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What is a Ghostwriter For Hire?

What is a Ghostwriter For Hire?

Want to grow your online brand and improve your status as an industry expert? Are you looking for innovative, low-cost ways to promote yourself as a leading expert online? You need a great blog, sometimes supported by a great ghostwriter for hire.

Creating and maintaining an interesting, current blog is one of the most effective and affordable ways to promote yourself as an experienced, knowledgeable business.

A blog can boost the organic (free) ranking of your websites on search engines like Google and Bing helping to increase your website traffic among both clients and colleagues.

If you provide a service, customers and clients want to be convinced that you are the right choice for their needs; a blog allows you to actively engage and build relationships with your website visitors.

Blogs encourage comments and conversations that can convert into listings and sales.

So, you know why businesses need to stay active online, but chances are good you don’t have the time, desire, or skills needed to write all of your own blog posts that generate the kind of ‘buzz’ you want.

Thankfully, bloggers have access to a virtual army of skilled, knowledgeable, and cost-effective blog writers online – ghostwriters.

This bloggers-for-hire are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it easy to access high-quality articles for your blog – once you’ve found the right writer.

Ghostwriter for hire 101

You can find content writers who will work for virtual peanuts or you can hire bloggers who are full time professional writers whose skills and experience demand a premium rate.

Virtually anyone who has a computer and Internet access can claim to be a blogger – there are no specific job descriptions or criteria per se, and ghostwriting is a completely unregulated industry.

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Bloggers hail from all walks of life and all corners of the globe, resulting in massive variances in the quality and price of online content.

On the upside, this means that entrepreneurs who want to hire a ghostwriter have lots of choices; a website owner can opt to hire a blogger directly, purchase pre-written articles or use a content brokerage site.

You can find content writers who will work for virtual peanuts or you can hire bloggers who are full-time professional writers whose skills and experience demand a premium rate.

In general, there are three basic options for those who are seeking to hire their own ghostwriters; direct orders, custom content brokerages, and article brokerages.

Direct Orders

With direct orders, agents deal with the writer to negotiate payment, content, and quality issues. Bloggers for hire often post ads on local Craigslist sites; they also may operate their own sole-proprietor businesses that they promote through blogs and paid Google ads.

You can also find writers by posting a paid ad on writer sites like

Direct ordering can be a great way to find and retain high-quality writers, however, this method of finding ghostwriters for hire also involves the greatest risk and biggest investment of time.

With direct ordering, both the buyer and the writer risk being scammed; if you choose to hire a blogger directly, do your research and ask for references.

Custom Content Brokerages

Also known as ‘content mills’ these online brokerages let people order content from either a pool of writers or specific bloggers.

Depending on the website, you may be able to select the quality of the content, specify details about your blog, and choose from a variety of pricing plans.

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Payment is processed through the brokerage and clients usually have the option to ask for revisions or even reject content that is unsatisfactory.

This brokerage ranks writers based on client feedback and payments are made thru PayPal.

Other content brokerages allow non-native English writers from any country to register, such as Amazon’s MTurk and bid-based sites like

This can mean lower initial costs for your content, however, be aware that the quality of content from offshore content mills is often poor.

Article Brokerages

You can also purchase pre-written articles online from brokerages like, where writers place ready-made blog posts for sale. This can be a great way to content in a pinch, however, article brokerages rarely permit revision requests or customization of the content.

Blog Pricing

Ghostwriting pricing varies widely; factors like writer experience, location, and market demand all impact the cost of buying a blog.

For a native English writer who can craft clear, on-topic content, expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $100 for a 500-word piece. You’ll find more in the directory below of content writers for hire.

Factors like quality, the amount of research needed, and search engine optimization of the content all impact the price of a blog post.

Cost Vs. Quality

Generally speaking, when it comes to finding a ghostwriter for hire, you get what you pay for.

There are numerous dirt-cheap content options available, however, these blogs are usually written by non-English writers or are the product of automated writing programs that churn out computer-generated blog posts.

Look for native English writers who understand the culture of your target audience; remember, you want your blog to be a reflection of you and your business, so quality, tone, and style all matter.

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Original Content

No matter where you source your blog content, always run it through an online content checker like Copyscape to protect yourself against copyright violations.

Search engines like Google want to see original content in their ranking and will generally rank only the best quality original content.

Entrepreneurs need to include a current, active blog as part of their marketing strategy.

With the right ghostwriter for hire, you can enjoy increased website traffic, name recognition, and client referrals for less than the cost of a classified ad in your local newspaper.

Where to Find a Ghostwriter

You can find 17 great SEO content writing services in this article as well.

Ballen Brands: Ghostwriter For Hire

Founded by Lori Ballen, a Las Vegas real estate agent and entrepreneur, Ballen Brands began as a marketing agency for real estate agents and has branched out into other industries including affiliate marketers. Now, her brother Jeff and Paul Helvin own the company and have ghostwriters for hire.

BKA Content:  Ghostwriter For Hire

BKA Content is a site that allows clients to purchase custom branded content for their blogs. Clients have two options for ordering: self-service and managed services.

  • Self-service: The process for ordering begins with choosing the product and word count needed. Next, you decide whether you want to pay for in-house editing services at an additional 1.5 cents a word.

    Additional add-ons are available such as meta tags, title tags, and social media marketing add-ons, each for a small fee per post. After checkout, a detailed order form is sent that allows you to create the requirements for the project such as blog topic, company name, keywords, and more. The site does not offer information about returns when using self-service.
  • Managed services: Clients have the option of using managed services at no additional charge. An account manager will discuss with you which products will fit your needs and budget. For large volume orders, a trial order will be set up to ensure that the agency can meet your expectations.

    The account manager is your point of contact and will set up instructions for your project, then select and train the appropriate writers. All contact will be through the account manager to streamline the process. Once your order is complete, you have the option of purchasing editing services for a fee.
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Prices for regular blog posts range from $15 for a 150-word article to $125 for a 1500 word article. Specialty blog posts are offered for industries that are more technical in nature and start at $27.50 for a 150-word article to $215.71 for a 1500 word article.

If you’re looking for something less focused on the company and more on something specific within your industry, Premium SEO articles can be a budget-friendly option. These articles do not include company branding but offer SEO-friendly writing that starts at $9.50 for 150 words up to $77.50 for 1500 words.

Constant Content:  Ghostwriter For Hire

Constant Content is one of the most established and well-known content sites and offers both custom content and ready-made articles.

  • Custom content: To purchase custom content, set up an account, and place an order explaining the content needed. The client is responsible for creating the title and writing a clear and detailed request for the writers.

    You will need to decide the tone appropriate for your blog, the word count, and what license type works best for you. Finally, you choose the price range you want to pay. The order is then released to all available writers until someone claims it and completes the work. Internal linking and image suggestions are included.
  • Ready-made articles: Constant Content also offers hundreds of finished articles in a wide range of industries. Browse the completed articles by subject matter and purchase whatever suits your needs. Prices will vary depending on article length and author.

Textbroker: Ghostwriter For Hire

Textbroker creates custom content based on client specifications. The agency offers both self-service and managed-service options.

  • Self-service: This option begins with setting up a free account and creating an order that covers quality level, order type, and detailed instructions. To place your order, you must deposit money into your Textbroker account.

    An on-site calculator is provided to determine the price for your order based on your selections. All content goes through the agency’s team of editors to ensure your order meets the standards of the quality level you’ve selected. You have the option of setting your order up in one of three ways:
    • Open order: This option makes your order available to all writers and allows you to set the price and quality level. The prices for open orders range from 1.3 cents per word to 7.2 cents per word depending on the quality level chosen.
    • Direct order: With this option, you select the author of your choice and negotiate the delivery dates and price. Direct orders start at 2.4 cents a word.
    • Team orders: This option allows you to choose a team of qualified writers and set the price you want to pay. Team orders start at 2.4 cents a word.
  • Managed-services: This option provides you with a dedicated account manager throughout the order process. You begin by requesting a quote. This option is available with a minimum budget of $2500.

    A free consultation is provided to determine your needs and a custom quote is produced. Your project manager will discuss the details of your project and create a detailed set of order instructions and will select the appropriate authors.

    Once the content is completed, a team of editors will review the work to ensure it meets quality expectations and that all guidelines are met, then the work is forwarded to you.
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Writer Access: Ghostwriter for Hire

Writer access offers custom content through managed services. There are four levels of managed services to choose from:

  • Coach Class: Requires no pre-payment and tasks you with choosing your writers, placing orders, approving orders, managing the process, and publishing your content.
  • Business Class: Requires a $2,500 pre-payment and includes 5 hours of support to set up your orders, select authors, and train writers for the project.
  • First Class: Requires $5,000 pre-payment includes 10 hours of dedicated support.
  • Private Charger: Requires $10,000 pre-payment and includes 15 hours of dedicated support.

Everything above Coach Class offers a dedicated account manager, writer management, monthly packages, and recurring order setup.

Prices for content are set up on a star rating system based on writer quality.

The lowest is 3-star quality and costs 4 cents per word for general content that requires minimal research, 4-star quality is 6 cents per word, 5-star quality is 8 cents a word that offers writers with industry expertise, and 6-star quality ranges from 10 cents to $2 per word depending on what the project requires.

Editors are also available for a fee and are priced based on their own star ratings. Editors with 3-stars charge 2 cents a word, 4-stars charge 5 cents a word, 5-stars charge 10 cents a word, and 6-stars charge 20 cents a word.

iWriter: Ghostwriter for hire

Clients can order custom content through iWriter and will pay based on word county and quality level. Blog post quality is rated on a 4-level system.

Choosing standard offers prices ranging from $1.25 for 150 words up to $28 for 4000 words. Premium quality is $2.75 for 150 words up to $60 for 4000 words. Elite quality is $4.25 for 150 words up to $80 for 4000 words.

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Elite Plus quality is $11.50 for 150 words up to $260 for 4000 words.

The agency doesn’t require payment until content is approved by the client.

Mad Content: Ghostwriter For Hire

Mad Content offers custom blog posts from native-English speaking writers and charges $4 per 100 words. Fill out a simple order form that includes your business information, number of words needed, content purpose, number of articles needed, and project details.

After your order is placed, it will be assigned to the most qualified available writer for your needs. Most orders are completed within 5-7 days, many are completed sooner. The agency offers both US and UK writers.

The default is writing for an American audience but clients can request UK English if preferred. All content is subjected to the agency’s in-house quality check standards and one re-write is allowed per article.

Low Price Articles: Ghostwriter for Hire

Low Price Articles focuses entirely on creating custom content for clients and charges 2 cents per word. All writers are native-English speakers and must pass an assessment test before writing for the agency.

All content is guaranteed to pass a Copyscape Premium test, ensuring original work and there are no membership fees associated with content orders. The agency offers no refunds but will edit content to meet your expectations and can do one complete rewrite if necessary.

To place an order, fill out the order form and select the word count needed. Then include details about what you need, including article tone, voice tone, up to four keywords, sample pages, and any reference links that will provide the necessary information. You can pay $4 per article for 24-hour rush delivery.

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Writology: ghostwriter for hire

Writology offers both custom content and pre-written content to clients. Custom content can be created by in-office agency writers or freelance writers. To use agency writers, fill out the order form with all the details needed to complete your project.

A writer is selected based on your needs and relevant expertise and work will begin once payment is received.

An editor is assigned to ensure your order meets project specifications and quality expectations. If you are unsatisfied with the work provided, you may request revisions, ask for another writer, or request a refund.

Freelance writers can be hired by posting a public project who will make bids for your content or by placing a private order to a writer of your choosing.

When placing an open order, you set your budget and your deadline, then select the writer you want from the incoming bids you receive.

Once you make a payment, the writer will begin work on your project. If you choose to make a private order, simply navigate to the page of the author you’ve chosen, make an offer, and wait for the writer to accept.

The writer will begin work once payment is made. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of your content from either an open order or a private order, you can request revisions, choose a different writer, reassign the project to agency writers, or request a refund.

Editing services are also available through open or private orders.

Pre-written articles are a good option if you need content but don’t have a specific subject in mind. You can search for available articles by product type, subject, price, and word count.

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Articles are priced by their authors and often include a usage price and a buyout option. Choosing the buyout option gives you exclusive rights to the article while usage allows others to pay to use the article as well.

Express Writers: Ghostwriter For Hire

Express Writers offers full-service custom blog content creation. Even if you don’t have a final topic in mind, ideas and keywords can be turned into complete posts.

All blog prices include SEO optimization, link citations, proper formatting, Copyscape check, editing, and proofreading. For individual blog post orders, prices range from $12 for under 100 words to $280 for up to 3000 words.

There is a $10 charge to add a meta description, header, and title.

For regular content, Express Writers offers blog package levels. All levels include direct posting to your blog, stock images, citations, and meta optimization. For an additional fee, you can upgrade to an expert writer or include content planning and seo options.

  • Level 1: $220 per month and includes 4 blog posts of 500 words at a rate of one a week. Expert writer upgrade is $175 and content planning is $95.
  • Level 2: $500 per month and includes 8 blog posts of 750 words at a rate of two a week. Expert writer upgrade is $540 and content planning is $190.
  • Level 3: $960 per month and includes 12 blog posts of 1000 words at a rate of three a week. Expert writer upgrade is $600 and content planning is $285.
  • Level 4: $1280 per month and includes 16 blog posts of 1000 words at a rate of four a week. Expert writer upgrade is $800 and content planning is $389.
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Work on a project doesn’t begin until payment is received. Once work is completed, clients have 14 days to request up to 2 revisions at no additional cost. Any further revisions or those beyond the 14- day window will incur additional fees.

Delivery time for content varies depending on the number of orders, word count, and amount of research required. Rush orders can be requested. All custom content includes ownership of the full copyright.

Freelancer: Ghostwriter For Hire

Freelancer is a direct-hire service that offers access to hundreds of freelancers from a range of qualifications and talents. To obtain a custom blog post, you can post your project and allow freelancers to submit bids.

Then simply choose the freelancer that seems to be the best fit for your needs. You can also browse freelancer profiles and contact them directly. Once you find the writer of your choice, negotiate the terms and send them a direct order.

Freelancer offers a milestone payment system that gives you the option of paying upon completion or paying set amounts for meeting goals that are established between you and the writer.

Upwork: Ghostwriter For Hire 

Upwork is a direct-hire service similar to Freelancer. Post a job that includes the details of what you need and Upwork’s system will match you with a shortlist of candidates that fit your needs.

You can select a freelancer from the list or you can browse profiles on your own to find what you need. Upwork will hand-select an appropriate freelancer with an upgrade to Upwork Pro.

Once you have chosen your ideal candidates, invite them to submit bids, and chooses the candidate that is the best match for your project. Freelancers can be paid by the hour or a fixed price for the project.

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Fiverr is another service that matches individuals with freelancers. Prices can start as low as $5 but are set by the individual writers. Authors also set their turnaround times and revision allowances.

Browse the extensive database of freelancers by product needed, delivery time, price range, language, and seller level. Once you find the freelancer you want, order your content directly. All freelancers are rated based on experience and work quality, and you can find customer reviews on their profile pages

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