25 Apps Every Real Estate Agent Must Have

You no longer have to be buried in a stack of paperwork, floundering to keep up with clients, or trying to organize all of your communications, email, files, meeting notes, etc. when you use the right real estate apps.
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You no longer have to be buried in a stack of paperwork, floundering to keep up with clients, or trying to organize all of your communications, email, files, meeting notes, etc. when you use the right real estate apps.

You no longer have to be buried in a stack of paperwork, floundering to keep up with clients, or trying to organize all of your communications, email, files, meeting notes, etc. when you use the right real estate apps.

Apps for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents used to have to spend tons of time and energy organizing paperwork, copying documents, getting signatures, sending files, and manually keeping track of showings, open houses, and contacts.

But with the advancements in technology, you can accomplish amazing feats all from the palm of your hand.

From 3D virtual tours to digitized open houses, from CRMs to marketing tools, technology has changed how real estate agents and realtors conduct business.

And all you need is an app (or two) to simplify your workflow and nurture new leads.

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Business and Client Management


For most agents, the biggest gap lies within the prospects who inquire and don’t get a quick follow up, so they go back to their laptops and phones and they call another agent, on another listing, or cruise through the MLS on another site.

Choosing the right CRM can be hard. See how Keap CRM can be customized for your real estate business.

Talk to Jeff and Paul at Ballen Brands (702) 917-0755 about their real estate marketing plans and automation for Keap and Infusionsoft

Wise Agent

Wise Agent is an all-in-one solution for managing your real estate business. Here, you can work on marketing, create landing pages, get lead automation, have contact management, transaction management, time management, text messaging, team features, and more.


Dotloop provides a complete solution for real estate transaction management.

The app replaces form creation, e-sign, and transaction management systems while helping you streamline your business.

Gain automated audit trails, paperless transaction platform, workflow tools, and storage – all compatible with desktop, iOS, or Android.

Dotloop allows you and your clients to complete, sign, share, and edit documents without the hassles of printing, faxing, or email.


Contactually helps you get referrals, qualify and nurture leads, prioritize clients at every point in the sales cycle, and close more business. The app helps you stay motivated and accountable with custom templates and automated messages that you can personalize.

Manage pipelines for productivity, and sync your email, phone, and your communication history. Plus, you can use Contactually with team functionality to get organized and automate your process.


Cloze ties together everything you need about your contacts in one convenient place. Gather emails, notes, meetings, phone calls, follow-ups, and, of course, social. The app, which pulls in from your apps to create one cohesive view.

Cloze also has a learning algorithm so it recognizes who is important to you, automatically prompting you when it’s time to reach out.


Docusign creates a simple way to sign documents from any device, anywhere, with no faxing, overnighting, or waiting.

And, the app automatically reminds your clients when contracts need to be signed, so you don’t have to chase them down. The entire process with DocuSign, you can seamlessly conduct the entire process while eliminating paper, wasted time, and hassles.


Dropbox is a cloud-based way to store and share non-sensitive digital files with your clients. Another use for Dropbox for real estate agents is to store pdf files for lead magnets. When a client fills out your lead magnet form, you can send them their download via dropbox.

Use Dropbox for sharing photos, floor plans, rental requirements, and more.


RPR, the Realtors Property Resource, crafted by NARR, exclusive to realtors, gathers available property data and then organizes it for you.

The app allows you to search the MLS and CIE as well as public records. Obtain industry-leading reports, add your local market knowledge, and include photos.

And, all your information is synced between the website and mobile.

Citrix Podio

Citrix Podio is for the real estate agent who works with a team. Designed for teamwork, Citrix Podio includes project and task management, meeting schedules, integrated chat, social collaboration, personal dashboards, and more to guide your team through a seamless workflow.

Showings and Open House Apps


spac.io  is a platform that brings your open houses into the digital era. The open house lead generation system automates your open houses with a system to capture every lead, and resources for running a better open house.

The app offers streamlined lead capture, reliable automatic follow up, real-time reporting, verified consumer insights, industry-leading integrations, and is available across all devices.

Open Pro Home

Open Pro Home allows you to ditch the paperwork, avoid trying to decipher the handwriting on sign-in sheets, capture leads, and then send automate follow-ups along with one-touch email and social sharing.

Open House Wizard

Open House Wizard brings a new touch-less technology where potential buyers can scan a QR code, and then fill out the form from their own smartphone.

The app connects to your CRM, has one-touch email drip campaigns, offers visitor feedback, extensive branding, and more.  

Open House App

Open House App immediately turns any listing into a digital sign-in sheet that not only captures leads but directs them into your CRM.

This app allows you to eliminate data entry, customize templates, send a text to follow up, and it works with any device.

Block party Open House

Block Party Open House presents a paperless sign-in sheet. Customize your questions, style your sheet with your logo, a photo of the property, and match the page to your color scheme.

Automate follow up with text messages, and then sync and share your data with your team, or with the seller.

Walk Score

Walk Score gives instant access to the International Measure of Walkability. Walkable neighborhoods are important to buyers, and is one of the most highly sought-after features in real estate.

With the Walk Score app, you can use data at your open house to show prospective buyers the benefits of a walkable community.

Showing Suite

Showing Suite is an app that makes scheduling showings a breeze.

Not only does the app include a showings calendar, but with a single phone number, it allows you to add Text2Show to your marketing materials where clients can schedule to view a home.

It’s also a feedback system with a seller portal, customer surveys, a home follow up, and more.


HomeRover is a safe and easy way for you to offer home tours virtually. Save house-hunters the trouble of physically touring a home that might not meet their needs. And, keep safe social distancing practices by giving your tours online.

The app allows users to search homes, schedule tours, and start creating their wish list.

And the best part is that the video is recorded and saved so you can share it with your client – and they can share it with their friends and family. Having that video to review multiple times allows buyers to focus on details they may have otherwise missed in the live tour.

Marketing Your Business  

Magic Plan

Magic Plan is a program that allows you to produce interactive floor plans, 3D models, as well as virtual tours.

Creating floor plans is as easy as scanning a room in 30 seconds. You can also use your fingertips to draw plans, or import existing floor plans.

With the use of a 3D camera, with a single tap, you can convert those floorpans into 3D models and a virtual tour.


Matterport is another piece of technology that adds an exciting element to showing homes and marketing your business. With Matterport, you can turn any space into a digital duplicate with dollhouse views, multiple camera angles, accurate measurements, and 3D walk-throughs.

Box Brownie

BoxBrownie is a professional photo editing service that offers not only photo editing but also virtual staging, floor plan redraws and virtual renovation. Get stellar images for your listings, skip the hassles of physical staging, and allow technology to polish your presentations.


Canva is a quick, easy, and stylish way to create marketing materials for your real estate business. Select from a variety of real-estate specific templates to create flyers, postcards, social media graphics, and ebook covers.

The online design platform allows you to add photos, illustrations, text, or icons to your project – and to customize colors to match your branding. And, you can save your marketing images on various platforms like .png, .jpeg, PDF, and more.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software that allows you to create and edit powerful marketing videos that you can then share with clients, listings, and social media platforms.

Work with endless camera angles, use the library of filters to apply to your video, and also allows you to work collaboratively as a team.


Animoto is another video creation software that allows you to create stunning slideshow-style videos crafted from your photos and video clips.

The app comes with an expansive library of templates and music to choose from, and can be viewed from a link or downloaded for use on multiple devices and shared to social media.


Videolicious is another way to take video creation to another level. Simply record your voice in the camera, add photos, embellish with music, add an array of cinematic features, and then save, send, or share your video on social media.


Buffer aggregates all of your social media platforms like Facebook Business, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, and then allows you to plan and schedule your social media posts from a single app.

Publish content ahead of time, then check back to get analytics on the performance of your posts.

Smarter Agent

Smarter Agent Mobile allows you to create your own app, with your branding, that shows not just yours, but all MLS listings. Regardless of the listing agent, all leads from your app go to you. It’s compatible with all devices, but its best feature is that clients can share the app and post properties to social media.

Other Useful Apps for Agents


Waze is a navigation app with a reputation for producing faster arrival times than Google Maps or Apple Maps. Waze offers the shortest routes, provides traffic alerts and detours, and, as an added perk, allows you to send your clients your ETA via the app.

Project Color

Project Color by Home Depot is the solution to showing a home’s interior and exterior with digitally generated images with various paint colors. Help your buyers envision the property as they’d have it, rather than how the seller chose their color palette.

In a home where the seller hasn’t neutralized the walls, or if the walls are too stark white, inspire the imagination by playing with color.

Mile IQ

Mile IQ is a convenient and automated way to effortlessly track your mileage. Real estate agents can easily exceed 20,000 miles in a year to meet with clients, which plays a large role in filing taxes. Mile IQ automatically tracks your drives, allows you to classify drives with a swipe, and sends you weekly reports that you can customize with a dashboard.

Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner keeps you away from the copy machine. Scan any document or photo into a perfectly-aligned PDF. Scan a single page or a stack of documents in color, black and white, greyscale, or photo.


Evernote is the way to keep all of your digital information in one searchable place. With Evernote, you can document new home progress, share notes or entire notebooks with clients or colleagues, a clip from the web, store photo receipts of purchases, and more.


Hurdlr combines mileage tracking, expense tracking, and a way to track your expenses and manage your taxes as a self-employed professional.

Social Media Apps

Naturally, social media is a part of your real estate business. Whether you’re networking with associates on a professional platform or sharing home photos and details on more personal levels, social media apps can reach your followers anytime, from anywhere.

Share photos, videos, live feeds, blog posts, and more. Popular social media apps for real estate agents include Facebook, Facebook Business Pages, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


Running a real estate business is easier than ever, thanks to the evolution of technology.  You’re no longer buried in mountains of paperwork, wrestling with disorganized projects and tasks, or clamoring to keep track of contacts.

You can find an app for just about everything – from lead generating and nurturing to managing projects and timelines, and from digital marketing to contract signing and file storage. Track your expenses and your miles all from the palm of your hand.

There are apps for tying together your social media platforms, and apps for helping you communicate with your clients.

For managing nearly all of your real estate needs, there’s an app for that.

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