25 Top Fitness Affiliate Programs

This post contains affiliate links. As a partner with Amazon and various brands, I am compensated when qualifying purchases are made through my referral links.

There are hundreds of fitness affiliate programs to choose from, and finding a reputable program can feel like a task in futility. So, we spent some time looking through the various programs to find the TOP 25 bestselling, top-paying programs.


LifeFitness is known for its premium exercise equipment that includes cardio and strength training equipment. Their product brands include SCIFIT and Hammer Strength, and both brands are available for commercial and personal use.

  • Payout: 9.6% to 12% of sales
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • Flexoffers manages the Life Fitness affiliate program.

MYX FITNESS Affiliate Program

MYX Fitness sells its own line of exercise equipment and offers on-demand coaches. Their ‘total fitness solution’ packages are relatively affordable and designed for personal use for people on a budget.

  • Payout: $80 of sales
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • Flexoffers manages the MYX Fitness affiliate program.


Noom is a widely advertised weight loss program that focuses on changing behavioral habits for successful weight loss. Noom creates personalized weight-loss plans and encourages users to lose weight through expert advice.

  • Payout: $16 on UK sales and $18.40 on other sales
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • Flexoffers manages the NOOM affiliate program.


Bowflex is a widely recognized brand that has sold (and continues to sell) well since 1986. Their product range includes cardio and strength training equipment for both personal and commercial use.

  • Payout: 2.4% of sales
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • Flexoffers manages the Bowflex affiliate program.


Founded in 1986, Nautilus is known for its cardio equipment – including bikes, ellipticals, and treadmills – made for personal and commercial use.

  • Payout: 2.4% of sales
  • Cookie duration: 7-days
  • Flexoffers manages the Nautilus affiliate program.


Horizon Fitness makes ellipticals, exercise bikes, and treadmills. They also offer the Sprint 8 HIIT training program that boasts a 27% reduction in body fat in two months with three 20-minute workouts per week. They also offer financing at 0% APR on their equipment.

  • Payout: 6.4% on sales
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • Flexoffers manages the Horizon Fitness affiliate program.


Yoga International is a video streaming service that provides professional yoga classes led by world-renowned teachers. Their content also includes meditation videos.

Members have the option of a free 14-day trial when signing up before converting to a $19.99 per month membership. Members can also get an annual membership at a discounted rate – $119.88.

  • Payout: $14.40 per paid subscription
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • Flexoffers manages the Yoga International affiliate program.


Bodyrock.TV is a popular fitness channel that began on YouTube, and ten years later, they are more popular than ever. Their website offers a range of unique fitness equipment, video workout series’, meal plans, nutritional guides, and recipes.

  • Payout: 10% of sales
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • Flexoffers manages the Bodyrock.tv affiliate program.


Gainz Box is a fitness subscription box that ships fitness supplements, fitness apparel, and fitness equipment to subscribers monthly.

Each monthly box has a unique theme and costs $32 plus $7 shipping monthly. Members can also purchase longer subscriptions at a discounted rate.

  • Payout: 12% of customer sales (new customers only)
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • Flexoffers manages the Gainz Box affiliate program.


A popular diet plan that continues to outlast other fad diets, the South Beach Diet offers members various fitness packages. Their products include prepared food delivery, online coaching, and a weight-loss tracking app.

  • Payout: 4% of sales
  • Cookie duration: 10-days
  • Flexoffers manages the South Beach Diet affiliate program.


Total gym is another popular TV advertised brand that offers a range of at-home fitness equipment. The most popular of their products is the “Total Gym” which is promoted by Chuck Norris.

Total Gym members also get access to video workout routines for the Total Gym equipment and Total Gym TV, an on-demand video platform.

  • Payout: 2.4% of sales
  • Cookie duration: 45-days
  • Flexoffers manages the Total Gym affiliate program.


Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness tracking tools on the market today. Their products include fitness trackers and fitness watches that encourage healthy living.

Fitbit also gives members access to a community forum, and they hold fitness challenges regularly.

  • Payout: 2.4% of sales
  • Cookie duration: 15-days
  • Flexoffers manages the Fitbit affiliate program.


Body Spartan is a popular fitness program for serious fitness addicts and weightlifters. They offer prime fitness supplements, a fitness tracking app, workout programs, nutritional tips, and a podcast.

Body Spartan also has a loyalty program for regular shoppers.

  • Payout: Up to 10%
  • Cookie duration: 45-days
  • ShareASale manages the Body Spartan affiliate program.


Natalie Jill Fitness is a full fitness program that offers members a fat-loss program based on her own experience. The program focuses on both fitness routines as well as meal delivery and supplements.

  • Payout: 30-50% of sales
  • Cookie duration: Lifetime
  • The Natalie Jill program manages its affiliate program directly through the Natalie Jill website.


One of the most recognized fitness trainers in the world, Jillian Michaels, offers members of her program fitness and nutrition tips. Products include customized fitness routines (including videos) and professionally designed meal plans.

  • Payout: 20% of new subscriptions
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • ShareASale manages the Jillian Michaels affiliate program.


Chirp is an affiliate program based on a single product – a circular wheel used to relieve back pain through a series of yoga-type movements. Chirp also offers bundled products that include multiple-sized wheels, a posture corrector, and a video tutorial on using the Chirp wheel.

  • Payout: 12% of sales
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • ShareASale manages the Chirp affiliate program.


FNX Fitness is a fitness supplement and fitness wear brand that focuses on health, nutrition, pre-workout products, and workout recovery products.

FNX Fitness divides their various products by the type of benefit they offer and provide videos, eBooks, and community support for their products.

  • Payout: 10% of sales
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • ShareASale manages the FNX Fitness affiliate program.


Fight Camp is an interactive fitness program that focuses on fitness through boxing, body-weight exercises, and plyometrics. Their interactive program includes fitness equipment, wearables, and a monthly membership to their video platform.

  • Payout: $30 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • ShareASale manages the Fight Camp affiliate program.


Jacked Pack is a monthly supplement sample subscription box that can be customized by favorite flavor and the number of products in the box. Members also have the opportunity to review products for a chance to win an Amazon gift card each month.

  • Payout: $10 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • ShareASale manages the Jacked Pack affiliate program.


Pro Mix Nutrition specializes in protein and other fitness supplements created with elite athletes in mind. Their products include only quality ingredients with no artificial ingredients. Each of their products is quality tested, and the company prioritizes environmental conservation.

  • Payout: 10% of sales
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • ShareASale manages the Pro-Mix affiliate program.


FYT Personal Training program is a matching service that matches clients with fitness instructors that meet their needs.

Clients of FYT can choose in-person training, gym-based training, and virtual training options. Clients can even select the type of coach that they would prefer based on the fitness approach.

  • Payout: $40 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 90-days
  • shareASale manages the FYT Personal Training affiliate program.


Top Choice Supplements is also known as “Spartan Carton” – a monthly fitness subscription box that offers workout gear, supplement samples, workout routines, healthy recipes, and outdoor living/survival equipment. Subscribers also have access to a free meal planning program.

  • Payout: 20% of sales
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • ShareASale manages the Top Choice Supplements affiliate program.


Gene Food is a nutritional program that creates custom dietary plans based on a user’s genetic profile. They have 20 unique diet plans that are developed for specific combinations of genetic traits to improve weight-loss results.

Gene Food customers can purchase a plan that includes a DNA test, or they can use existing 23andme test results to develop their unique diet plan.

  • Payout: $20 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 90-days
  • ShareASale manages the Gene Food affiliate program.


TRX is another big name in the fitness forum. Their exercise equipment began as suspension-based gyms and now includes weights and resistance training, and fitness apparel. TRX systems are available for personal and commercial purchase.

  • Payout: 8% of sales
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • TRX runs its own affiliate program.


Under Armour is a brand known and recognized worldwide and a name that needs little selling by affiliates. Under Armour makes professional-level fitness wear for children, women, and men that is suitable for a range of sports.

  • Payout: 5% of sales
  • Cookie duration: 30-days
  • AWIN manages The Under Armour affiliate program.

We chose the affiliate programs above because of their high conversion rates. Consider what product best suits your audience when you pick a program to promote so that you can replicate those conversion rates yourself.

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