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Real Estate Affiliate Marketing Programs

Real Estate Affiliate Marketing Programs

As a real estate affiliate, you can earn an affiliate commission on home sales without a licensed real estate agent or becoming a real estate investor.

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Real estate is a trillion-dollar business industry, and in the age of technology, there are more options to get in on the action. 

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As an affiliate, you will receive money for clicks, referrals, revenue share, and a commission if the customer purchases real estate. 

Some of the programs offer paid subscriptions to their clients and payout a commission for those as well.

Joining a real estate affiliate program will bring more traffic to your website and give you many opportunities to earn a commission. 

They also offer referral periods, the number of days provided per program varies. The referral period, or cookie duration, is the length of time between when you refer the client and when they make the purchase. 

What are the Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs? 

There are quite a few businesses out there these days that offer an affiliate program. How do you decide which plan to choose? 

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After some research, I’ve created an up-to-date list of the best programs available heading into 2021. The programs on the list offer the highest commissions or the best benefits; some offer both. 

Lex Levinrad Real Estate Affiliate Program

Lex Levinrad has been a full-time real estate investor for years and knows the business’s ins-and-outs. 

With the Lex Levinrad Real Estate Affiliate Program, you will receive a nice commission, a long cookie duration, and advertise quality products. 

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They also offer real estate training to their affiliates. 

Commission rate: 50%

Cookie duration: 180 days

Find them at The Lex Levinrad affiliate program website

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Real Estate Express

Real estate express is a real estate licensing program. The affiliate is supplied with quality marketing products to place on their website or blog and a commission every time a referral signs up to become an agent. 

Commission rate: 25%

Cookie duration: 100 days

Find them at the Real Estate Express affiliate website


Buildium sells real estate property management software that assists real estate professionals in finding more property management businesses. 

They pay a commission when you send traffic to their website that turns into a purchase and offers a recurring commission for monthly subscriptions. 

Commission rate: 25% per sale and $10 per lead 

Cookie duration: 60 days

Find them at The Buildium affiliate website 

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Real Estate Affiliates

Real Estate Affiliates buy, sell, and rent properties. They offer their affiliates real-time reporting and commissions for cost per lead, cost per action, and revenue share. 

Commission rate: 25%

Cookie duration: 60 days

Find them at The Real Estate Affiliates Website


Foreclosure sells properties that have foreclosure properties for affordable prices. 

They offer recurring commissions on subscriptions, more opportunities to earn commissions to top affiliates, and a high traffic rate to your website.  

Commission rate: 25%

Cookie duration: 180 days

Find them at the foreclosure affiliate website 

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RP Capital

RP Capital identifies the best investment opportunities for real estate investors. 

Their affiliates have access to quality marketing material and two ways to earn a commission. 

Commission rate: 6% commission at the closing of each deal and $1,000.00 bounties. 

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Find them at the RP Capital website 

Property M.O.B.

property mob sells tools and services to real estate investors. 

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn recurring commissions on subscriptions and a commission on sales. 

Commission rate: 25%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Find them at the Property M.O.B. affiliate website

All Things Real Estate

All Things Real Estate specialized in Realtor marketing materials. 

They provide agents with everything they need, from open house products to yard signs. Affiliates have access to promotional tools, products, and excellent marketing material. 

Commission rate: 20%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Find them at the All Things Real Estate affiliate website


Birddog Bot is a software company that builds products for real estate investors to help them find investments that suit their needs. They offer affiliates a chance to earn a monthly passive income and a commission for leads that turn into sales.  

Commission structure: $254.85 per sale and up to 50% recurring commission for subscriptions. 

Cookie duration: 180 days

Find them at the BirdDogBot affiliate website 


DealCheck develops and distributes real estate analysis software. An affiliate receives a payout for every referral that purchases the subscription and a monthly recurring income. 

Commission rate: 30% + monthly commission 

Find them at the DealCheck affiliate website 


HomeAway, now called Vrbo, is a vacation rental properties platform. 

Affiliates are paid 3% for every referral who rents a HomeAway property and $20 for new property listings they refer to the website. 

Find them at the HomeAway affiliate website

House Plan Gallery creates and distributes house plans. Affiliates who partner with them earn a commission based on purchases and enjoy a year-long cookie duration. 

Commission rate: 15%

Cookie duration: 1 year

Find them at the House plan gallery affiliate website 


LeadsBridge is a lead generating software platform for real estate agents. 

Affiliates receive marketing a big selection of tools to assist with lead generation and a commission for sales.

Commission rate: 20%

Cookie duration: 90 days

Find them at the LeadsBridge affiliate website 

Lending Tree

Lending Tree is a top dog in the virtual mortgage lending industry. Affiliates have an excellent opportunity to earn a commission, and partnering with them ensures a higher conversion on your website. 

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Commission structure: $1 to $70 per referral depending on what they do on the Lending Tree website. 

Cookie duration: 14 days

Find them at the Lending Tree affiliate website 

Corporate Housing By Owner

Corporate housing by owner is a service that offers products and services for people looking for corporate housing unit rentals. 

They offer affiliates marketing material and a commission structure based on sales. 

Commission rate: 15%

Cookie duration: 45 days

Find them at the Corporate House affiliate website


Zilpy is a platform that assists customers in making wise investment decisions through rental trends and estimates, and market analytics.

Commission rate: 30% commission on sales and monthly commission on subscriptions. 

Cookie duration: repeat sales within 30 days.

Find them at the zilpy affiliate website

Real Estate affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra income, especially for those already in the business. 

By partnering up to be an affiliate, you can earn through sales and various other money-making programs. Interest rates have been low, and the real estate industry is thriving. It is an excellent time to get in on the real estate action.

Through affiliate marketing, you have the opportunity to do that without opening a firm or licensing. Partnering as an affiliate is an excellent chance to earn money through many avenues, including affiliate links. 

Affiliate programs not only benefit the lenders and affiliates; they are also helpful to both the buyers and sellers.

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