How to Build a Table Using Gutenberg in WordPress

Sabrina, Marketing Director for Ballen Brands, shows you how to add a table within the Gutenberg platform inside of WordPress.

Step 1: Add a new block

First, click the plus sign on the left to add a new block.

Step 2: Search for a table

After adding a new block, search for “table” and choose how many rows and columns you want. After you’ve decided on the number of rows and columns for your table, hit “create.”

Step 3: Fill in the table

Once you’ve created your table, fill in the text that you want. You can fill it in however you would like.

You do have the option to add a row before or after or delete a row. You can also add a column before or after, or delete a column right from your toolbar. 

If you realize that you need one more column, or need one more row, or you overshot it, you can go in and delete or add as necessary.

Step 4: Format your table

Format your table so you can choose how you want it to actually show up on the post– whether you want it to be full width, wide, or just a regular text width to match the rest of the text.

Whether you want it to be just centered above and below, you can play with the different options available on Gutenberg. You also have your normal font options where you can bold and italicize text, strikethrough, or link your text in the tables.

The “More Options” section lets you duplicate the block, insert a block before or after, and add the existing block as a reusable block if it’s a table that you’re going to use over and over again within your website. 

Step 5: Preview your table

Lastly, get a look of what your table looks like and make the necessary adjustments before publishing your post.

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