your content needs. 

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