Real Estate Marketing Ideas

The General List for Real Estate Marketing. You’ll see old school techniques as well as digital strategies that have come about in the new technology driven real estate industry.

  1. Geographic Farming
  2. Just Listed / List Sold Postcards
  3. Newspaper Advertising
  4. Hanging Door Flyers
  5. Shopping Cart Ads
  6. Bus Stop Advertising
  7. Sponsoring Local Sporting Events
  8. Open Houses
  9. Google AdWords
  10. Facebook Ads
  11. Search Portal Advertising: Zillow, Trulia, and more
  12. Email Newsletters
  13. Print Newsletters
  14. Home Buyer, Home Seller Seminars
  15. Blogging for SEO
  16. Bing Ads
  17. Pinterest Ads
  18. Instagram Ads
  19. Twitter Ads
  20. LinkedIn Ads
  21. Blogging on LinkedIn – Pulse
  22. Real Estate Videos (Afterall, YouTube is the #2 Social Network in America based on visits)
  23. Hand Written Notes
  24. Community Involvement (Boards, HOA, Clubs, Parenting Groups etc.)
  25. Traditional branded swag: Magnets, Personalized Note Pads and Pens, Watter Bottles Etc.
  26. Letters to Expired Listings or distressed Properties
  27. Mall Kiosks
  28. Listing Marketing (Start with Digital)
  29. Classified Ads – There’s more out there than just Craigslist, yet don’t discount Craigslist
  30. Seasonal Events – Host a Spring Egg Hunt, Haunted House or Costume Exchange, Gingerbread House Building Event
  31. Back to School Fun Fair – Provide information about dress codes, distribute school schedules, sport schedules, school supply list. Partner with vendors to provide back packs or other school supplies. Consider making this a digital event.
  32. Livestream special events. Pop up a quick “live” video of your open house on Facebook, Meerkat, Twitter, or Periscope
  33. Host a community yard sale
  34. Hold Client Appreciate Events – Consider a scoring system to better track client spend and referrals for selecting invites for certain events.
  35. Hold a Pet event! Everyone loves their animals. Bring in local pet bakeries, mobile dog shampoo companies, pet supply houses and more. Make it fun by holding special competitions and make it charitable by holding a pet adoption. Have a display of homes for sale in pet friendly communities.
  36. Interview local businesses. Create a spotlight on the local community and each month feature one local business. Take a camera and do some quick stills as well as a video. Send just a few questions in advance and tell the business you will be in and out in 30 minutes. Ask them to offer a special coupon or promotion for your visitors. After it’s done, send them the video and ask them to share on their social channels. If you make them look good, they will be proud to!


Digital Floorplans:

Create housing floor plans, simply by using your iPhone or iPad!

One tool for this is Magic Plan. It’s a mobile app that allows you to create floor plans yourself in a fast and fun way. Using the camera of your phone or ipad,  turn around and mark the corners of your space. After that, Magic Plan aggregates a floorplan! While using a professional is always a great choice, sometimes do it yourself apps like this work well too.

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