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Google Search Console vs. Google Analytics: Which One is Best?

Google Search Console vs. Google Analytics: Which One is Best?

These are two products by Google that seem to do the same thing: analyze your web traffic. They are primarily for website developers, site admins, and business owners. But wait! Let’s look more closely at these two.

Google Search Console is focused on your website’s searchability, whereas Google Analytics is primarily about the user. These products do separate things that I’m going to take a look at. 

Keep your mind open until the end; what you discover may surprise you!

Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) was made with Google Search in mind. It looks at analytics, too.

Available Data

Impressions: The number of links to your site a user saw in their Google search.

Clicks: The number of clicks it took the user to get from the search to your page.

CTR (Click Through Rate) – This is the number of clicks divided by the total number of impressions.

Queries – These are the keywords that users searched for in their Google searches.

Position: This is the average amount of distance from the top result to your site position.

Links Into Your Site

You want to pay attention to how other sites link to your site, e.g., what text the links are using, who links to you, and what they link to. 

Google sees the web as a system of links and follows them when it crawls pages. When other sites link to you, it can boost your rankings and SEO.

Links Out of Your Site

Internal Links to well-performing sites will make Googlebot work better. Look for pages that are performing well. I

f a page isn’t doing as well, consider changing the links; they might be confusing Google.

Mobile Usability

Google is showing a preference for mobile-friendly websites. You want to look at this page and make some changes if Google says your page isn’t up to the task.


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Not only does GSC show you where you stand on queried terms in your property, but you can also search queries for keywords to use. This might be the best function of the whole app.


  • SEO is key with this app – everything you need to make your website more searchable by Google is here. It’ll give you suggestions and even let you know what’s wrong with your mobile performance.
  • Queries – You can run queries to see what users are searching to know what keywords you should include making your site higher in the rankings. Not only that, but you can see how your site ranks in the queries.
  • GSC shows you how your internal links are working for you. If a page isn’t performing well, you can fix it by changing or editing the links to another site that Google likes better; one that performs admirably. You can see how Googlebot works on your site.
  • You can check your inbound links. What are people linking to, and what’s the anchor text? How do users find you? The internet is a web of connections, and you want to look at the ones to you and see how they are working to help you.


  • There’s no demographic information. You know how the searches are working, but you don’t know what groups are searching for you. What are their ages, and where do they live?
  • You don’t know how they’re using your site. You can get your users to your website, but once they’re on, you don’t see how they’re purchasing, what technology people are using, or why they leave your app halfway through signing up for your service.
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Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) has two reporting modes:

Firebase Reporting and Reporting. Firebase is a mobile platform that aids in developing apps. Reporting is for properties (like websites).

Available Data

Realtime Reporting

You can choose Realtime if you want to see users on your page in the last 30 minutes. It shows events (clicks, first views, scrolls, etc.) and snapshots of random users.

What Your Users Are Doing – Engagement

You can choose Overview, which shows engagement time, viewing behavior, and user activity.

You can also choose Events, which functions as the events above. This also shows where the user was.

Your Monetization

The Overview shows your revenue, purchases, purchasers, and items. You can have these graphed by the groups you made on the Home or Realtime pages.

  • Ecommerce Purchases is where you can see item views, add-to-cart, and more.
  • In-app Purchases show you quantities and revenue metrics.
  • Publisher Ads can show you impressions and ad unit exposure.

Your Users’ Tech

This will show you the users’ platform, OS, Device, Browser, screen resolution, and app.


  • All the reports you could want about what your users do on your website are at your fingertips—customizable to your heart’s content with the groups and demographics you select for the purposes you need.
  • Revenue and purchase information is easily accessible, showing you how your users bought what they did, what steps they made to get there, and how they got there. Impressions are there with a click.
  • You can tailor your products to tech your clients are using to access your site. Know what apps to develop by what country and what devices people use to reach you.
  • See who’s searching your site right now! You probably want to know where your traffic comes from so you know who to target with your advertising.
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  • No query research. There’s no way to find out what those great keywords are. You can’t see how you rank with mobile sites either.
  • No inbound or outbound link information. There’s no way to tell what the quality of your links is.

Winner – Both

Final Verdict

GA and GSC go hand in hand. I use them both on my site because they do separate things and work together. I use Google Analytics to check users’ behavior and Google Search Console for SEO. They get a high CTR if you use both together.

If you want to use one or the other, make sure you understand the purpose of the one you are using. If you wish to know what people are doing on your site or you want your site to have the best SEO, these apps have you covered.

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