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Hootsuite vs. Hubspot

Have you ever wondered how your brand can best boost its visibility and help create more brand awareness? If so, you’ve quite possibly considered—and maybe already explored—tools such as HubSpot and Hootsuite.

But how do these companies stack up in a side-by-side comparison? Do they perform the same functions?

In short, HubSpot, in addition to social media marketing, allows brands to leverage their tools to monitor the entire process of attracting and converting potential buyers; Hootsuite, on the other hand, enables brands to dominate in the domain of social media marketing but doesn’t offer as many tools as HubSpot does.

This article will compare the two companies so that you don’t have to, clarifying their similarities and differences and making it easy for you to decide which one your brand would benefit more from using. 

Side by Side Comparison

First, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of these two companies.

Hootsuite focuses primarily on allowing you to manage your social media effectively and efficiently, offering many valuable features to help drive engagement and monitor your various accounts. 

It also has features that help with your CRM (customer relationship management) and CMS (content management system).

On the other hand, HubSpot features similar assets in terms of social media management while focusing more so on marketing via automation and tracking the buyer’s path to conversion.

Examining these two companies’ respective features, you’ll be better positioned to decide what makes the most sense for your brand. 

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Some companies prefer to work with only one social media management service, while others utilize both Hootsuite and HubSpot to profit from the best of both worlds.

Hootsuite’s marketing tools

Hootsuite is one of the most popular and recognizable platforms for marketing online through social media.

Here’s a rundown of some of its primary features.

Post scheduling

Whether you’re using primarily Facebook and Instagram or more so focused on Twitter or WordPress, it doesn’t matter—Hootsuite takes care of all of it, allowing you to schedule posts on whichever accounts you’re using easily.

Even with a free account, you can post on a maximum of five profiles, which is more than enough for most brands starting. 

There’s also a nifty extension on Google Chrome that lets you schedule your posts without using the Hootsuite platform directly.

Project management

Hootsuite permits you to manage your projects efficiently because you can quickly assign tasks to your team members with little to no hassle, letting you work better and get more done more efficiently.

Another popular software you might want to through into the mix for comparison is

Keyword tracking

An essential aspect of brand management involves keyword tracking. 

Hootsuite offers sophisticated keyword tracking that enables you to follow the most important keywords for your niche, giving you key insights into your customer base’s mind.

Social reporting

Thanks to recent upgrades, Hootsuite has made following your content’s engagement more effortless. 

Plus, should you want even more resources, you can upgrade with “boards,” their feature that allows an impressive range of insights into your social media follower base.

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Channel streams

With Hootsuite’s customizable platform, you can select tabs to add to your dashboard for each social media channel you use. 

The tabs allow you to easily view your published posts, messages, subscribers, followers, etc., making tracking your engagement more manageable. 

RSS Feeds

To get your content out more effectively and efficiently, you can easily utilize an RSS feed with Hootsuite. 

This feature allows you to instantly promote content when influencers post about your brand, providing a quick boost to overall brand awareness without any hassle whatsoever.

Keap is another popular CRM that allows you to add an RSS feed to your dashboard. [See Video]


Last but not least, Hootsuite is quite affordable considering all the value it offers. The free account comes with a reasonable number of features, and the monthly subscription is surprisingly inexpensive for the features provided. 

Plus, there are add-on features that you can purchase as needed, making this a lightweight and reasonable service all around.

HubSpot’s marketing tools

HubSpot will allow your team to dominate marketing through automation. Whereas Hootsuite focuses on social media marketing, 

HubSpot carries additional value in that it lets you easily monitor your leads from initial engagement through to conversion and beyond.

Let’s look at some of HubSpot’s primary features.

Post scheduling

HubSpot, like Hootsuite, allows you to easily schedule all your social media posts on all your accounts. 

As with Hootsuite, there’s also a Chrome extension, permitting you to schedule your content still when you’re not on the HubSpot platform itself. 

HubSpot also allows you to monitor engagement for all your social media profiles easily.

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RSS feeds

Also, like Hootsuite, HubSpot allows you to establish an RSS feed so that you can automatically attract people who are new to your social media platforms. 

There’s even a handy “Follow Me” feature that makes this process easily actionable for potential new customers.

Inbox streams

HubSpot’s streams aren’t the same as Hootsuite’s, but the overall functionality is essentially the same. With HubSpot, however, you can see the engagement happening across your accounts all in one place. 

If you’re big on Twitter, you’ll love the unique feature for Twitter that permits you to follow activity specifically on that platform.

Complete reporting

HubSpot shines in reporting, as their reporting offers a great deal more than Hootsuite’s. 

For example, you can easily track the performance of your content and all-important statistics like how many people clicked through made it to your landing pages, and more.

Wrapping up: do we have a winner?

Already almost ten years ago, in 2012, Hootsuite managed to attract a whopping twenty percent of premier brands and has since grown to a staggering 18+ million accounts.

It’s easy to see the draw, as Hootsuite excels in certain areas to a greater extent than HubSpot, for example, its user features, which offer greater control over individual monitoring of social channels and a primary focus on marketing across a wide variety of social media platforms.

For brands looking primarily to create heightened brand awareness via social media, Hootsuite is a clear winner.

On the other hand, HubSpot excels in certain areas where Hootsuite does not match up, like how HubSpot enables you to monitor how your social media strategy fits into your entire marketing plan its features that offer seamless tracking of engagement within campaigns and over multiple channels.

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It’s understandable, then, why some brands prefer HubSpot as a one-stop-shop kind of platform that covers all of their needs.

Ultimately, it comes down to your brand and your marketing goals.

Do you want elite social media marketing tools that don’t necessarily require complete engagement and conversion tracking? 

You’re probably better off with Hootsuite in that case.

Do you want both top-tier social media marketing features and the ability to follow your engagement and conversion across multiple platforms easily? 

Would you love the convenience of having all of this under the umbrella of a single service? Then it makes sense for you to opt for HubSpot.

Is your budget nice and cushy, and you want to benefit from the best of both worlds? Excellent—simply get both services!

No matter which you choose, you’ll be in good shape with one or both of these highly-rated platforms that will take your marketing game to the next level.

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