Keller Williams Megacamp 2018 Notes by Lori Ballen

These are my notes from Keller Williams Megacamp 2018. I’m Lori Ballen from Las Vegas.


Anna Kruger (ISA)

ISA stands for Inside Sales Agent. They handle inbound leads. OSA is an outside sales associate. This person lead generates by calling outbound.

The ISA is like an NFL ref. A ref is paid for their discretion. Some ref “calls” are obvious. You want to be the NFL ref that gets called in on the challenge. The goal on a call with a potential customer is gain yardage. This could take 7 attempts. In football, we cheer for yardage, not just a touchdown. We don’t do this so much in our business lives.

Anna’s team starts by reading at 8AM, then they do scripts and then at 9AM they are on the phones. Scripting is like being in a play. The first step is to memorize the opener. Learn how to deliver that at a high level. Then move to the next portion, and then the script, and then the objections. Master one piece at a time.

During call time, Anna’s team plays high energy music. They do lead generation for several hours. Anna focuses on outbound for listings in the morning. Afternoon is for follow ups (gaining yardage).

Gary points out that lead generating with another person, coach, or team, someone that you have to show up for, makes lead generation more reliable.

Google Hangouts are one way to bring in more people during lead generation time with people in other areas.

On the team owner side, Anna shares, the goal should be to have long term ISAs. Talent should stay. ISAs should not “graduate” to an agent. They can make a career of being an ISA and the role shouldn’t be “degraded” as saying it’s a temporary role.

Everything must be tracked. This is an opportunity to find the holes. It’s also great information for the next person to “pick that contact up”.

Everyone should be looked at as having their business within your business.

Anna believes that she must stay educated so that she is empowered to share that education with clients when the time calls for it.

Mark Fox: (FSBO)

We overthink FSBO and Expired. We need to put on the hat they are wearing and imagine what they are thinking and feeling.

The secret sauce is in objection handling. It’s not as much what you say as how you respond after they say something.

There are 3 things we try to convey: Doubt, Curiousity, and Urgency.

Example Mark Shares: We are in a script and the FSBO says “We are going to wait”. I ask how long they have been on the market. Their answer doesn’t matter. We understand that no matter how much time it is, it is too long. We create doubt. We want to plant seeds.

The goal when calling For Sale By Owners is to get the appointment. The follow up is very important. Follow ups allow us to take it to the next level. We are very detailed with our notes.

The lead won’t remember you. Have great notes. Bring up the vacation with grandma. We ask for permission to follow up. And then we need to do the follow up.

It’s important to not be salesy, yet create rapport.

Focusing on marketing gives the agent an advantage. “At some point in time when your house hasn’t sold, you’ll need to change your price or your marketing plan” (Script).

Richard Schulman (Coffee Dates)

2.5% of GCI went to Marketing in 2017.

The aggregator’s are selling us our own clients back. We need to go back to our databases, communicate and make sales

It’s important to provide value and not be “salesly”. Always come from value. Make content people want to read.

Richard uses text messages to set up coffee dates. Text allows reaching 100 people in seconds. He does a 20 minute coffee, no sales, “fishing exhibition”

“Hey Gary, Do you want to grab Coffee Next Week?” is the text script.

The other text is a “proportunity”. It’s a value text “Hey Gary, I have a great investment property, let me know if you are interested” (This is a contact that is tagged as an investor”.

Richard did a 7-hour training, and asked everyone in the audience (large audience) to message for a coffee date. The results were 11,000 + appointments.

Try to find someone that you are not talking to on a regular basis, advises Richard.

Gary Keller asks Richard if this activity is scalable.

Richard says, it doesn’t need to be scaled. If you had 400 great people and stayed in touch with them, that would be more money than you would ever need in your business.

Richard has 20,000 + numbers in his database to move from contacts to clients.

“We are in a shifting market, we are under attack via technology, we need to be face to face with our clients”, Richard Schulman


Sean Goerss: Online Farming

Sean started with craiglist. Now Facebook has taken the front as well as other trending social media because that’s where the potential and current customers are. The goal is to build and protect the database.

Keeping current clients and building new database contacts is important.

Sean’s Social Marketing Plan:

Online Farming:

  • Compelling Content
  • Lead Form for capture
  • Retargeting with FB Pixels
  • Personal Touches

Follow UP:

  • Immediate Response
  • Approach softly “Courtesy call to see if you have any questions”
  • People want to buy things, they don’t want to be sold things
  • 7-10 touches out are when things often seem to happen
  • Show you care about them by continuing to follow up.
  • Change the messages

Note on Rejection: It’s not that people don’t want to talk to you, it’s that they don’t know who you are. They are busy and you aren’t yet high on their radar.

Chantel Ray: Social Media

Chantel tested forced lead registration on and off. Their leads dropped by 55% when forced was turned off.

  • Answer the Phone within 3 rings
  • Answer within 5 minutes of give the client a gift card (answer guarantee)

Chantel’s Social Media Plan:

  • 10% of the buyers are ready right now, the rest are just looking.
  • Create a click funnel for low risk like: 6 things you need to know about selling
  • It’s all about leads. Facebook Ads should be run for lead capture – period.
  • Upload and Create audiences for retargeting.
  • Feature local businesses on video
  • Videolicous app will help you create great videos
  • Ask what the potential customer would want, tie in a benefit.
  • 3 Second Test: Is attention grabbed within the 3 seconds
  • $10 for a buyer, $40 for a seller averages for leads
  • 4% convert
  • Around 10 videos are created per week + home listings
  • Interact with posts
  • Develop Groups

Chantel has offices she allows businesses to use with large screens and white boards, copy machine etc.

  • $30,000 spend on Facebook

Justin Seeby: SEO

  1. Generation – PPC, SEO, Referrals
  2. Routing

Pay Per Click: The ads on the top of the page are paid for. Organic results are listed under the Pay Per Click Ads. Every market is different for costs based on the competition.

Search Engine Optimization: Blogging and Landing Pages can be great for SEO. Justin warns against buying “canned” blogs that share the same content. It’s challenging to get onto the first page of Google. And if you are on page 2, nobody finds you. A landing page can be about local events that are relevant and drive traffic to your website. They don’t have to be real estate related.

Routing: All of Justin’s leads come in through the systems and rotate through the agents. The response goal is 90 seconds. An email is sent out to the client with log in information and a goal to have them on the website. Each customer is set up on an IDX search. He states that 1.5% of e-leads get converted as an industry.

The agent “claims the lead” and has to make notes within 5 minutes of the call. The ISA can grab the lead if the agent doesn’t reach out. The ISA has an opportunity to “steal” more commissions based on how the agent who claimed the lead does. 5-10% commissions vary based on the communication.

A 30-day campaign is launched with an action plan to convert the leads: call, text and email. 6 Calls, 8 text messages (from the agent manually), and daily IDX emails with properties matching their search. The IDX search can be broad with a goal to send properties daily. Make sure the home search is broad enough to deliver enough related matches. Automated emails are also part of the campaign with messages from the agent.

Forced registration will generate more leads, real and “fake”. You will have a higher volume of both. When you get Donald Duck, you move on to the next one.


Carin Nguyen: Seller Business

Previously a buyer heavy team, Carin shifted to more seller’s, 11% more. Listings give you the leverage to get the leads.

  • 50% comes from sphere or agent referral
  • 24% from the internet
  • 15% from open house

Running a Seller Based Business

  • Add Listing Agents
  • At least 1 appointment a day, even if it’s a “preview”

Jeff Glover: Prospecting

  • Everyone on the team prospects for seller’s
  • They have to be an outbound caller for 6 months
  • No advertising dollars until 1.6 million in GCI: Advertising is 1/3 of the business
  • Calling and Door Knocking 1/3 of business
  • Past Clients, SOI 1/3 of Business
  • Developed a reputation of “the listing company”


KW is a tech company in that “we”, all of us that are part of Keller Williams, own the strategy and insights and build it or partner with others.

  • The internet has the ability to create a local experience from one spot that can serve all locals all over the world.
  • There is a race going on in every industry to see who can accumulate the most data and attach that to artificial intelligence that can provide insight or do tasks based on that data.
  • In the next 2 years, this race will be decided


  • Started out as an Agent
  • Tech Enabled Agent
  • Agent Enabled Tech (The tech is the fiduciary, agent is the functuary)
  • All Tech is a false prediction

Agents will be one of the middle two, tech enabled agent or the agent that enables tech.

Artificial Intelligence

  • No matter the industry, to be innovative, we have to have an innovation engine, the ability to innovate in real time.
  • Your phone is the remote control of your life.
  • Everything the professional needs to do in their business, they will do by their phone and laptop and will be physically enhanced. The real estate office in the future, is virtual and physically enhanced.
  • A Real Estate Cloud Service is trained to be aware of what the data is.

Agent Success Interviews

What’s coming?

  • Integrated data between agents and offices. One time entry
  • In the first quarter of next year, KW rolls out a live stream platform. Agent training will be live stream from Austin, TX
  • CRM: Command, a dashboard to literally run our agent business. As soon as you take a listing, you’ll begin getting “suggestions” from the artificial intelligence asking if you’d like to launch campaigns (and additional actions)
  • Ability to do away with Greensheets
  • Everything about a transaction in one place
  • Local Insights
  • Team Calendar
  • Net Sheet calculation for offers
  • Canva Integration 

Keller Mortgage

  • 0+ loan is exclusive to Keller Mortgage
  • In the past 2 years, Keller Mortgage saved consumers 12 Million Dollars.
  • Begins with technology, through an app (Quicker Preapproved buyers)
  • Great Customer Service (New Kelle Skills)
  • On-Time Closings (30 days)

John Maxwell

  • You have to have a plan for growth
  • Be intentional about your life and it will move
  • Growth is not automatic, it doesn’t just “happen”
  • The only guarantee that tomorrow will get better is that you are growing today
  • Hope is not a strategy

Life’s too short to not do what you love. You should wake up excited. If you don’t, then quit. Life is too short. And if you are already thinking about quitting, you already have, you just haven’t made it official

Growth Environment

  • Other people are ahead of you
  • Keep yourself in a place where you are not 1st in your class
  • The only stretching you will ever do is when you are around people bigger and better than you
  • A place where you are challenged. Get up every day and look at a mountain. No loafing or coasting. There’s a challenge. Every challenge has an opportunity. It means you are alive.
  • Focus is forward
  • Affirming
  • Out of your comfort zone
  • Wake up excited

Attitudes don’t stay good automatically. At times, we need attitude adjustments. The only time attitude matters is during difficult times. In good times, everyone has a great attitude.

People that succeed well are highly intentional to have a great attitude in what they do and who they are.

Be Intentional in your Priorities

Activity is not necessarily accomplishment.

Rule of 5: If we know what we want to accomplish, and if we have the right tools, and we stay focused, and do them every day (Find the 5 things), it begins to be absolutely possible.

Consistency with Priority Compounds.

Success is about you, Significance is about others. We were created to add value to others.

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