Communicating with Your Sphere of Influence Using Infusionsoft

Hello, hello. Jeff Helvin here with Ballen Brands, and today I would like to show you around our sphere of influence campaign in our Infusionsoft CRM. If you would like to see a demo of Infusionsoft, text or call 702.917.0755 or email

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Once we log into Infusionsoft, we’re going to hover over the top left under the Infusionsoft icon and go into campaign builder. From here we’re going to access, what’s called the sphere of influence campaign.

This is built on a very simple structure. The idea of this campaign very simply put is to automate the nurturing process of our database.

Now, the sphere of influence campaign really can be dictated by your business, as to who to include in this campaign.

Is it past clients or is that a separate campaign.

Is it people that you meet at the gym?

Is it going to be people who you’ve actively been pursuing a real estate transaction?

We all can make different decisions on that, so what I’m going to show you is the sequence that we have set up here and some of the messages, and then that will help you understand who you want to put in there, what feels right for your particular sphere of influence.

The sphere of influence campaign gets launched when the tag “launch sphere of influence” is applied.

So if I double-click on this, you’ll see that “launch sphere of influence” is a tag that we have set up in the system.

This launches this sequence. Six weeks after they have had that tag applied, it’s actually going to create a task for you to manually call and follow up with them.

Again, if it’s someone from the gym that you met or if it’s a client, a past client, it’s now been six weeks and you want to call and touch base with them, what message you give to them will still be very custom in this particular case by looking their note history and seeing what kind of sphere of influence contact is this?

Six weeks after that, it’s then going to send an email from you to this particular contact.

So, in this case, we’ll use Tom Smith as an example, “Hello, Tom, I hope everything’s been fantastic since we last spoke. Are there any real estate related questions I can answer for you at this time? Or anything about the community?”

You may have talked to them a week ago, or it may have actually been six weeks, so we want this to be very generalized so that we can continue the automation without the contact’s understanding that they’re on an automated campaign.

From here, we give them a couple options. Yes, please call me or no, I’m good right now. And these options allow them, instead of clicking reply and typing out a message, it gives them a quick one-click response that they can give us.

Then, it’s going to wait six weeks, and then it’s going to send a text message. So “Hey, Tom, it’s Jeff. Everything good with you since we last connected?”

It’s a very open-ended question, we’re just trying to reach out and make contact. We’re not trying to sell them a transaction. If you are, that should be in a different campaign.

This is literally just to keep top of mind. I may not put my best friend in here because I might talk to him every other day. I’m not necessarily going to put my mom in here, right? Because these messages are going to go out, but anybody that we are not actively communicating with on a regular basis could fit into this sphere of influence campaign.

Then it waits six weeks and it creates another task for a second call. Then it waits six weeks, sends an email, waits six weeks, sends a text, so essentially in a one year period, this is about a year is the idea, about 54 weeks, it’s going to run.

Now, once it does that, it’s going to remove the sphere of influence tag, the campaign tag and then it’s going to add it back, which means it’s going to go back through the loop again, so this is just an ongoing campaign that every six weeks, the system is making a touch to this particular contact.

Now, there are three touches that you’re making manually, and if you don’t make that touch, then basically, you can just mark that task complete and it will be 12 weeks between the first communication and then six weeks between the next one and then 12 weeks before another email goes out.

So it’s up to you on really whether or not you want to do that or not. Of course, we do recommend it. A personal call is still very useful and could be a great way to keep in touch with your database. And so, in that case, these are set up to notify you.

So, over the course of one year, you’re making nine touches but only manually having to do three of those which is a pretty nice way to reduce the amount of time you spend nurturing your database. Now the other thing that’s cool about this campaign is we could easily add other third-party integrations.

We could add a send out card integration or a ZenDirect integration where it can physically send a card that we have pre-setup that would also add a postcard or a mailer touch to this campaign as well.

We can easily change the times to every four weeks if that’s how often you’d like to connect to the database, or we can extend it out up then to eight weeks. So it’s up to you on really how, what frequency you’d like it to run. What messages we want to save, but we keep it very broad and general on purpose.

Now, if they do reply to one of the emails by clicking one of those links, it’s simply going to add a note and create a task. So if they click the link that says please call, it adds a note and creates you a task to give them a call. If they click the link that says no, I’m good, it just adds a note.

There’s nothing really for you to do from there, so it doesn’t create you a task, it just adds the note so that you can see the next time you connect with them, the next time you are looking at their account, you can see a history of what they’ve been doing.

So this is our sphere of influence campaign. Very simple in nature, but extremely effective when used appropriately and again, very customizable as well. So if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you, and we look forward to working with you.


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