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Skincare Affiliate Programs

Skincare Affiliate Programs

Healthy glowing skin? The dream. We all want radiant skin that looks like we’ve just come from a facial, and luckily the market is booming with different types of skincare products, regimes, and tools to have you feeling your best. Start with a new skincare regime – and let your followers in on the secrets. If you have a blog, website, Twitter page, or social media platform, there is an extra way to earn some cash. For the beginner or experienced affiliate marketer, I’ve listed 16 top Skincare Affiliate programs.


Part of the lookfantastic group, SkinStore is a luxury retailer for all your skincare needs. They have a wide range of premium brands and skincare ranges from exfoliators, serums to masks and mists. They also have a specific section on sun care products and a handy SPF quiz to know which type is right for you – a sometimes forgotten aspect of skincare. What’s more, they have a pamper section page on Self-Care, focusing on supplements and sleep to work on the skin from the inside out.

Commission: 10%

Cookie: Unknown

Why join? There are vast ranges of over 16,000 products for your followers to peruse, with free US shipping over $49. Plus exclusive discounts for your audience and high conversion rates to earn more with each sale.

Get Started: Join The SkinStore Affiliate Program

2. Apoterra

Focussed on providing radiant skin through natural methods, Apoterra works on sourcing ingredients from the earth. Hydrating and nourishing skincare ranges cater to your skin concerns and also skin treatments. For each item you purchase, you can trace the batch to its origin and date made, making the products feel personalized to you and assured of their natural sourcing. On top of this, all products are cruelty-free and eco-friendly!

Commission: 8%

Cookie Window: 14 days

Why join? A 30-day satisfaction guarantee for purchases. They have a 3-minute skin quiz you can use for insight into what products may suit you and for every purchase here, Apoterra plants a tree! Simple sign up through the affiliate network, Rakuten.



NIRA focuses on skincare tools to help keep wrinkles at bay. Their clinically proven painless lasers target fine lines on the skin to reduce its appearance – all from the comfort of your home. Treatments only take 2 minutes and along with toolkits, they also have serums for an all-around facial treatment experience. Their specialist technology works through penetrating the epidermis and targets where collagen and elastin cells are located and works to maximize the cell’s rejuvenating powers while avoiding skin damage and pain.

Commission: 10%

Cookie: 30 days

Why join? Currently, customers can shop for 50% off with guaranteed holiday delivery. As an affiliate, you also have a 10% discount code for your audience!

Get StartedAffiliate Program | NIRA Skin

4. Dr. Jart+

Skincare from Korea now available in over 40 countries. Dr. Jart+ is a mix of the words ‘Doctor’ ‘Joins’ ‘Art’. They pride themselves on having innovative skincare, while at its base maintaining that water, light, and air are the main elements of maintaining healthy skin. They have two main skincare categories, named after their blended formulas; Cermamidin, focusing on moisturizing and nourishing skin, and Cicapair, focusing on repairing and soothing the skin.

Commission: 5%

Cookie: 14 days

Why join? Korean skincare and the wider ‘K-Beauty’ market is a massive part of the global skincare market increasing in demand, reflecting the spread of Korean culture through K-pop music, K-dramas, and films around the world – do watch Squid Game if you haven’t already! At the moment, they have Cyber week – 15% off all moisturizers and free shipping, along with their Christmas shop – great bundle sets for Cicapair, Ceramidin, and face masks.

Get started: Register – Flex Offers


This well-known, premium skincare brand focuses on providing skincare products for every skin type, and skin concern with high-quality ingredients. For example, they have an Acne Solutions line of products, from masks to body soap bars, all with the main focus on banishing blemishes. It makes it easier for you to select a line of skincare products than having to search and scour through products to find out if they have ingredients that can aggravate your skin’s condition.

Commission: 6%

Cookie: 7 days

Why join? They champion their customers having all the knowledge on skincare with their ‘Skin Services’ page, created for answering skin questions, having live streams and how-tos. You would get a 6% commission on paid-for sales referred to their website.

Get started: Clinique Affiliate Program (


I did say Korean products are expanding globally! Style Korean is a cosmetics, skincare, and makeup website, accumulating the best in Korean brands on one website and shipping from Korea internationally. Their bestsellers are many skincare brands with facial masks, serums, and creams for keeping your skin feeling pampered and at its best.

Commission: 7%

Cookie: Unknown

Why join? With over 230 brands and 12,000 products to choose from, Style Korean can cover your audiences’ niche from hair care, body, and facial products. On top of the 7% commission from sales, its competitive prices and regular deals make it a great place to promote to your audience.

Get Started: Affiliate Program Commissions on Korean Cosmetics | StyleKorean |

7. Juice Beauty

Juicy skin? Yes, please. Northern California-based company, Juice Beauty, specializes in clinically validated skincare made from vegan, organically sourced ingredients. They have 5 main skincare collections, such as ‘Stem Cellular’, their anti-wrinkle skincare range to ‘Green Apple’ a skin brightening selection of products. Clean, sustainable beauty at its best!

Commission: 6%

Cookie: 30 days

Why join? Juice Beauty works with LinkShare for tailored Affiliate Program account management, and with this, you’ll have access to exclusive promotional offers, marketing links, and more for your audience. They also sell handy ‘Beauty Regime’ packs which have one collection set of products to use for the whole experience.

Get Started: Affiliate Program – Juice Beauty

8. Paula’s Choice

Founder, Paula Begoun, prides her company on honest and truthful skincare solutions through research and science-backed studies. The website allows you to pick and choose from a variety of options for skin concerns or shop based on the main ingredient – for example, ‘Vitamin C’ which allows for a tailored experience for users. Paula’s choice also has men’s skincare and sun care pages, highlighting bestsellers and an easily followed skincare routine.

Commission: 7%

Cookie: 30 days

Why join? Expert advice, ‘routine finder’ quizzes, festive discounts and gift sets, and their 60-day money-back guarantee, allow your audience to make an informed decision on skincare along with you receiving a 7% commission on sales. It’s my top choice too!

Get Started: Become an Affiliate: Paula’s Choice Skincare & Cosmetics | Paula’s Choice (

9. Sephora

High-quality, French cosmetic company, Sephora, offers a wide range of beauty and skincare products from global brands. Anti-aging, cleansers, vegan, and natural care options all allow users to pick and choose their favorites. Their ‘News’ page keeps you up to date on the latest in skincare and facial regimes, new products, and brands to their website. Alternatively, creating an account with them allows for tailored offers and to come your way reflecting items you view or purchase.

Commission: 3-8%

Cookie: Unknown

Why join? A well-known, and highly reputable company catering for all needs and wants along with frequent deals and discounted brand products which your audience is sure to enjoy. The commission is stated as a range as this is agreed upon once sales are confirmed. Sign up via the Affiliate link through LinkShare below.

Get Started: Sephora Affiliate Program

10. 100% Pure

It’s all in the name – 100% pure, natural, and gentle skincare products, with no toxic or harsh ingredients, delivered to your door. All products are naturally fruit pigmented and animal cruelty-free. Their website offers nourishing skin, hair, body, and make-up products which can be selected by an area of concern or product type. Designed to make you feel at your best and allows free samples with orders over £40 to keep you exploring their vitamin and mineral-packed ranges.

Commission: 8%

Cookie: 45 days

Why join? Easy returns, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and also promoting a brand that advocates clean beauty is a no-brainer! Their discounts for users, plus the 8% commission on sales generated is a great way to have this promotion reflected you. 100% Pure partners with Pepperjam, which runs its affiliate program.

Get Started: 100% PURE Affiliate Program (

11. StrawberryNet

Discounts, discounts, and more discounts on hair, skincare to perfumes, StrawberryNet cover it all. The website hosts a multitude of brand names to choose from and many categories’ selections to cater for luxurious pampering or skin aiding treatments. They have a ‘Daily Specials’ section which shows you offers on products within a limited timescale for you to grab a bargain. Its products are sold in more than 190 countries making them easily accessible for your audience.

Commission: 8%

Cookie: Unknown

Why join? Did I mention discounted brand products? StrawberryNet offers a quick setup,free revenue-boosting opportunities to affiliates, and exclusive discount codes for your audience.

Get Started: Strawberrynet Affiliate Program


Multivitamin-filled and free from harmful substances, Blissworld has skincare products for all skin types with 90% of these products being vegan. They specialize in having you feel that spa-feeling of luxury in their products yet making sure prices are affordable – Bliss! For an easy trial of products, they have a top ‘spa-powered Skincare Superheroes’ selection which works on boosting the radiance and glow of your skin.

Commission: 8%

Cookie: 10 days

Why join? 15% off first orders and free shipping within the US for your audience. Blissworld also works with The Trevor Project for suicide prevention and crisis intervention for LGBTQ youth donating proceeds from limited edition products to the cause. The Bliss Affiliate program is through LinkShare, however, you would need to go through its parent company, Rakuten, first to sign up.

Get Started: Bliss Affiliate Program


Feel Unique is a leading online beauty retailer focusing on must-haves in skincare, makeup, and hair with over 30,000 products to browse. Skincare tools, kits, and sets from their four main skin concern pages – Blemish Prone, Dry, Sensitive, and Oily skin, allow users to shop easily for their needs. Plus you can filter searches via ‘dermatologist recommend’ or ‘organic’ for a tailored experience.

Commission: 8%

Cookie: 30 days

Why join? Exclusive offers and free returns on their wide range for your audience, regularly updated information on the latest brands and new offers for you, and their great 8% commission from sales generated to their site.

Get Started: Working with us… |

14. Alpine Beauty

Sustainably sourced with formulas from Wyoming alpine botanicals, Alpyn reflects the best nature has to give in to its products. Alpine harvests plants that survive in the harshest conditions, just like our skin – and so products work to protect and strengthen through moisturizers, serums, and much more. Not to mention that their Wild huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel – aiming to refine pores and brighten the skin – has been awarded for 2021 New Beauty by The Beauty Authority which is a great boost to promoting the brand for your audience.

Commission: 10% usually

Cookie: 30 days

Why join? Currently offering a massive commission of 20% on online sales! Need I say more!

Get startedAlpyn Beauty Affiliate Program

15. bareMinerals

Revolutionary, clinically tested, vegan products at bareMinerals aim to improve the look and appearance of the skin without compromising on quality. Their Bestsellers page includes their top 5 products such as the Ageless Phyto-Retinol eye cream to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and is a great starting point for those who are new to bareMinerals.

Audiences can use their skin quiz or ingredient gallery to find out more information on products offered to suit their needs. Their ranges in makeup along with skincare also cater to all skin tones and types. Yes, please!

Commission: 7-10%

Cookie: 30 days

Why join? Handy virtual 1 on 1 consultation for audiences to discuss beauty questions with BareMinerals and 10% discount offers on first purchases. bareMinerals have a dedicated affiliate program contact offering support and answers to your queries. They also provide exclusive banners and visuals for your blog/website page for that extra tailored feel.

Get started: Affiliate Recruitment Page | bareMinerals

16. OSEA

Vegan and cruelty-free, OSEA focuses on skincare such as cleansers, creams, and serums adapted for your skin needs along with tools for the ultimate plumping and radiant skin. OSEA’s ethos is that the ocean can heal you and highlight beautiful glowing skin, and therefore source their natural ingredients from the sea. OSEA has a skin quiz that helps users build a routine from their products, making it an accessible way to explore their full ranges.

Commission: Unknown

Cookie: 30 days

Why join? Free shipping for your audience for orders for $50 plus 3 free samples on purchases at checkout. OSEA offers a wide range of links, making it easier for you to promote their products along with banners and product information for your audience.

They also have ‘retargeting’ which means that after someone clicks on a link you provide, OSEA will then retarget them for up to 90days which gives you more chance of commission through a purchase.

Get started:


What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is where you as a social media platform user send traffic (or your audience) to a chosen company website, and via the tracking cookies, get a commission from purchases made by your followers. You promote a website by discussing their products, including their website, product link or banners, on a blog post, or Twitter page t for example, to get traffic moving to that site.

What do cookie days mean?

Cookie days listed above show you how many days the website would track your traffic on their page to see if a sale came from this. For example, a 30-day cookie means if your audience heads to your chosen affiliate website, they would have 30 days to buy a product and if so, you would then get the commission from this sale within those days.

Is Skincare a good niche for affiliate marketing?

Of course! Skincare is a great niche for marketing as it is booming globally, has plenty of brands and websites that accommodate all skin types, and reflects the general need to take care of your skin and health with this being paramount to looking your best. Plus, there is a wide range of options for skincare that you could focus specifically on, for example, the best face masks, or serums across many brands.

How do I find brands with affiliate programs?

I’ve listed my favorites above, but for more a google search on the best affiliate programs for your selected niche helps see plenty of brands that want you as their affiliate and that cater with specific discounts and exclusive marketing to help you promote them in the best way.

How do I start affiliate marketing?

Make sure to have a niche you would like to focus on, and a platform where you can reach an audience such as a Twitter or Instagram page. Once you have set this up, you can sign up to a multitude of brands to begin earning some cash for heading your audience traffic their way for sales! Do remember to read through when signing up to see if there are specific ways a company may want to be promoted.

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