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Top SaaS Affiliate Programs

Top SaaS Affiliate Programs

Software as a Service (SaaS) business models a red-hot right now. This industry pulls in north of $623 billion in 2020 alone – with that number expected to jump significantly over the next five years.

At the same time, experts believe that these businesses are still only representing about 15% of the total software industry market share.

That means there’s a lot of growth and a lot of opportunities for SaaS affiliates to make a mountain of money on the right offers.

Below we highlight some of the best SaaS affiliate programs you want to look into this year. 

These are the kinds of offers that pay generous commissions, have attractive offers, and are most supportive of affiliate marketing in the first place.

Let’s jump right in!


This service helps small businesses better manage their email marketing and sales and their client and customer relationships.

Giving business owners access to the same kind of marketing tools that much larger businesses have been using for decades, it’s no surprise that this platform has become as popular as it is in a (relatively) short block of time.

One of the best SaaS email program affiliate programs you can hook up with, commissions on these software sales are pegged at 30% – and that’s just on the front end!

Learn More About the ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program.

Adobe Creative Cloud

A couple of years ago, when Adobe decided to go the SaaS route with their top-rated creative software programs, the industry was rocked to its core.

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This move was a monumental shift away from “standalone” software programs that the industry was built on top of, and it was by one of the most successful software industries on the planet.

Today, though, the Adobe Creative Cloud SaaS platform is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and every year.

With many different programs available to pick and choose from (including superstar standouts like Photoshop, for example), affiliates will have no trouble whatsoever selling these industry-standard products.

Monthly and annual sales are paid out at 85% of the one-month subscription fee, with annual plans paying out 8.33% of the entire yearly plan. And that’s on each SaaS subscription from Adobe!

Learn More and Apply to the Adobe Affiliate Program


This SaaS platform has grown to become one of the most influential services in the small business accounting world, rivaling the Goliath that is QuickBooks – with a lot of people preferring everything that FreshBooks brings to the table (especially the price point).

Not only do customers get access to great accounting tools with this SaaS platform, though, they also get payment processing help, tax time help, and a whole host of other benefits and services that other platforms like QuickBooks have yet to offer.

All of these benefits make becoming an affiliate with FreshBooks a bit of a no-brainer.

Commissions are a little bit on the smaller side of things compared to some of the other options out there ($5 per free trial and $55 per annual subscription), but it won’t take long for you to stack a bundle of affiliate sales together to start making real money.

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Learn More about the Freshbooks Affiliate Program


Almost universally beloved as one of the best “helpdesk” SaaS platforms are around, small businesses that want to manage their customer service better and support in-house are turning to this platform more often than not.

Unifying all of the communications a customer service department has – whether those conversations originate from email, phone calls, webchats, social media, or something else entirely – this platform continues to grow and expand its suite of features regularly.

Affiliate marketers are going to love how easy it is to sell the “industry-standard” helpdesk solution today. Still, they are also going to appreciate the five dollars commission for every single lead brought in – as well as the 15% commission of the entire deal value of each paying customer affiliates land.

Apply Here


Another great customer service SaaS platform to be on the lookout for as an affiliate, this CRM solution is built on a very flexible and adaptable database infrastructure.

Clients using this service will be able to manage their sales funnel pipeline from start to finish with ease, taking advantage of the tracking and reporting built right into this SaaS to optimize their business in a hurry better.

CRM Affiliates love this SaaS because they not only get fantastic commissions ($250 per Starter sale, $500 per Professional sale, and $1000 per Enterprise sale) but because they also get access to the largest advertising and marketing creative library in the SaaS affiliate space.

Think of this as a pretty much “done for you” affiliate opportunity!

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Learn More and Apply to the Hubspot Affiliate Program


Building effective sales files from scratch can be a bit of a challenge for new entrepreneurs and business owners, even if they come from the “traditional” offline business world.

This platform and SaaS solution make it a lot easier to get up and run with these kinds of funnels, overhauling outdated and antiquated marketing approaches with solutions that work.

Cloud-based and running some of the most potent database tools in the lead generation world, this is a best-selling SaaS in the industry.

Affiliates have been flooding to this SaaS ever since July 2020, when the company decided to bump up their commissions to 30% – with recurring payments of 10%.

Superstar affiliates can see that their commission payout increase even higher than that, with some making between 40% and 50% commissions (every month) on the sales that they bring in.

Nord VPN

With the internet feeling more and more closed off than ever before, people in the business world (and regular folks, too) are learning that it’s almost necessary to have a high-quality VPN service to access the sites and platforms used to be able to without restriction.

Nord VPN has a legendary reputation in the VPN world, providing a lot more freedom to internet users and securing and encrypting web activity.

Affiliate commissions start at 40% even if you are brand-new to the affiliate world – and when you’re talking about EPC numbers that go almost as high as $128 (30-day tracking cookies), it’s not hard to make money with these kinds of red-hot offers in your affiliate arsenal.

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Apply Here.


Universally regarded as the very best small business accounting software money can buy, QuickBooks offers SaaS services to small, medium, and large businesses and organizations.

The accounting tools and feature sets available are some of the best in the business. This brand’s reputation is absolutely off the charts, and the trust this company has with the industry is a huge asset for affiliates.

Affiliate commissions are limited to just 10% on SaaS sales of QuickBooks (which is a little bit on the low side of things). But it’s hard to imagine a more straightforward SaaS to sell almost on autopilot as an affiliate in this space.

Learn More and join the Quickbooks affiliate program.


The gold standard for e-commerce SaaS options, it’s never been as easy as it is today to get a brand-new business (genuinely global business, at that) up and running than it is right now, thanks to Shopify.

Shopify is another SaaS program with a lot of brand-name recognition, a world-class reputation, and rock-solid pricing – all of which help make it nearly effortless for affiliates to sell SaaS memberships and subscriptions with ease.

Commissions start at $58 on referrals to free trials and Basic plans but can bump up to $2000 (or more) for each lead interested in premium level plans.

Learn more and join the Shopify Affiliate Program.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are absolutely no limitations on the amount of world-class SaaS affiliate programs you can connect with this year – programs that give you a chance to make some pretty serious money in commissions regularly.

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Some of the SaaS will make life as an affiliate a little bit easier (HubSpot, in particular, is very affiliate friendly). Still, all of them are worth looking into if you want to offer SaaS subscriptions as an affiliate.

What we like most about these programs compared to all the other offers out there is that they:

  • Have excellent brand recognition, making affiliate sales easy
  • Have a fantastic reputation for fair dealings and quick payouts with affiliates and
  • Offer the kinds of commissions that allow you to make some serious money in a hurry, even if you are brand-new to the affiliate world

Dig deeper into the ins and outs of these affiliate programs before you decide to jump on board with them for sure.

But remember that there’s no reason you can’t become an affiliate with all (or most) of the programs above – pushing a flood of targeted traffic to these SaaS offers and cashing in big time along the way.

The sky is the limit when it comes to your earning potential with these kinds of SaaS affiliate programs!

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