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Online lead gen has so many interesting stages. When studying these, we can find out so much more about how customers are finding and using our real estate websites, as long as we set up tracking and use the tools. Here’s an example: I got a lot of real estate leads this month for a page on my Las Vegas website for a condo community we have here. I was curious what Keyword Phrases, also known as queries (or search terms), people were using to find it. I wasn’t sure if they were using the name of the condo community or using some sort of keyword or search criteria that was sending them there. I went to my tools to find out. Then I realized, you might be able to learn from this and I created this blog for you.

Step 1: Find IP Address of Lead

In this case, the lead came in through IDX Broker which is the provider if the listing data that appears on our website. Did you know you can CHOOSE how listings show up on your website from colors, to data, to size of the text, to design of the listing pages, to custom forms and so forth? Depending on what website platform and provider you have chosen, you may have the ability to bring in an IDX provider such as IDX Broker, which is the Ballen Brands company of choice. We like the flexibility and the customization of how we ask for registration. We love to customize our forms, and view the IP Address (which many IDX providers do not offer).

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 8.54.36 AM

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Step 2: Use IP Address to find Source of Lead and Page they visited

Put IP Address in Clicky under the Find IP Filter – In this case, Clicky Tells me that the lead came from Google and that the page was X-it condos. Great, now I can use Google Search Console (Used to be Google Webmaster Tools and is FREE) to look up what keywords people are using to find that page.
Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 8.57.42 AM

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Step 3: In Google Webmaster tools, find the PAGE on your site that the lead is registering for. You should have about 90 days of data for that page.

Step 4: Click on the little arrow to the right of the page. Then click on Queries.

Google Search Console


Check out Google Search Console Here:
Google Search Console Options


Step 5: Look at and Study the EXACT MATCH Search Terms used to find that page

Now you can view the actual exact search terms used to find that page. Keep in mind, this is only a sample and not all. You can use the data to now understand how people are finding your page and if you are truly giving them what they want. You can also see queries (search terms) that people are using to find your site and don’t CLICK. Then you can change your metatitle and description on your page to better match the queries.

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 9.02.09 AM









Step 6: Build your SEM (Pay Per Click) Campaign around these words
You can also now run Google PPC campaigns around those exact match phrases to generate targeted leads for that page. These are usually much cheaper clicks because you can get your quality score at it’s highest rate because it’s so targeted and that brings down your cost per click AND there is probably not a lot of competition and you fill gap!

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