SEO Ranking Factors You May not have Tried

A fun story and spot on Video. Really, Really worth a watch.
User Signals are driving SEO and will continue to increase as Google’s Rank Brain takes over. You have TWO seconds to hold interest when someone lands on your page.
Brian Dean talks about APP = Agree, Promise, Preview
What I love about this is that this “SEO Expert” was first a Copywriter which is where the magic is today in user experience.
Long Click = A visitors searches on Google, Finds your websites and STAYS for a while. They don’t go back to the search engine to search again for that term.
Short Click = user performs a search query, finds your site, realizes it’s not what they want and hits the BACK button to go back and search again.
I absolutely LOVE his tips on ‘bucket brigaids’
Stay long enough on the video to learn about benefit driven subheadings!

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