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8 Supplement Affiliate Programs You Should Be Promoting

8 Supplement Affiliate Programs You Should Be Promoting

Although the popularity of supplements has gained momentum over the years, there has arguably never been a better year for affiliate marketers to join the supplement niche than this one.

To many people’s surprise, supplements are still a high converting product category within the health and fitness niche.

 The test of time has proven that the supplement industry was not a fad. Moving forward, the demand for supplements will only rise as more brands within the health and fitness niche begin to capitalize on their massive potential.

 According to statistics, the vitamins and supplements industry in the US alone is worth a staggering $33 billion. Estimates suggest that by 2025, the global supplements industry will be worth approximately $195 billion. Judging by this estimate alone, it is perhaps safe to assume that the supplements industry will only get bigger, making it an excellent niche for both vendors and affiliate marketers looking to cash in. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of supplement businesses and products available in the market, with some of them light years ahead of their competitors. 

Here are 8 of the best supplement affiliate programs for this year. Take a look at my affiliate marketing guide for beginners.

New Vitality

 New Vitality’s core brand message, “Be Healthy, Live Better,” resonates with so many people and is conveyed through all of their massively popular products. 

With an inventory list ranging from general nutrition to men’s health and women’s health, New Vitality has a diverse range of supplements to cater to just about everyone’s needs.

 Any affiliate marketers looking for brands that sell quality products in huge volumes should look no further than New Vitality since they have both, not to mention the affiliate program that offers some decent commissions. 

At an average $98 price point per product, affiliate marketers stand to earn a 10% commission for every successful referral. 

As if that wasn’t enough, New Vitality’s tracking cookies do not expire for at least 15 days meaning that affiliate marketers could still earn a commission if their referral purchases a product before 15 days elapse.

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 Both new and experienced affiliate marketers stand to gain significantly from promoting brands such as EZC Pak that are undisputed leaders within their niches. 

EZC Pak is a top-rated and successful company that specializes in selling immune support supplements.

Immune support supplements help mitigate antibiotic resistance and overuse while giving the user’s immune system a much-needed boost. 

Their award-winning products enjoy plenty of exposure on all kinds of news outlets and websites – the kind of popularity that affiliate marketers long to see in prospective products.

 With the average product going for $55, EZC Pak’s affiliate program offers a generous 25% commission for each successful purchase by a referral. 

This commission rate is impressive given the product’s relatively low cost. Lastly, their tracking cookies expire after 365 days.

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Stack Labs

 Despite being slightly more of a niche brand compared to a mass-appeal supplement company such as New Vitality, Stack Labs is paving the way for a new generation of bodybuilding supplements. 

With the average product selling for $112 at a 45% commission rate, affiliate marketers can earn ridiculously high commissions through Stack Lab’s affiliate program. 

 However, these high commissions are somewhat of a trade-off considering the brand’s lesser market reach and popularity. 

Stack Labs is still a relatively small company compared to other mass-appeal brands, meaning that there is not much information about their products on the internet. 

In addition, referring new customers to Stack Labs may be more challenging than referring them to a more recognized brand.

 That said, each successful referral guarantees affiliate marketers commissions upwards of $50. Also, unlike many other brands on this list, their tracking cookies never expire.

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The Vitamin Shoppe

 With numerous retail outlets spread all over the country, The Vitamin Shoppe is among the biggest and most reputable supplement companies in the world. 

The Vitamin Shoppe’s repeatability is a godsend for their affiliates since it comes with perks such as more successful referrals and easier conversions since customers are always more eager to purchase from popular or familiar brands.

 The brand appeal factor alone should be enough to attract affiliate marketers to The Vitamin Shoppe’s affiliate program. 

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However, it is worth mentioning that their 4% commission rates and 45-day cookie duration are not that attractive compared to smaller, niche-specific supplement brands. 

Not to despair, though, since this is a supplement brand that customers already recognize and trust. In any case, their commissions are still higher than those on platforms such as Amazon. 

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Life Extension

 Life Extension is a multi-faceted company that works as both a supplement vendor and magazine. 

Over the years, they have earned their reputation as a dominant force in the vitamin and antiaging supplements business, not to mention their top-notch affiliate program that many people regard as one of the best in the industry.

 For a company of its stature, Life Extension offers a great affiliate program with decent commission rates. 

With an average order value of $170 or more, 8% – 12% commission rates, and a 120-day tracking cookie duration, Life Extension’s affiliate program could be many affiliate marketers’ road to stacking up profits fast.

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 Like other product categories, the supplement niche is full of different sub-niches, bodybuilding being among the most popular and lucrative. is not only one of the most prominent bodybuilding websites on the internet but also a popular supplement provider.

 They have an amazing affiliate program that interested affiliate marketers can participate in, offering a solid 15% commission rate for any first-time buyers. 

Despite the commission rate dropping to 8%-12% for customers who already shop at, the commissions are still decent and experienced affiliate marketers will not have such a difficult time converting sales on this platform.

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 Persona (formerly Vitamin Packs) is a rising giant in the supplement industry that offers a lucrative affiliate program. 

Despite its rebranding, Persona is still a relatively well-known supplement vendor that could reap affiliate marketers handsome 25% commissions for each purchase. 

It is worth mentioning that their affiliate program comes with two small caveats:

  • Affiliate marketers only earn a commission if their link was the last affiliate link a customer clicked before purchasing a Persona product.
  • Their tracking cookies expire after a month

That said, Persona’s affiliate program is still worth considering, and affiliate marketers can rake in serious money by promoting its products. 

Their next-generation home delivery service eliminates the supplement aisle’s guesswork and makes things convenient for the customers. 

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Thanks to their partnership with Rakuten Marketing and FlexOffers, affiliates can access useful resources such as selling support, text links, banner ads, and rich content. 

Also, Persona gives special offers and bonuses to its top-performing affiliates as a reward and motivation boost.

Apply at FlexOffers or Rakuten.

Tropical Oasis

Tropical Oasis specializes in liquid supplements, vitamins, and minerals and takes pride in creating among the industry’s most nutritious and best-tasting health products. 

Their products come with a 100% money-back guarantee, with categories ranging from adults, athletes, kids, and even pets.

 With average order values upwards of $100, a below 2% return rate, a 90-day cookie duration, and a 25% commission rate per purchase, Tropical Oasis’ affiliate program is more than worthy of consideration by any affiliate. 

ShareASale (the company that manages Tropical Oasis’ affiliate program) provides affiliates with tracking tools, their data feed, over 20 banner ads, and text links to boost their marketing campaigns’ success.

Choosing the Best Supplement Affiliate Program

The number of affiliate programs within the supplement niche is vast enough to suit any affiliate. 

Smaller, less recognized brands offer stellar terms, cookie durations, and commissions at the expense of possibly lower conversions due to brand unfamiliarity by potential customers. 

Bigger, more popular brands, on the other hand, offer significantly lower commissions and shorter cookie durations but have the advantage of brand familiarity and possibly higher conversions. 

Regardless, all the affiliate programs on this list are worth considering, and the best selection will largely depend on personal preference. 

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