How To Create a Facebook Video Profile


Facebook has announced a great feature, and that is a Facebook profile video. ┬áThis feature allows you to customize how you represent yourself or business by filming a seven-second clip within the Facebook app, which shows up as the profile pic when people visit it. It will help add a new and fresh dimension to your profile and even send more traffic your way. Although the incredible feature hasn’t been rolled out world wide yet, it is available in some areas like the UK and California.

Facebook presents such a huge opportunity for businesses to catch the attention of customers while simultaneously building on their brand image. Online marketing through Facebook enables businesses to connect with customers easily by building loyalty and facilitating word of mouth. This social tool enables you to create an engaged community and develop a dynamic web presence for your business.

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Here is how you can get rid of your boring and static image and upgrade to a looping video by following the following simple steps:

  1. how to create a Facebook video profileFor starters, you will need to download the Facebook app for iOS and restart the browser. It has to be downloaded as the feature cannot be accessed using the phone browser.
  2. Log in to the app using your existing details and connect to your profile. If the feature is available, you should see a flashing icon of a video camera in the middle and a normal camera at the bottom right edge of your profile picture.
  3. Tap at your current profile picture that now appears at the middle and you can opt to take a new profile video or use the one you made earlier by selecting upload video or photo.
  4. If you select the take a new profile video, you will be automatically be taken to a camera mode where you can get to record a short video that lasts for a maximum of seven seconds. Remember to shoot the video in a horizontal mode otherwise it will appear sideways on your profile.
  5. If you are uploading an existing video from your device, note that Facebook will not accept it unless it’s less than seven seconds long. Therefore make sure that the clip isn’t too long otherwise you will have to trim it using the iPad’s or iPhone’s video editing software.
  6. Finally, choose the frame you will want to use to preview the profile video.

Flip your profile by using this incredible tool to engage your customers, fans and friends on a more personal level.

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