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Keyword StrategyOld school SEO had the webmaster stuffing in keywords at a high rate to tell Google what the page was about. The more the better was the policy. He with the most keywords posted in the most variations won.Example: In this article about running, we will run through some of the top ideas on running through paths, running up hills, and running through mountain tops. If you have never run, you will certain run after reading this article on running.Google’s Panda algorithm┬áput a stop to that.

Google Panda is a change to Google’s search results ranking algorithm that was first released in February 2011. The change aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites”, in particular “content farms”, and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results. Google Panda – Wikipedia

As you can see, this is not a quality user experience. In 2017, instead of keyword density being high, you want your keyword density to be low. It’s better to use related keywords than the same keyword.Example: In this article about running, we will cover some of the top ideas atheletes (related keyword) use when wanting to get more exercise (related keyword). Whether you are a jogger (related keyword), an olympic sprinter (related keyword), or track (related keyword) superstar, we will get you on your way.In the new Yoast SEO, they have reset keyword density from the old 4.5% (geeze!) to between 0.5 and 2.5%. So YOAST deems the spamming threshold to be 2.5% it appears.

Check your Keyword Density::

You might enjoy viewing Google’s Ranking Factors for ranking on the search engines.

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