How to Build An Empire With Youtube Promotion

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Gaining more views on your youtube channel is very important as it increases brand awareness and can help your videos rank higher on Youtube’s search engine. Promoting your youtube channel can also increase your subscriber account. Gain More Reach. Here’s How.

Google Ads

To help gain more reach, viewers, and subscribers to your youtube channel, you might want to run a Google ad campaign.

Here, you’ll be able to make an ad that runs prior to a video starting or next to the video on the watch page.

Gaining more views on your youtube channel is very important as it increases brand awareness and can help your videos rank higher on Youtube's search engine. Promoting your youtubechannel can also increase your subscriber account.  Gain More Reach. Here's How.

Simply design your ad, decide how much you want to spend, and then identify your target audience.

You can edit your budget, audience, or ad anytime after you set it up. If the ad isn’t performing well, you can also cancel it.

Target Audience

Prior to launching your Youtube ad campaign, it’s essential to define the audience you want to see your video ads. Learn your targeting options for the best results.

  1. Niche: Determining who you want to reach is imperative. Are they in a certain age group? Male or Female? Do they speak a particular language?
  2. Topics: Contextual targeting allows you to show your ad to someone that is searching for a particular topic. You can also choose to show your ad on a specific video that you feel would appeal to a similar audience.
  3. Geography: If you know where your desired audience is, you can choose the zip code, city, state, country and even an area around a particular address or place of interest.
  4. Timing. You even have the option to choose what time of day your ads run.

Ad Formats

TrueView In-Stream:

This ad will allow the user to skip or keep watching after 5 seconds. You only pay when the user watches 30 seconds or more or if they interact with the ad. It can appear prior to a video play, during, or after a video.

TrueView Discovery

This ad is presented alongside related YouTube Videos, On the search engine results page (Youtube), or on the homepage. You are charged when the user clicks to watch your video. This ad is best to show to people who are browsing videos.

Bumper Ads

A bumper ad is 6 seconds or less. It appears prior to a video playing, during, or after the video. It can’t be skipped by the user. You are charged after your video is shown 1000 times. These are called impressions and are a CPM (stands for cost per mil) campaign. This campaign is ideal for reaching someone with a quick, poignant message.

Interactive Elements

You might also choose to include interactive elements with your video ads to encourage more engagement.

  • Call-to-action overlay: Is shown as soon as the video starts to play and is able to be closed by viewers. When a viewer clicks they’re sent to a channel or website that you predetermine.
  • Card: This is a quick suggested teaser with a call to action. It suggests a video, a video playlist, poll, URL etc.
  • End screen: The end screen offers up a suggested video, URL, and subscribe button right at the end of your video.
  • Companion banner: This is used with TrueView In-Stream ads as a thumbnail that can be clicked. It’s a call to action such as “Watch more” or “Subscribe.”

How to create a video campaign

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Using the page menu, choose Campaigns.
  3. Select the plus button, and click New campaign.
  4. Choose a campaign goal: Learn more about goals in the new Google Ads experience
  5. Identify the campaign type.
  6. Decide on your campaign name, determine what you are willing to spend, and choose the channels you want to run your campaign on
  7. Find the locations to target or exclude.
  8. Select your customer’s primary language.
  9. If you like, you can choose which devices, platforms, and even carriers to run your ad
  10. Only if you want to, you can edit inside the advanced settings.
  11. Give your Ad Group a name.
  12. Determine your Bid
  13. Select your target audience
  14. Select one of your Youtube Videos
  15. Select an ad format and enter the information required.
  16. Save it and Continue.

Best Practices

You’ll want to optimize your ads for the best chance of conversion.

  • User Bumper Ads for short messages and Trueview ads for longer videos.
  • First Impressions matter. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention, so make them count.
  • A/B test your ads in various types
  • Use Interactive Elements to drive engagement
  • Locate your most popular videos and run ads with them
  • Be clear with your Calls to Action
  • Use end screens to encourage engagement
  • Give your video title some thought. Your click through rates are often related to your title.

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