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While most people think of real estate as a lot of independent business, joining a larger franchise is a great idea. Larger franchises don’t just help new agents wet their feet in the real estate industry; they offer ongoing tools and support that can help agents thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Keller Williams Realty has quickly grown into America’s largest real estate franchise. Use this guide to learn more about the company and see why so many agents are recommending the Keller Williams family.

Who is Keller Williams Realty?

Keller Williams is a real estate franchise with a rich history of success. The entire company consists of over 150,000 agents, with more opening offices every day. Over 600 franchises are currently operating across the United States and over 100 internationally.

Offices are always expanding, giving entrepreneurial agents plenty of opportunities for growth. In 2016 alone, nearly 2,000 new agents joined the United States family and 3,343 worldwide.

Within its first seven years of operation, Keller Williams had begun franchising across the world. This rapid growth allowed Keller Williams to challenge Century 21 as the top ranking real estate franchise in the United States.

Part of the reason Keller Williams is still expanding is the resources they offer new agents. Not only does the franchise incorporate the latest technology into its structure, they also introduced several educational tools for new real estate agents. Explore some of the many ways Keller Williams Realty differs from others in the industry, and you’ll quickly see why so many people are making the switch.

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The People in Charge at Keller Williams Realty International

There are several people who are in charge of making decisions at Keller Williams. The company was founded in 1983 by Gary Keller and Joe Williams, but the company has grown a lot since then.

The constant board changes aren’t due to a lack of performance. As the top real estate franchise in the world, the company is always expanding and trying new things. Keeping the board fresh and extensive allows the company to stay on top.

Franchise owners operate most offices. While Keller Williams Realty sets the policies for each office, franchise owners are responsible for executing them. A single agent can start franchises, but it isn’t uncommon to see multiple agents working together in the same office. In fact, many franchise owners hire individual agents to help ensure their area has adequate coverage. These agents rely on the franchise owner for daily guidance, leads, and maintaining the office.

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Specialty Real Estate at Its Finest

Part of what makes Keller Williams Realty unique is their approach to real estate sales. While most companies will only separate commercial from residential, Keller Williams differentiates even further. This allows emerging professionals to focus their careers and specialize in a type of real estate that interests them the most.

From a client standpoint, specialization is a great thing. If a person is buying or selling, they can have peace of mind knowing that they are working with a trusted professional. Specialists know their market well and can offer practical real estate advice to clients based on their needs.

While most specialists work within a small local area, others are happy to help people move cross-country or internationally. Because there are many different agents available, clients also have the privilege of working with the people they feel the most comfortable around. This increases overall satisfaction and leads to lifelong business relationships.

Here are the current sales categories Keller Williams offers and what they mean for new sellers.

Keller Williams Farm and Ranch

Being a part of the Keller Williams Farm and Ranch Division is a very rewarding experience. Unlike a commercial real estate agent, these specialists work closely with agricultural professionals to ensure they have the space they need to grow crops, raise livestock, harvest timber and more. Their performance and ability to acquire farming assets make each agent a valuable part of American culture.

Keller Williams Luxury Real Estate

Buying and selling luxury homes can be a unique challenge, and many agents aren’t up to the task. Homeowners get impatient if their multi-million-dollar luxury home sits on the market for too long and buyers in this price range often have a highly-specific list of demands for their new home. The Keller Williams Luxury Real Estate Division consists of specialists that cater to the needs of both buyers and sellers. They have a strong understanding of lavish amenities, sophisticated communities, and the overall value a luxury home can be.

KWYP (Keller Williams Young Professionals)

The Keller Williams Young Professionals Division has very little to do with age. Instead, it is a fast-track program designed to transform new agents into seasoned professionals. The division offers ongoing support, educational seminars, and online training to help new agents quickly perfect their skills. Founded by Matthew Maier, Melissa Krchnak, Kelly Henderson, Phillip Gazca, and Alex Frank, this special division is the perfect choice for new agents who are ready to start their business.

Keller Williams Commercial

The Commercial Real Estate Division at Keller Williams is the largest specialty division within the company. Commercial real estate plays a huge role in the community, with businesses consistently buying and selling. Specializing in commercial real estate is far from limiting; in fact, it opens agents up to much higher selling properties and large volume accounts.

KW Worldwide

How many people do you know with a second home outside of the United States? Whether a family is making a permeant move or seeking a vacation home, the expansive Keller Williams International Division is here to help. With franchises available all over North America and the United Kingdom, it is easy to find a location that caters to a buyer’s needs. Large offices have recently expanded into the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Indonesia, Dubai, Turkey, and South Africa. More franchises are popping up each day, allowing agents to demonstrate their culture expertise and passion for international real estate markets.

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Keller Williams Training

Keller Williams Realty firmly believes that education is the key to success. That’s why they offer a broad range of training programs and materials for new agents. This goes well beyond creating a uniform look for each agent or franchise; these educational tools help promote individuality while showing agents exactly what they need to launch their career.

While the company does offer ongoing educational tools, such as large seminars and individual coaching, Keller Williams is best known for its University curriculum. Keller Williams University is designed to help agents build their skills from the ground up, providing them with hands-on training and hundreds of online resources. Students can explore a wide range of videos, podcasts, articles, and presentations to help them get a better grasp on basic and advanced real estate selling techniques.

People who are new to the Keller Williams family don’t have to worry about making too big of a financial investment. Start up costs are fairly reasonable, and every agent has access to some of the tools they need to succeed. Unlicensed agents can even get started for a small investment fee that includes a wide range of classes.

Keller Williams Technology and Marketing

It’s no secret that technology plays a huge role in the success of a modern business. Real estate is no different; the better the technology and marketing tools you have access to, the better off you will be. Keller Williams Realty is known for introducing innovative technology that helps set the standard for the industry, allowing business owners to quickly enter and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

One of the biggest differences in Keller Williams and other real estate companies is their ability to help independent agents generate leads. The Keller Williams team has developed a highly-specific lead generation network that consists of over 100,000 active websites. This helps independent agents quickly establish themselves online and grow their individual network. While Keller Williams promotes a heavy team atmosphere, their technology is always geared to helping individuals grow into their roles.

Listing management is also a very important part of any real estate business, especially when an agent is starting to work with dozens of clients simultaneously. That’s why Keller Williams designed a unique listing system. The KWLS is an international listings tracker that helps agents gain exposure automatically. The system will post the listing data to numerous websites, yet leaves the agent in control. This allows for easy last-minute changes and effective management.

Traditional marketing tools reinforce a strong online presence. Part of the reason for Keller Williams’ success is their ability to develop world-class marketing systems. When you aren’t leveraging online tools to drive the growth of your personal brand, you are using it to track leads and follow up with clients.

One huge advantage is to marketing is being able to attach the Keller Williams name to a business card. The name brings instant brand recognition and lets people know that you follow the standards set forth by Keller Williams Realty. This allows you to add an extra layer of trust and security to any marketing campaign, giving potential clients peace of mind knowing that they are working with a qualified professional.

When new real estate agents start working, they often don’t know the best ways to represent themselves. There are many different ways to make a creative marketing campaign and generate leads. Instead of leaving each agent to figure things out on their own, Keller Williams works to ensure every agent has the tools and services they need readily available. Experienced agents are happy to provide marketing advice and guidance. A proven system is also in place to create a uniform look for each agent, taking a lot of the guesswork out of marketing.

Keller Williams Company Culture

Keller Williams Realty is more than a franchise; it is a unique family. Their goal is to create a sense of belonging and community for new real estate owners to feel welcome in. New agents are encouraged to work closely with their peers to help them develop their skills and learn the ropes. In office environments, agents will frequently organize events or outings to strengthen their bonds with one another.

In addition to offering a very rich culture for team members, Keller Williams also takes a very strong stance on enriching the community around them. Real estate agents are encouraged to help improve their local community every day. For example, the KW Cares program is designed to help fellow agents who have fallen on hard times due to an emergency. Many Keller Williams real estate agents find themselves volunteering within the community, as this helps them strengthen their relationship with the general public while enriching the world around them.

Keller Williams has also initiated RED Day, a day when the majority of the company takes on charitable projects. The goal is to complete a project that has can do something meaningful within the community. While some may celebrate by participating in fundraising activities, many real estate agents go out and perform hands-on charitable work.

By strengthening local communities, Keller Williams is able to develop stronger local relationships. This adds to the rich office culture the company promotes, giving many agents a strong sense of purpose.

Keller Williams Profit Share – Wealth Building

Keller Williams is revolutionizing the industry because of the way they treat their agents. Most modern real estate companies or franchises don’t offer the support Keller Williams does. Instead, they treat their agents like they are simply self-employed, giving them very little access to resources.

While the employee benefits at Keller Williams go beyond what a typical real estate company offers, they don’t stop there. Keller Williams has a strong belief that agents will be more likely to succeed when they have some long-term financial benefits. The Wealth Building program is just that – a platform where agents can easily control their money and contribute directly to company growth.

Participating in a Profit Share program doesn’t just help agents invest their earnings; it helps strengthen the bond between employer and agent. It encourages agents to always perform to the best of their abilities and find ways to help drive dynamic brand growth. When the company succeeds, each agent gets to reap some of the rewards.

Why More Top Agents are Choosing Keller Williams?

The real estate market is constantly changing and evolving. That means that agents need to be very selective when choosing a company to work with. It isn’t uncommon for agents to switch agencies three or four times throughout their career.

More people are choosing Keller Williams over other real estate franchises because they are a leader in efficiency and technology. The franchise is one of the easiest to get started with, making it a favorite among those who are new to the industry.

While Keller Williams Realty offers a lot of resources to new real estate agents, many seasoned professionals are migrating over to the franchise. This is due to some different reasons:

Growth Opportunities – As an consistently-expanding company, many agents are working on making the switch from real estate agent to the franchise owner. Others are using the marketing tools available to them to significantly grow their networks. This flexibility makes Keller Williams ideal for people at any stage of their real estate career.
Educational Tools – Having practical experience and ongoing support is a crucial part of being an independent agent.

While many Keller Williams real estate agents hold degrees from higher learning institutes, these degrees aren’t a substitute for practical, real-world experience. Online videos and networks are designed to show new agents the ropes in a more effective way.

  • Specialization – Agents can be recognized for their niche real estate marketing abilities in a unique way. Multiple formal divisions make it easy for real estate agents to start selling properties that they know more about. Whether they want to help farmers get the land they need or put residents in luxury villas, they can with the right specialization and support.
  • Easy Marketing – Technology makes building a local brand significantly easier. One of the biggest benefits of working with Keller Williams is that they are always developing new and exciting ways for agents to get their information out there. Combined with a wide range of tools and a highly-recognizable brand name, agents can be prepared for almost anything.
  • Profit Sharing and Benefits – Not every company offers good employee benefits to real estate agents. More people are switching to Keller Williams because of strong financial benefits, such as profit sharing programs.

Keller Williams has been the top name in real estate since 2014. The company offers a rich history of success and a slew of benefits to new and seasoned agents. With an excellent attitude and rich culture, it is easy to see why so many people are making the switch over to Keller Williams. To learn more, contact us or visit the Keller Williams official careers website today.

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