.46 Cents Per Lead, 10 cents per click Real Estate Ads on Facebook

Today I want to show you a simple Facebook ad and some fantastic results!  I ran an ad for a new listing and the goal was to spend $150 over 30 days. The results were phenomenal – 10 real estate leads at .46 cents per lead, 10 cents per click!

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Getting Started

If you are managing multiple businesses’ pay-per-click advertising like I am, I suggest using a tool called Wordstream.  A seamless software like Wordstream is much easier to use than those clunky, back-end ad panels that Google ad words and Facebook offer.

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Wordstream Dashboard

Halfmoon Bay Facebook Ad Results

  • 669 impressions,
  • Total spend was $4.56
  • 10 leads resulting in a cost of $0.46 per lead.

My cost per acquisition is only .46 cents per lead. That’s just fantastic. I love that and I’m finding this result over and over again.

If we look at my Shadow Bay ad, which is set with the same parameters as the Halfmoon Bay ad,  I had 129 conversions between May 6th and May 15th resulting in a cost of $0.68 per lead.

Next I will walk you through setting up your Ad parameters.

Setting up your Facebook ad parameters

  • Determine your reach by selecting the location or zip code.
  • Select the minimum age. Note that this is not a breach of the fair housing regulations.  You can put a minimum age where a maximum age may cause you problems.
  • Choose gender(s)
  • Set your budget

In this example, you can see that  I selected all of Las Vegas, ages 25 and up, both male and female genders and a budget of $150 for the month.

Copy Conversion Facebook Ad - Targets

Creating The Facebook AD Content

  • Make sure to link the ad to your business page and
  • Add a brief Text Description of the property.
Add emojis to the text description.  They serve as punch points of the property and so far I have found this works really well.

Facebook Ad Set-Up

  • Select An Image
Use one image and make sure it’s the best picture that showcases the home. Be very careful about not just putting a front of the house.  Typically the photos is of the kitchen or the pool or the large sprawling living area. In this particular case, it happened to be the bedroom.
  • Add A Call To Action

My call to action headline is “Download Info” and so far I’ve found that to be the best call to action.

In my particular case, I am sending users to a “Listings to Leads” landing page that has the option for them to put in their email and download the info so it’s appropriate for me. It’s important to have an online brochure or something that they’re downloading. Otherwise, you will want to select another option for your Call to Action.

Landing Page 1 – Low Lead Conversion

The destination landing page is the key to the whole thing!

The Facebook Ad that was linked directly to my BREW (Ballen Real Estate Website) (below) required multiple clicks from the site visitor before a registration form would pop-up.   After reviewing the analytics,  it was clear that I was not getting anywhere near the number of leads that I get on a landing page.

Limit the information on your landing page to drive results. You have to get obsessed with Lead Capture Conversion!

Landing Page 2 – High Lead Conversion

Remember to keep the information simple and create trust by using the same image in the Facebook Ad that you use for your landing page. They can log in with an email or they can continue with Facebook.

These simple steps will create a Facebook ad for a new real estate listing that wins every time.

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