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Team Concept, The Warm Handoff

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Team concept: The Warm Handoff

Real Estate Scripts, Teams

-Well, I can understand your concern. The reality is the size of our team gives you the Seller a distinct advantage…can I explain why?…Well, we have broken down all areas of the home sales process into different categories. For example we have someone full time who enters all of our listings into the listings services and the various web portals we advertise on, they line up all areas of our marketing. We then have someone who handles the details of the closing attorney and buyer’s lender once we go under contract. This allows me, the agent, to focus on your needs and getting your home sold. I don’t get bogged down with all the admin work–I can focus entirely on selling your home. Can you see how having my full attention on finding the Buyer could benefit you?”

-If you were having surgery, would you want your surgeon to schedule the appt, file the INS claim, answer the phone calls etc all while giving you surgery?…I wouldn’t either, that’s exactly why we use specialization to best sell your home.

-You sell too many homes!…..If you were to have surgery would you want a surgeon who performs many surgeries per year or just a few? Me too, let’s go ahead and sign the contract.

t into your family time or mine. Let’s meet tomorrow at 3…or does 10 am work better for you?

-(When absolutely can’t get off work.)

No problem at all, I completely understand. Why don’t you leave an extra key for me and I can swing by tomorrow late am and take a look at your home and take some pictures. I can swing by your office/work and have a discussion, meet during your lunch break or discuss over the phone. What works best for you?

Script Shared by Lance Loken / Houston
May have originated with Jackie Kravitz

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