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Google Alert

Google alerts can be very helpful for keeping yourself informed about what is happening on the web that interests you.

– Set up a Google Alert around YOUR name. See what Google picks up about you

– Measure keyword search strings you use to measure your internet lead generation methods

– Set up a competitors name on a Google Alert to keep you “in the know” of their progress

– Set up an alert around someone you are learning from. This is a great way to follow
– Set up keywords around a topic you are learning such as SEO, Blogging, Craigslist, etc.

Google Alerts
Google Alerts

Step 5
Choose from Only the best results or All Results. For Example, if your search term is “Las Vegas Real Estate” and you choose all, you may get quite a list. If you choose “best”,  Google will send you the most relevant

Step 6
Choose your Deliver to the email address

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