Demystifying Google Search Console

Website analytics tools exist to help Internet marketers gain an edge. Google Search Console was designed for business professionals marketing their products and services online.
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Analytics Tool

Website analytics tools exist to help Internet marketers gain an edge. Google Search Console was designed for business professionals marketing their products and services online.

For example, an E-commerce site might track and measure results for specific product pages. Real estate agents might track and measure content designed to foster relationships. A brick-and-mortar shop might track and measure pages that lead viewers to appointments. Anyone using the Internet to market their goods and services could benefit from Google Search Console.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, is one of many website analytics tools. You can use Google Search Console to learn what search queries are leading viewers to your site.

You can also discover which pages users are finding. Google Search Console displays errors Google found when reading the site map.

The system also employs email notification to alert you of problems or changes. This gives you an opportunity to fix anything that’s not working properly.

You’re also able to identify areas within your website that are successful so you can focus your energies on what’s working.

When Do I Use Google Search Console?

Any time you want to track a new website, you’d open Google Search Console to add the new URL.

For example, if you’re in Nevada and have a real estate website for Las Vegas and another for real estate website in Reno, you’d enter each of those websites into Google Search Console.

If you later created a new website for Elko, you’d open Google Search Console again to add the new site.

When it comes to errors or major changes in your websites’ activity, Google Search Console emails you to notify you of changes, or when something requires your attention.

It’s good practice to log in once per month to review queries to a page. Gauge what’s working and what’s not. Learn how to experience the best return on your investment of time and energy on your website.

Where is Google Console?

Google Search Console’s address online is You must first create a Google Account. There are also some verification steps required for each property (website) you enter.

The first time you enter a property for Google Console to search, Google sends you an email. The email provides you with instructions for six steps to follow.

Step One: Website Variations

Step one includes adding all of your website versions (http://, http://www, https://, https://www).

Step Two: Preferred Version

Next, you’re asked to identify your preferred version (recommended without the www because it’s cleaner and neater in search).

Step Three: Target Country

Third, you have the option to select your target country, which is only important if you’re a business owner in a specific country trying to attract customers in the same country. In the example of domestic real estate, it would make sense to select the US as your preferred country.

Step Four: Sharing Access

You then have the ability to share access to Google Console with others, such as your co-workers, web developers, or anyone with whom you trust your information. You can, however, restrict access based on user type.

Step Five: Sitemap

Next, you can submit a sitemap file, a file that shows where your site’s content is. This helps Google find errors and report them back to you.

Step Six: Learn More

Finally, you’re given an option to learn more about Google Console and how it works.

Why are Website Analytics Tools like Google Search Console Important?

The goal is to market your page to appear as the first non-paid, organic result in Google Search. Most people have learned to ignore the paid or sponsored results. The majority of users click on the first link.

If your page is showing up as number five on the Search Engine Results Page, there’s a chance that even though it is shown numerous times, it may not receive a lot of clicks.

Inspiring Clicks

You can grow your business online more successfully by understanding the search terms viewers are using to find you, and by understanding what information you can use to entice the viewers to click your link.

For example, each page you enter into your website asks you to input a snippet or metadata. Your snippet, or your metadata, shows up as the description below your link on the search engine results page.

If you do not manually enter an enticing description of your own, Google pulls the first few sentences from your web page content. This is your opportunity to convince viewers that they should click on your site to find what they need. Otherwise, they land on someone else’s site.

How this Applies to You

Using real estate as an example, a relationship-building piece of content for a website in Las Vegas was published pertaining to allergies. Of course, this topic has nothing to do with buying or selling real estate in Las Vegas, but it does build and foster relationships with people in the area who may eventually become a lead. It also helps build authority with Google ranking each time a visitor visits a particular website.

In this case, the search query was “allergies in Las Vegas”. Five people typed those exact words into a Google Search and found that real estate website. There were 77 impressions, meaning the page showed on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) 77 times to garner those 5 clicks.

That created a CTR (Click Through Rate) of 6.49 percent. That real estate agent’s website was the fifth website shown on the Search Engine Results Page, so four other sites were shown first.

How to Apply the Information

When that real estate agent decides they to improve those results,  he or she can adjust the snippet or met data description so it’s more appealing to viewers.


Google Console is not the one-stop-shop for tracking, measuring, and improving your Search Engine Optimization efforts. There are plenty of website analytics tools.

But it’s a resource that indicates specific behaviors (search queries) that lead viewers to your website. By using Google Search Engine Console in conjunction with other tools, such as Google Analytics, Spyfu, Clicky, and Crazy Egg, you enable yourself to better understand your website’s performance and how you can more successfully grow your business online.

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