Strategic Facebooking for Real Estate Leads

Join Lori Ballen and Erica Steitenroth on this interview covering how to generate real estate leads through what Erica calls strategic Facebooking for real estate leads.

When I interact with them as well, it’s not just them seeing what I’m doing, it’s me interacting with them. When I like their posts, especially, I can go into Facebook and filter down and go and view my past clients and see what they’ve been posting, it strengthens the relationship.

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Erica’s Guide

to Strategic Facebooking:

1)  Don’t be a secret agent

2)  Don’t be afraid to be who you are

3)  Post on both your person and business Facebook pages

4)  Post as much as you feel comfortable; don’t be afraid of what others are thinking about with the frequency of your posts

5)  Friend everyone (check their profile first – some are spammers and freaks)

6)  Strategically group every person you friend (Restricted, real estate agent, friend, lenders, title reps, referral agents…by whatever groups you create to track who you’ll be strategically posting to. NOTE: most people go on my restricted group so they only see my public posts)

7)  Invite your friends from your personal page to like your business page (I personally do not ask other agents to like my page because they are not my target audience and I don’t want my algorithms to be skewed not to mention, I don’t want to pay to advertise other agents as part of my ad or boost demographics)

8)  Unfollow the folks you don’t want to follow; See first the folks you want to make sure you see first (past clients especially, but also people that are most likely to send you referrals; By seeing them first, you’re able to keep up-to-date, maintain your relationship, stay present in their lives and then use programs like Send Out Cards to personally reach out on important life events.

If you’re interested in trying Send Out Cards here’s a link to try it:

9)  Make sure that my public posts are a mix of business as well as things about your personal life that you don’t mind sharing publically

10)  Outside of public posts, the posts that show your children and their names, political posts, etc… are posted to your ‘friends’ group on your personal page. No one on the restricted list/group can see these friend posts

11)  A business page is 95% of the business and your community. Now and then throw up a personal post that you’re willing to share publically; you’ll have people who like and follow your business Facebook page that you’re not ‘friends’ with on Facebook

12.) Tie your website into your business Facebook page; promote your website blog posts via Facebook to bring traffic to your site

13)  Create and push out ads and boosted posts on your business Facebook page; exclude agents and target specific audiences. I’ll elaborate on defining your audiences:

Some of you may be part of organizations where you gain access to member contact information (phone, emails, addresses), but you’re not able to directly use these for cold calling, etc. because of disclaimers that the information is not to be used for solicitation purposes. A great example for me is our school directory.

It actually states on the front, inside cover that the information may not be used for the purposes of solicitation. Additionally, you may be part of your HOA where you have access to the private information of all your neighbors. But you can’t take that information and put people on email campaigns because they didn’t opt-in.

However, what you CAN DO is take their information (email addresses) and create targeted Facebook ads and boosted posts to them by creating a custom audience and uploading their email addresses. Any of those email addresses that match their email used for their Facebook account will be found. Then your ads will start appearing in their news feeds.

  1. Export the email addresses of your LinkedIn contacts and create spreadsheets with emails addresses from multiple sources and then upload this to create these custom audiences in Facebook.
  2. Create spreadsheets with the email addresses of agents you have in your database for referrals and run targeted ads for referrals to them

14)  Create community groups of value; Examples: I created a group for my subdivision called Pin Oak Village Residents and Resources. I claimed the page Pin Oak Village for my subdivision…and the page functions differently from the group. I created a group called Katy Home Values – Official Site where I post real estate market information. I also utilize other social media sites such as NextDoor…where I won the 2017 top recommended agent for my subdivision and currently have over 40 recommendations (more than any agent in our area).

ERICA STIETENROTH | NextHome Real Estate Place | 6711 S. Fry Rd (inside HEB), Katy, TX 77494 |
www. |979.574.4909


Lori:                          Alright, hey everybody, welcome today to our interview. I’m interviewing Erica today from Katy, Texas and I chose Erica for a very specific reason and that is that I connected with her originally on Facebook. I don’t even remember how, originally. Maybe Erica remembers. I’ll ask her in a moment.

We started connecting and she was actually learning some of my methods that I do for getting traffic to my real estate website and generating leads online. Actually, I think it may have been the holiday lights blog post that originally that caught my attention.

Anyway, I’m gonna let Erica tell you about some of those strategies and she caught my eye, was doing some big, big things on social media and was making a lot of noise, like I do on Facebook and I was drawn to that. Erica started in the real estate market just three years ago and that was after 10 years in technology sales.

She was one of the top sales agents in the country for the products she represented and really, her specialty was marketing and negotiation, which is what she brought over to her real estate business.

              She is in Katy, Texas and would actually love your referrals and I’ll let her tell you more about the areas that she serves too so that you can send those over. Erica began in 2015 and rose amongst the top agents in the country.

Hi Erica, welcome to the call.

Erica S.:                   Hi Lori, thank you so much and you make me sound really good.

Lori:                          Well you’re doing some big stuff, moving and asking and I love it. Do you remember how you and I … how did we connect in the first place?

Erica S.:                   I do actually, at that point, I was with Keller Williams Premier brokerage here in Katy, Texas and my team lead, Terry Montgomery had a meeting with me and I had told her that I was interested in working on online lead generation and she had mentioned your name.

I guess that she had come across you at a former … one of the Keller Williams events, family reunion or something like that and your name’s out there obviously so I looked you up and got in touch with you and actually was trying to bring one of your courses here to Houston. I’d still love to do that.

Lori:                          Yeah, me too. Connect with Sabrina, we’d love to get out there. I think I did Houston once but I’m not 100 percent sure. I know we did San Antonio. I can’t remember, we travel a lot but I’d love to get out there.

Alright so tell me the reason why I … well, first of all, you serve Katy and where else?

Erica S.:                   I focus primarily on west Houston, I mean, obviously Houston, Texas is a huge area. I focus out on the west side. I’ll go with it and reasonably within 45 minutes to an hour of Katy. I know a lot of these areas, of course, you said that my former job was in sales. I’ve traveled a lot of these areas and I’ve done sales all over the west side, north side, downtown and south side of Houston.

Lori:                          Okay, gotcha. You’re an individual agent, right? You don’t have a team?

Erica S.:                   I sure am. At the moment, I’m looking at working my way up to starting to build a team.

Lori:                          Okay, well it’s really cool because as you know, that’s my forte is I do have a team, I don’t work with clients myself and I haven’t worked with a client myself since 2010.

All of the leads that I close are generated by me and closed by somebody else.

That’s a really powerful thing when you can get to that level, really increases the quality of life. If that’s ever a business model of yours, you sure have the natural talent to build that way, if you ever head that way.

Anyway, that aside, tell us … the reason why we’re talking today is because you closed 66 percent of your business last year through Facebook.

Before and after pics are showing from a real estate agent post on Facebook using the example to show how she prepares a home to sellWith only being your third year as an agent, you closed a few dozen homes and a lion’s share of those was through Facebook. I know that there’s … when we say, through Facebook, that is, has more than one strategy and more than one direct sources. It’s not just cold leads, it’s cultivating relationships you already have.

Tell us what it means to be a strategic Facebooker like you.

Erica S.:                   Okay, so yes. I call it strategic Facebooking and basically I’m utilizing Facebook for lead generation and referral business. The numbers worked out so last year in 2017 on my own, I closed 29 transactions and 19 of those were from referral business that I generated through my presence on Facebook and strategically utilizing that platform.

Lori:                          When you say referrals, are you talking about agent to agent real estate referrals or client referrals?

Erica S.:                   I’m actually talking about my sphere of influence referrals as well as agent to agent. I tremendously increased my agent to agent referrals last year through my utilization of Facebook.

Lori:                          Okay, so you’re getting referrals names and numbers of other buyers and sellers and you’re getting these from past clients, your sphere of influence and through other real estate agents?

Erica S.:                   Yes, correct.

Lori:                          And you’re doing this through your presence on Facebook. You’re creating new relations ships and cultivating existing relationships, is that correct?

Erica S.:                   Yes, and it’s all about being present and staying top of mind and sharing items of value.

Lori:                          Okay, so tell me,  when you first decided to do this, what was happening? When did you get an idea that this was something that you could do to generate business?

Erica S.:                   Sure. When I first became a real estate agent, I had started out with a well known global brokerage. It was not the one that I mentioned earlier. I remember being in the office and in one meeting, I remember the managing broker saying that we should limit our posts on our personal Facebook page, of course, they were talking about the purpose of having a business Facebook page.

I believe that they mentioned something about an 80/20 rule that you want the majority of your posts to be about your personal life and the 20 about business. I remember some other agents saying that they did not believe that any business should be on your personal Facebook page.

It didn’t make sense to me. Everybody is on Facebook. We actually interact and I guess virtually see more people in that medium than we do in just daily life because we are so consumed with whatever we have going on in our immediate worlds and our family’s. One of the things that stood out to me as well once I switched over to another brokerage was I was being told not to be a secret agent.

Don’t be a secret agent. I kind of connected the two and I said, “Well, I don’t want to be a secret agent so maybe I’ll put my name on the side of my car. Why would I hide myself on the largest social media platform that is out there?”

I started utilizing Facebook, I did kind of tread lightly because I think that I was letting other people’s opinions influence what I was doing. I would post every once in a while about an open house store. When I got my first listing, my sign in the yard and how proud I was and things like that. I get motivated also when I feel like I am putting a ripple in the water. If somebody else seems to be I guess criticizing what I’m doing when I know that what I did got a result, it drives me to want to do it even more.

I had actually received a private message from another real estate agent, and it was a local agent who we were friends with and our kids went to the same school and this agent had said that she didn’t want to offend me but she was going to unfriend me on Facebook because she didn’t want to see about people’s professional lives on there, it was meant to be fun stuff.

At first, I was offended by it and then I decided that I can’t let this offend me so I told her, I said, “Listen, you can unfriend me if you want, but you can also choose to just unfollow me.” The key in un-following will kind of play in later to the strategic Facebooking and how I do this and what I’m talking about. It was interesting. The thing is, for me Lori, I don’t necessarily need to care if I’m pissing off other agents in my local office or in my local area when it comes to the marketing and the success that I’m creating for it.

I’m a people person, I’m good at relationships, I want people to like me but I’m not gonna be … I can’t let myself be offended if in particular, they may be getting jealous by what I’m doing. I say, “Post away and the people that want to see your stuff are gonna continue to follow and the ones that aren’t are gonna unfollow but you were never gonna get their business in the first place.”

Lori:                          Yeah, I agree and on that, because I know that you and I can talk for hours and hour about that exact subject, by the way. First of all, if you’re not upsetting somebody, you’re doing it wrong. If someone’s not complaining about you if they’re not … I’m one of those people that, it’s pretty much black or white. You either really like me or you can’t stand me and I probably didn’t give you a reason to not like me, I’m just in your face somehow too much.

I get it. I 100 percent get it. Those people that are going to be afraid of making too much noise and flying way above the radar, this may not be a great strategy for you or you may pick and choose little bits of what we’re gonna talk about and apply that.

Erica and I are definitely a couple girls that we just go and if you don’t like it, our business probably isn’t for you. We’re probably not mean to be … I get people all the time that will call my marketing company, Ballen Brands and they want to do business with us and they’ll tell my team, “Oh yeah, I had to unfollow Lori a year ago but she’s why … I love what she does, whatever,” Okay, so you also see me on YouTube, you also see me on blog posts you also see me on this, you also … that’s okay. There may be certain … you don’t want to get my emails every day or you don’t want to get Facebook every day.

                                    What we’re talking about is cultivating a relationship with people through social media and through Facebook and Erica, tell them what it is that you do so that you’re not just shoving your business in people’s face, what are you doing that makes people interested in what you’re doing.

Erica S.:                   Sure. I’ll tell you … I’ll start with how I set it up and then I’ll tell you what I do with it.

One of the things about Facebook is that everybody talks about having a CRM, well Facebook is basically your social media CRM. You have the ability to group people and you have the ability to send out information to those groups based off of who you’re trying to target, which is what you do with your CRM.

I was of the opinion, prior to being in real estate that I actually had weeded out my friend list on Facebook and I would weed out my friends and unfriend, de-friend, I don’t know what the proper term is, unfriend people all the time.

I do it every few months and I kept my friends list low because I just didn’t want them to maybe see some of my political posts or other personal things that I had going on. When I came into real estate and then made the decision that I was going to go in this, I just started to hell with it, I’m gonna start friending everybody.

Anybody who would send me a friend request, and still to this day when I get friend requests, I take a look at who the person is because you’re going to get some spam friend requests, you’re going to get them, especially as a female from some single guy who’s got five pictures on this page and obviously that’s not the kind of person that you want to …

Lori:                          Yeah, with no shirt on or just his abs, right?

Erica S.:                   Yeah. Exactly.

I see what they’re doing. All real estate agents, for the most part, have it in their public view, that you can see that they’re a real estate agent. By the way, if you don’t, you should. Or you can see if they’re an inspector or a lender or an insurance person, somebody’s who’s trying to connect with you personally who’s already in the industry and of course, you got your normal sphere of folks who do not qualify as one of those people.

I do allow everybody just about to friend me on Facebook but where the difference is and if you’re gonna start implementing this theory, you’re gonna have to go back through your current friend list.

The wonderful thing about Facebook is that it gives you the ability to create various groups. You’ll notice that if you have put on your Facebook personal profile that you graduated from Katy High school, it may automatically start grouping you in, or recommending other people who attended Katy high school with you and you can put them into a group.

I just decided to keep it easy. I know that one of my coaching programs I’m in now, Hank Avink is … he’s got a list of different groups that he groups people into.


I just keep it simple and I have … I utilize the restricted list that’s already built in as a group in Facebook and then I created a real estate group. I might have family. I have a group for former clients. You can do different things with these groups. I may want to make a post on my personal Facebook page that only my former clients can see.

I may want to put a post on there of a listing I have coming up that I only want agents that I’m connected with who are in the agent group to see and something that I’m gonna start utilizing here in 2018 is more targeting some of the real estate agents that I am friends with that are outside of my immediate area. I might start putting on some posts that only they can see that helps me stay in front of mine when it comes to their referral business.

Lori:                          Let me ask you before we go too far because I want to make sure we stay within our time frame and I want to get to the nuts and bolts. Besides the strategies of how we do our lists and our groups and things like that and choosing who sees what, what are you doing specifically that is causing people to want to do business with you?

Erica S.:                   I think what I’m doing specifically is the posts that I’m creating cause me to stay top of mind. You have people who are on your Facebook page who are, I say lurkers and stalkers. You have friends out there or if you friended neighbors who see that you just listed a neighbor’s house or they see the photos that you’ve done of the listing or that you paid for a staging console and you’re showing a before and after. They see these things often enough when they’re on your page that when somebody mentions to them that they’re looking for a real estate agent, whose name is gonna come up? They’re gonna remember seeing the things that you’re posting on your Facebook page.

This has to do with Instagram, it has to do with Snapchat and LinkedIn and some other mediums out there too. One of the ways that I utilize all of this and make sure that I’m tying into the people I want to target is making sure that I know how to get to the right people, whether it’s on my personal Facebook page, my business Facebook page is gonna reach a totally different crowd then my personal Facebook page is gonna reach.

One of the things that I love about my business Facebook page where I mostly post things just about work, is that you can export your contacts email addresses out of things like LinkedIn or if you got a child in school and you’ve got a school directory that shows parents emails, you can take all those emails, throw them into a spreadsheet and import them into Facebook so that you can utilize that as a targeted audience on your business Facebook page when you boost posts or run ads. Same with information you may get from folks that live in your neighborhood.

On your personal page, the people that your friends with, they’re gonna see your business post butt hey also know that you’re a person and they develop a personal connection with you that I think is extremely important because this is more of relational approach to trying to generate leads and get referrals than it is transactional. I’m not picking up the phone and cold calling people here.

Lori:                          Let me take a step back a second. What I’m hearing is that you’re doing a lot of Facebook posting. You are marrying your personal brand with your professional so that people see who you are a woman, as a mother, as a wife, as a family member but you’re really focused on business posting and staying top of mind so you’re okay with posting your open house or your listing or whatever to draw their attention there. You’re very active.

👉🏻Here are Erica’s Instructions on how to upload contacts to Facebook from LinkedIn

Erica S.:                   Yeah, and there’s another thing too. All that ties into what I started about when we first started talking was, I’m not being a secret agent, right? The other thing is, when I interact with them as well, it’s not just them seeing what I’m doing, it’s me interacting with them. When I like their posts, especially, I can go into Facebook and filter down and go and view my past clients and see what they’ve been posting. Maybe somebody just had a baby, then it’s integrating other systems. I use a system called SendOutCards and I can take a picture that that person posted on their social media side of their new grand-baby.

I can go in, I can create a card that’s customized completely with them and send it with a gift. It keeps that relational business. I’ll tell you what, even with programs like that, whether it’s a hand written card that you go get from the store if you’re utilizing something like SendOutCards, I’ve seen that a lot of my past clients will take a picture of it and then tag me on social media, which in turn, is more just free marketing with me because a lot of them say, “Look at what my real estate agent just sent me,” and I’m still their real estate agent, even though they closed on a transaction two years ago.

Lori:                          Yeah, that’s really powerful. I’ve been a SendOutCards user for years and I got an integration system built where we use Infusionsoft and my marketing company Ballen Brands were Infusionsoft developers and so we integrated a system where every time somebody on Facebook has a birthday or has a baby or there’s a loss in the family or we can add one little tag on Infusionsoft and through SendOutCards, it will send gifts, it will send out sympathy cards, it will send everything. Now, we’ve actually switched over to a new card company only ’cause it’s a little bit smoother for us for how Infusionsoft works.

It’s exactly what you just said, it’s so powerful. People will … they get so excited to get a new baby card or a birthday card or something that they will tag us and post it on Facebook. It makes them feel special because how many people are sending cards anymore? Hardly anybody.

What you’re doing Erica, you were at Keller Williams, and you might remember this from being at Keller Williams, we have, I don’t know what is it. Is it a still a 36 touch, maybe it’s called something else but the idea of this marketing campaign and it used to be a lot of direct mail is that you are touching that, your clients a certain amount of times throughout the year and what you’re doing, and I do the same thing is through social media, you’re creating those touches by liking their posts. By commenting, by sharing, by generating their interest on your Facebook wall by sending them a card.

You’ve just brought this old fashion, direct mail and [inaudible 00:22:57] into a digital world.

Erica S.:                   Exactly, and I mentioned Hank earlier. Hank, again, Avink, I believe is that …

Lori:                          I may have it wrong, I know who you’re talking about. It’s A, V, I, N, K, in some sort of order.

Erica S.:                   Yeah and he has a coaching program called 36 to Life and it’s really interesting. I just started this coaching program and both he Monica are my coaches and we’re learning about this as well on utilizing Facebook and he actually, in his program, tells you that if you make these many connections and have these many meaningful conversations via Facebook, if you do X, Y, Z per year, and he gives you the numbers based off of what he actually did, then you should be able to close 36 transactions in 12 months from Facebook alone.

Between what I have already been doing and then what I’m learning, incorporating and starting to incorporate with the model that they’re teaching me, the 19 transactions that I had last year could end up just blowing up this year.

Between my online lead generation with my Ballen Brands website and then utilizing Facebook, this is one of my main goals here for this year is to continue to develop this and build this out. I do want to mention before we get off the phone that I do tie other sources into here. Again, I mention that I have the website that your company built for me, which I love by the way.

I’ll post blogs on my website and then I will go and take the links to my blogs and usually I just put those on my business Facebook page and then I will tie in video to catch the eye and give people a little look and then have it go back to my website so then I’m pulling the social media interaction over to my website to where people might start clicking around and learning more, reading other blog posts, possibly searching for homes and maybe filling out a contact form there as well.

Lori:                          Yeah, and I want to point out a couple things, especially for the listeners and anybody that might be new. I am a marketer, I would say I’m a teacher first, a marketer second. I’m not sure which one comes first, they’re [inaudible 00:25:27].

As a marketer, I want everybody to understand is, what Erica is talking about and the way she said that Hank explained it, I want to be careful about how that’s worded. That you could close 36 transactions through Facebook alone. What’s actually happening here, is that Erica already … in the examples that she showed, and I’m gonna bring up something else in a minute before we go that she didn’t bring up, but in the examples that she showed was cultivating your sphere of influence. Cultivating past clients, incubating them through Facebook. You’re not actually generating those leads through Facebook and you’re not really, what you say through Facebook alone.

                                    Facebook is a medium to enhance your brand, to stay top of mind. It would be the same thing as doing radio or television to existing clients. To remind them. You pop by when you’re showing up to changes somebody’s batteries or bring them a pumpkin or whatever in the traditional sense, you’re not generating a lead through that pumpkin, you are touching that customer that you already have, which reinforces your brand and your awareness.

Facebook, in this case, is a strategy to continue cultivating relationships. You’re not really closing them on Facebook alone. That’s a supporting element, such an important one. Here’s where Erica is generating new relationships, whether or not she realizes or said it and I can see it. I see it because I recognize it because this is what I do.

What Erica is doing now is she’s going into other Facebook groups and is sharing her things that work. For example, she goes into another Facebook group that has 20,000 [inaudible 00:27:22] real estate agents in it and she says, “I just generated … ” I forget how many, I have it written here, hold on I have it highlighted. “20,000 visits to one blog post on where to go see holiday lights for Christmas,” which I believe you learned through my system. The way you did it, was all you. You strategically go out there, you got it in the mom groups, you got it going viral on Facebook, you did a great job and you went and shared that in this other Facebook group who said, “Oh, no problem, here’s exactly how I did it,” you have no secrets, you gave them exactly how to do it.

In December of this year I saw you went into one those groups and you posted how you failed at something, how something traumatic that had happened to you during the year and then you shared your story of how you rose from it and you shared your booking calendar that everybody was drooling over and wanted a copy over and you probably could have sold a million dollars worth of those calendars that day if you had them to sell.

You weren’t there to sell something you were there to give away what you are learned and what your comeback was like. I know from my own experience, people don’t realize that 70 percent of my closed business comes through Facebook and it comes through agent to agent referrals for that exact reason. The other 30 percent comes from search engine rankings and cold leads.

What happens is, I go into these other groups or my own groups and I share how I failed and how I made it through it or I share, “Here’s how I got 100 leads last week,” yesterday is a great example. I got a lead two days ago and it was through a blog that I had written on closing cost when selling your home in Las Vegas, which you probably heard me say a million times, Erica. This is my top listing earner, second to that it’s a real estate market report.

People Google, how much does it cost to buy home and how much does it cost to sell home and I rank on top for both of those blog posts. Somebody landed on the blog post, they googled it, organically, not paid, they filled out the instant home value calculator that I have on there from L2Linstant home value calculator that I have on there from L2L and then they became a lead, my autopilot [inaudible 00:29:45] text system dialed them, “Do you really want to sell a house?” “Yes,” they texted back. My team got on it, the agent guy, we listed it yesterday, 24 hour turn around.

I tell everybody how to do it. Now, I also have a training system they could buy at, but I give all this stuff away for free too if you know where to find it, you know? That helps because of that, I constantly remind people I’m in Las Vegas and in Henderson and Lori Ballen team would love your referrals but here you can have this. This is why I’m doing these interviews. Here you can have this, here’s Erica’s top tips for strategic Facebooking and Erica would love your referrals in Katy, Texas or the west Houston area.

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Erica S.:                   I think another important thing to tie in there that leads back to this whole strategic Facebooking too is that when you are sharing that stuff, how many … when you post something … if you posted something in lab coat  agents or one of these other Facebook groups, how many new friend requests you end up getting from other real estate agents?

Lori:                          Oh, it’s massive.

Erica S.:                   I mean it starts exploding. It starts exploding. Going back to this strategic Facebooking, that’s when I start friending those agents and putting them on organized groups in my Facebook CRM and then I also will put them in [inaudible 00:31:11] and other … I got drip campaigns I put people on and things like that to stay top of mind, just like you said.

They know that Erica real estate place is their referral agent for west Houston and you try to stay top of mind.

Lori:                          Exactly and you are doing both. You are cultivating existing relationships that wouldn’t possibly be cultivated if you weren’t doing what you’re doing on Facebook and you’re generating new leads through agent to agent referrals by being authentic, by telling your story and by sharing what you know and what works and what you learn and that’s actually what stands out to me is the way you’re doing all of that.

You’re pretty natural at it where other people might have to be … they might have to remind themselves or put it on a calendar that, “Hey, I need to go share something valuable this week.” It doesn’t have to be with other real estate agents, let me give you an example. If I started a Facebook group for my geographic farm which is where I live in Summerlin and it’s a large area. Started a Facebook group and I started … I advertise the group on a Facebook ad and say, “Hey Summerlin, this group is for you,” and I paid per click and people would come over and they would request in and then I would check the county records to make sure that they were actually a homeowner here and then I would let them in and if they weren’t, I would send them a message and say, “Where do you live?” And they would tell me which village in Summerlin and then I would know that they are a homeowner.

I was very, very … I’ve always been very careful about who to let in. Then once they got in, I had to think to myself how do I give these people value. What I started doing is saying, “Hey everybody, who is the best pediatrician in Summerlin?” Then I made a list of all of their answers and then I put that on a blog and I gave it back to them. “Hey everybody, here’s a collective list of everybody you said was the best pediatrician in Summerlin and I put it on an interactive map for you on Google Maps as well.”

This goes on until on all of your blogs, on all of your stuff you make sure you have your brand on there. I would put on there, “Courtesy of me and oh, by the way, I am you Summerlin real estate agent.” Now I’ll tell you what, it took a long time for it to start paying off. It’s a lot of energy, it’s a lot of work it’s a lot of purpose but if you have geographic farm or you go a specialty like military or 55 plus or you want to start a mom group or a grandma group or a dad group or a fireman group or a soccer parent group or any of those kinds of things, all you have to do is figure out what do those people ask in the group, answer it for them in a way that is incredibly valuable and they will eat that up like candy. It’s an absolutely incredible strategy if you have the time to do it.

The reason I say past tense is that I didn’t have the time and ultimately, I really didn’t have the talent to resource it out to. I would love to bring it back someday when I find somebody hyperlocal that I want to hire to run our hyper-local department out here.


Erica S.:                   I would tell people when you start groups, be careful what you start because you got to make sure … and the key to all of this, whether it’s a group or just posting on Facebook, like you said it’s got to be the consistency, I started a group here called Katy Home Values and then I put official site because I was worried that another agent might try to copy my idea.

I had started putting monthly market reports for the subdivisions that were requested by the members in there. Then last year, about halfway through the fall I started getting so busy that I wasn’t able to get around to those market reports and again, it’s just me. I don’t have an assistant. Just be careful what you start and make sure that you can follow through with it.

Lori:                          Yep. Just like any other lead generation strategy, you have to know what it’s gonna take, can you commit, how much is it gonna cost, how long before it returns and are you willing to wait long enough and put the energy and money and time into it before it returns and if the answer is yes, don’t quit five minutes before the miracle happens.

Stick with it, do the stuff and Erica, you’re gonna continue to grow, you’re doing a great business and your strategies are spot on and so I think you’re, in my prediction for you is your agent to agent referral business is going to grow massively and if you ever need … if you ever want to do a call with me, I can probably help you on systems and finances on that because you really got to know how you make money as a referral agent because it can catch quick if you’re not understanding how that model works. I don’t know where you’re at with that. Just as an FYI because I’ve been doing this … that’s kind of my world.

Erica S.:                   Oh yeah, that would be awesome.

Lori:                          Yep.

Erica S.:                   One thing that I just had to throw out here just because I think it adds a little bit of humor to all of this. My husband, I am on my phone all the time and so some people … I definitely would say I’m addicted to my phone. I’m probably addicted to social media. I’m on it, posting on stuff all the time. My husband will jokingly come in a room, whether it’s … he’s getting home from work or just walking in the living room and I’m sitting on the couch staring at my phone screen and he’ll say, “What are you doing?” And I’ll say, “I’m working,” and he’ll start laughing and he’ll say, “You mean you’re Facebooking.”

Lori:                          Yeah.

Erica S.:                   Yeah, I am. And it’s working for me.

Lori:                          Yeah, and it’s the same with Snapchat or Instagram or LinkedIn or Twitter or whatever social network it is that you’re applying to yourself. As long as you know what you’re doing, you’re seeing a return on it, it’s not just a time suck as Ben Kinney calls it but you’re really doing it strategically like you said, strategic Facebooking that it pays off.

Erica, I want to thank you so much for joining me today. Erica Steitenroth, did I pronounce that right?

Erica S.:                   That’s right.

Lori:                          In Katy, Texas. I will put a link to all of Erica’s contact information, how you can reach her to learn more about what she does. Send her referrals, to follow her on social media.

Thank you so much, Erica and I appreciate you being such a great Ballen Brands client and advocate and I’ll continue to network with you wherever we can.

Erica S.:                   Absolutely Lori. Thanks for the opportunity, I appreciate it.

Lori:                          Alright, thank you. You go out and have a great day.

Erica S.:                   Alright, you as well. Bye-bye

Lori:                          Okay, bye-bye.

Contact Erica

NextHome Real Estate Place 832.769.5800
Katy, TX Real Estate Agent

Erica Stietenroth, a Katy Texas Real Estate Agent, is wearing a pink shirt and smiling. Banner reads "need to sell a home"Erica is committed to serving buyers and sellers by providing innovative and first-class representation built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, knowledge and trust.

Erica began her career in the Houston/Katy residential real estate market three years ago, after 10 years in technology sales.

As one of the top sales companies in the country for the products she represented, she carried her marketing, negotiation and customer service expertise with her into real estate; her tech savviness and data-driven mind has helped her develop a comprehensive knowledge of the local markets.

Erica represents both buyers and sellers on the North, Northwest, West, Southwest and South ends of Houston and more specifically in the Towns of Katy, Fulshear, Cypress, Richmond and Rosenberg full time.

Erica is passionate, dedicated and extremely focused on all her client’s needs. She is well known for being a tough but fair negotiator, and for her attention to detail on each transaction from the start through closing.

Erica has resided in OR, WA, CO, NJ, OH, NH as well as the TX communities of College Station, Navasota, Houston and has now lived in Katy area for the past 10 years. She’s certainly no stranger to moving and buying and selling homes, which makes her a great match for her relocation clients.

Since becoming a real estate agent in early 2015, Erica rose to be amongst the top agents in regards to sales and professional development. She’s received awards for being a heavy hitter and closing large sales volumes.

She believes it is important to focus on the important wants & needs of her clients while educating them in the world of Real Estate.

She knows that each part of the greater Houston area has their own nuances that need to be understood; As an agent, she feels it is her duty to bring those differences to the forefront and educate her clients so they can make the best possible decisions when buying and selling homes.

Erica is a firm believer in giving back and as a proud mother of 2 beautiful girls, she is particularly passionate about child advocacy. “You get what you give!” she believes. Her family sponsors a child through Compassion International’s Child Sponsorship Ministry. Erica is also member/volunteer with the following organizations:

  • TAR (Texas Association of Realtors)
  • NAR (National Association of Realtors)
  • HAR (Houston Association of Realtors)
  • The Association of Former Students – Texas A&M University
  • Pin Oak Village HOA Board Member – Oversees communityevents/planning
  • Katy Elementary PTO Volunteer – Newsletter, Website, Facebook site,Carnival Fundraising
  • Kappa Delta Sorority alumnae

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