How to Get Started with Twitter Ads


If you’re thinking of setting up a Twitter Ad campaign but aren’t sure how to do it, then you’re in the right place. We’ll help you learn how to get started with Twitter Ads.

Every single day, millions of Internet users log in to Twitter perhaps to share ideas, discover new ones or even explore the latest news. For businesses, it is a social media platform that’ll help them grow their number of followers, market their products and generate leads to their sites.

Why is this? Well, a larger percentage of Twitter users tend to follow brands and companies. Therefore, as a business, if you’ve not integrated Twitter into your social media marketing strategy, then you’re losing on numerous potential clients and customers. Regardless of your business size, whether small or large, Twitter Ads are a great way of getting your tweets to a broader audience other than your current followers.

Ready to learn more? Twitter Ads are quite effective, and it doesn’t matter your budget size. Enough said, let’s take you through the basic steps of setting up your first Twitter Ad.

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Step 1: Get Started

Say you have a real estate business and online site if you want to create a Twitter Ad; the first thing you’ll have to do is set up your business on Twitter. To do this, you’ll have to visit; this is only applicable to any business that hasn’t set up an account.

At the top right corner of your page, click the settings ‘gear’ to locate the Twitter Ads feature. Alternatively, you can log in directly to


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Step 2: Creating Campaign

You’ll be taken to a screen that’ll detail metrics from your previous campaigns. However, because you’re reading this article, perhaps you haven’t created any campaigns yet. Therefore, the page will display ‘There is no data to display for the selected range’. To get started, you’ll have to click on the ‘Create New Campaign’ to create a-14


The Welcome Page

Once you’ve clicked on the button, you’ll be greeted with a welcome page and an introductory video on ‘Twitter for Small Business’. You’ll also find a description of the various types Twitter Advertising options.



Types of Twitter Ads

Don’t click the ‘Get Started’ button just yet. You need to understand the three main types of Twitter Advertising options so that you know which one to settle for depending on your budget and advertising goals.


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Promoted Accounts

Promoted accounts let you promote your account and brand name. It helps increase the number of followers in your account. Promoted accounts normally appear on the ‘Who to Follow’ section on Twitter.

Whenever anyone logs into their Twitter account, on the main dashboard, they’ll be able to view a list of suggested users they can follow based on their interests. Provided your business account has related keywords in the profile, say real estate, the user will see your promoted account in this section.

Promoted accounts can also be seen when you view other profiles on Twitter as long as the targeting demographics matches. They’re shown in the ‘Similar to…’ box.


Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets allow you an option to highlight a single tweet specifically from your business Twitter account for it to get more exposure. They are visible at the top of any relevant search result page for certain keywords or within promoted trends search results. Promoted tweets allow your account’s tweets to be visible in users’ Twitter streams.


Promoted Trends

These are topics and Hashtags moved to the top of trending topics lists. Any time you visit your Twitter homepage; you’ll be able to see promoted trends in the Trends section.

Just as trending topics, people will not only be able to incorporate promoted trends into their tweets but they’ll also be able to view a page following the person who’s posted an update with the specific Hashtags or keyword.


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Which Twitter Ad Should You Use?

You’ll surely be able to answer this question if you know your ultimate goal for using Twitter Ad. What do you intend to achieve in the end?

Promoted tweets will help in increasing your number of followers. Why should you pay to have many followers? Well, a large base of Twitter followers is important if you want to maximize the benefits of your social media marketing. Promoted accounts are a good option for anyone interested in building their audience.

For promoted tweets, you’ll be able to promote specific tweets from your business’ account. For instance, if you want to get more exposure on a tweet you posted about your marketing campaign or a specific offer in your business, then you’ll need to pay for a promoted tweet.

Alternatively, promoted trends are a better option for any business seeking to build mass awareness for any new product launch or event.



Step 1: Set Up Your Twitter Ad Campaign

Now that you have sufficient information on the Twitter Ads available for you, you can go ahead and set your campaign. Click the ‘Get Started’ button and fill out all the required information



How to Get Started with Twitter AdsStep 2: Find Your Audience

The right audience is important because as much as you create the best-promoted tweet, it’ll not be useful if it’s not targeting the right audience. Be as specific as you can so that you’ll be able to pay for clicks from people interested in your product or service.

For promoted accounts, the options are a bit straightforward;

Enter a @username in the search box if you want to target an audience similar to the user’s followers. This way, the user and their followers will be able to see your promoted account whenever they log into their Twitter account.
Add interest categories in case you want to target a wider audience. If you’re in the real estate business, for instance, choose it from the drop-down list that appears as you type.
Where is your target audience located? You’ll have the option to select a location you want to reach your customers. Are they available globally? Or perhaps you want to target a specific country, city or state.
Select an option that best suits your business. You wouldn’t want to target the entire nation if you’re a local business, right? Type in a name of any specific location you’re targeting; a list of suggested locations will appear as you type. Save and continue.
If you’d like to use promoted tweets, you have many targeting options to settle on. You can target your audience using keywords, interests and followers or you can target people on Twitter, who interact with television content.


In keyword targeting, simply enter the keywords you’d like to target or import your existing list of keywords. If you’re targeting Hashtags, add them as keywords.


In interests and followers, the setup is similar to the promoted accounts so be sure you know the users you’re targeting and enter their usernames.


Using the television targeting option is quite interesting. You’ll be able to target people tweeting about a particular television show. Select any television show relevant to your business or niche as it’ll be a good way to get real-time exposure to your audience and potential customers.


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Step 3: Creating Your Tweets

Even if you’re using promoted account, you can choose to amplify your message by using promoted tweets. You’ll have to choose manually the tweets you’d like to promote or let Twitter automatically select them for you.

To create a new tweet, click the ‘Promote a new Tweet’ button. Click the eye icon to select your preferred delivery type, whether standard or promoted only. The standard option allows you to promote your tweet immediately while the promoted-only option will promote your tweets through your campaigns.


how to create a-15Step 4: Specifying Your Campaign Budget

You’re almost there; it’s now time to set your campaign budget. You’ll need to set you total budget, your daily maximum and the maximum cost per engagement. The set total budget is optional but highly recommended especially for businesses running a campaign but wouldn’t want to have a huge bill supposing they forget to end their campaign.

Enter the total amount you’re willing to spend every day. Remember, you can set a higher cap if you want maximum engagement because, the more clicks on your tweet, the more engagement in your website.


Ready to Launch

Well done! Now you’re ready to launch your Twitter Ad campaign. Monitor your progress by checking regularly your campaign status on the ‘Analytics’ section on the Twitter Ads interface.

Make necessary changes wherever possible to get the most of your efforts and to ensure you stay on budget. Moreover, you can use your marketing analytics to determine your Twitter advertising efforts easily and whether they’re generating leads and increasing your customer base.


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