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How to Create Epic Instagram Calls-to-Action for Huge Engagement

How to Create Epic Instagram Calls-to-Action for Huge Engagement

Instagram is a leading social network. The platform has over 1 billion active users and 500 million monthly users. According to the social network’s report, over 80 percent of its users follow at least one brand. 

Instagram delivers 25 percent of Facebook’s advertising revenue, which will increase to 30-percent, by the end of the year. Top brands are using Instagram as part of their online digital marketing strategy. 

Instagram helps businesses achieve increased engagement and conversions. 

Most brand-related posts include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end. The CTA encourages users to do something such as visit the business’ website, buy a product, or contact you. 

To convince prospects to act, you must be creative. The CTA is your closer. So, here’s a brief on how to use Instagram CTAs for massive engagement and conversion rates.

Adding the Call-to-Action

On Instagram, you can add a call-to-action to your content and profile. Add a CTA button to your Instagram ads, a contact button to your profile, or to your Insta posts and bio. 

You can add different CTA buttons to your account, including “Book,” “Reserve,” or “Start order.” Usually, your business must operate in the hospitality or health and beauty industries to use these buttons. 

You can also include a CTA in your Instagram profile. Use a contact button such as “Call,” “Directions,” “Email,” or “Text.” If you work with one of Instagram’s partners, you can also include buttons such as “Order,” “Get Tickets,” “Book,” or “Reserve.” 

To add these CTAs to your profile:

  1. Go to the “Edit Profile” section on your business account.
  2. Navigate to “Business Information” and click on “Contact Options.”
  3. Select “Add an Action” and click on the option which is suitable for your business. 
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Epic Instagram Calls-to-Action 

Before you introduce your products or services to your prospects on Instagram, you can use a teaser. Your target audience will keep guessing about your new launch. 

Prospects will be able to anticipate what’s coming next. You can redirect users to view your Instagram Stories to watch the teaser. 

To convince Instagram users to buy, show them why they need your products. Use a post that showcases your products in a context, which highlights functionality. 

For example, a furniture retailer can post an image with bedroom furniture and mention that “Sunday is for sleeping in.”

To boost engagement, you can encourage your following to tag a friend or other users. You’ll increase your brand’s reach and boost sales. 

Use a CTA such as “Tag a friend you’d swim with.” Focus on active language to persuade your following to “click on,” “register now,” or “buy now.” 

CTAs must create a sense of urgency to grab users’ attention and encourage them to act. Use CTAs such as “available for the first 50 clients,” “order within 12 hours for a 50% discount,” or “only for a limited time.” 

Including urgency in the CTAs will make consumers feel like they’re missing out. Also, you must address your target audience. Talk to them directly. 

Colorful CTAs will catch your prospects’ attention. You can add colorful text to your images. Make your CTAs as visually appealing as you can. Customize the size of your CTAs in Instagram Stories, add emojis, and doodles. 

Encourage your following to share, check your other channels, or like your Instagram posts. You’ll boost your posts’ likes and make your other marketing channels discoverable on the Explore tab. 

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Make everything sound simple. You’ll show your prospects that you value their time. Keep the tone of voice welcoming and friendly. And be reachable. Insert links to your site and use the “Contact us” button. 


A high-performance CTA will boost your engagement rates, improve brand awareness, and increase conversions. Use a variety of calls to action, depending on the industry you’re operating in. Some CTAs require you to work with the platform’s partners.

To build anticipation, you can use teaser posts before launching a product, service, or event. Showcase your products in the proper context to highlight why your prospects need them. 

Encourage your following to tag a friend by asking a relevant question. Include the CTAs in your posts’ images or your Instagram Stories. Also, ask your following to share your posts to increase brand awareness.

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