How to Change the Facebook Video Thumbnail Image on a Personal Page

Here’s how to change a Facebook Video Thumbnail.

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Steps to Change the Thumbnail:

  1. Upload Video
  2. Find Video in your album
  3. click on the pencil to edit
  4. Scroll through thumbnail to choose picture
  5. Save your edits


Okay. Here is how to edit a thumbnail on a video that you have uploaded to your personal page. Here you can see that I have downloaded a video, so let’s say I want to change the thumbnail that is appearing right there on that video. What I do, is I’m going to go over to my photos and then I’m going to find the albums and then I’m going to click on videos. I’m going to find the video I want to edit and I’m going to click this little pencil. Then choose edit this video and here is where we can change our photos. Today the option that we have is to scroll through the thumbnails that they have selected and there’s not a way to upload a special thumbnail on your personal profile page as of the time at least when I made this video, but you can at least scroll through and pick the one that you like the best. That is how you customize the thumbnail on your personal Facebook business page video.

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