Reasons You Should Not Start a Blog

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For many, blogging (creating a digest of content) brings rewards. Some blog for a creative outlet while others, others blog for brand awareness, and some blog for money. I blog for all three.

And although these rewards can be remarkable, there are reasons you shouldn’t start a blog. Let’s dive into those now.


First, if you are blogging as a creative outlet, time has no relevance.

When you feel the urge, create!

I generally create blogs about things that are happening in my life.

Being inspired comes easily when it’s related to things you enjoy.

If you are creating a blog for brand awareness or for income, this will require a more disciplined approach. If you don’t have time and don’t have help, or as I call it, “Leverage”, it will be hard to get your blog to take off.

For Example, if you are creating a social media blog such as an Instagram Blog, Facebook Blog, LinkedIn Blog, TikTok Blog (Yes, I’d still consider those blogs), then creating frequently, and with quality is going to get you more reach.

💡Reach is your audience size, basically. How many people did you reach with your post?

If your blog is on Youtube, the algorithm will reward you for creating quality content for your viewers, frequently. Youtube will require many videos before it begins to figure out what your channel is about.

If you are applying SEO to a written blog in order to rank on the Search Engines, you’ll need many, long-form articles (diving in a great length) before you will gain any traction.

Later, you will be able to blog less, as long as you are creating great cornerstone content.

💡If you have more money than time and are willing to hire help with your blog, writer access can be great leverage. You can log into writer access and order content based on the topic you choose. You’ll pay a per word or per article fee depending on the required skillset.

I wrote this blog myself. For particular topics, I’ll hire writers from writer access.

#2 No Blogging Skills

If you are not starting a blog because you have no blogging skills, there are solutions for that!

If you are not blogging because you aren’t willing to learn, apply, and master blogging skills, then that’s another problem altogether.

With the vast library of free tutorials on youtube, the inexpensive courses on websites like Udemy and Skillshare, (not to mention my own at Ballen Academy), and the constantly updating “How To Blog” articles on google, there are many ways to learn how to start a blog.

In addition, all of the previous methods I listed above also include tutorials such as Pinterest for Business, SEO Guides teaching how to rank on the search engines, Social Media Strategies to grow your blog, and more.

In fact, I have a complete digital marketing bundle that includes lessons in blogging, SEO, Pinterest, youtube, and more which you can find at

#3 No Idea What To Blog About

It’s true that if you have no idea what to blog about, then starting a blog is going to be a challenge. Until you know what to write about, you shouldn’t start a blog.

That being said, I think this is the easy part!

  1. Pick a Topic that you already enjoy (Beauty, Fashion, Cooking, Pets, Travel, Work, Finance, Fitness, Parenthood, etc.). Check out this list of lifestyle niches.
  2. Now, Take that topic and drill down to subtopics until you find something that is less broad.
  3. Use Google, Quora, or a paid tool like I love (SEMrush), and look up questions people are asking and topics.
  4. Now, Create a blogging schedule and get started!

#4 No Website

Not having a website isn’t a reason to not start a blog. If you want to blog on a website, I suggest WordPress.

You can install WordPress and have it live in less than an hour with any simple theme. You can also add a theme such as the ones I like from Studiopress and follow the step-by-step instructions to set up the design.

My brothers Jeff and Paul Helvin at Ballen Brands also build websites and blogs based on my strategies. You can reach them at 702-917-0755.

This blog is a WordPress Website with a Refined Theme. You can also consider more “boxed” solutions such as Wix or Squarespace although I’m a WordPress girl for the SEO and growth capabilities.

#5 You Don’t Have The Money

If you truly don’t have any money to invest any money in blogging, you shouldn’t start blogging.

Or could you?

If you are willing to forgo the shiny objects, bells, and whistles, and kit and kaboodle that many of us bloggers have worked our way into, then YES YOU CAN!

Now, when you CAN afford the Kit and Kaboodle, here are my favorite marketing tools for blogging. Build as you go!

  1. WP Engine for WordPress Platform and Hosting
  2. Canva for Featured Blog Covers, Social Posts, Pinterest Templates, Youtube Thumbnails
  3. Tubebuddy for Youtube optimization
  4. Tailwind for Pinterest Automation
  5. SEOpress for a great SEO Plugin for WordPress
  6. (SEO)
  7. Tasty Pins for hiding pins on your blog post
  8. Social Snap for Social optimization tools for your blog
  9. MissingLettr for Blog Promotion
  10. SmashBalloon for displaying an Instagram Feed
  11. OptinMonster for Lead Magnets
  12. Convertkit for Email Marketing

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