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Your advertising objective for your Facebook Ad is what your goal is for people to do when they see your ads. Each objective has a different set of options including placements (Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network).

  • Awareness: Less about traffic and lead generation and more about general awareness. Creating “interest”.
  • Consideration: Ads that create clicks to a website, app installs, engagement with a post or a page, or video views.
  • Conversions: Lead generation ads. These have a pure focus on getting people to achieve a goal: register as a lead or buy a product. These include your Lead Ads
Some of these campaign objectives have very subtle differences that you may not notice. Some are in the placements (such as ability to show on Instagram or on the Audience network). Others are in the Creative (such as ability to use Canvas or the slide show). 

how to create an Awareness Campaign

  1. Brand awareness
  2. ReachExample:
    For real estate agents, this would not be a preferred campaign. It would seem a bit odd to run an “awareness” campaign with a call to action to click to do something. That being said, one example might be that you are holding an open house. What you care about is people seeing the ad and learning about the open house rather than clicks through to a website or a lead registered.

    Learn more about brand awareness.

hOW to create a Consideration campaign

  1. TrafficExample: You have a new listing. You haven’t set up any conversion codes yet. Your goal is to send as many people over the listing page as possible, which can help it rise on the search engines and gain exposure for your new listing. Your objective is simply to get them to that page.

    Learn more about traffic.

  2. App installsExample: You are a Keller Williams real estate agent that has been fortunate enough to receive your personal app from your brokerage. You know that by getting people locally to install your app, they are more likely to contact you from the app when they are out shopping. It’s another touch without spamming them with email.

    Learn more about mobile app ads.

  3. EngagementYou have a new listing. You want to gain as much interest in that listing is possible, show the seller that you have a lot of “buzz” around their listing, and engage with people who show interest. You run an an ad for engagement around a picture and short description of your listing and say “Guess the Price of this listing”. You can make it a contest and give away a prize to increase engagement. When you do that though, you also have a lot of people engaging that may have no interest in buying or selling real estate. Something to keep in mind.

    With engagement you can: Boost a Post, Promote a Page, Advertise an Offer, or Promote an Event

  4. Video viewsYou create a monthly real estate market report. Every month you make a new video report for the month. You can choose to run a video ad around this report to gain brand awareness, engagement, and clicks to your website.

    Learn more about video ads.

  5. Lead generationYou have a special list of HOT properties coming on the market, or a list of forecloures, or a “For Sale By Owner” checklist or some other offer. You can create an ad that contains a lead form that has the interested party fill out the form without every leaving Facebook.

    Learn more about lead ads.

how to create a Conversion campaign

  1. ConversionsExample: You create a campaign around neighborhoods. You drive the traffic to a page that has a homes for sale under $_____ in (neighborhood). When they look at 1 or more pages, a forced registration pops up and they register.  Your conversion pixel tracks that registration and reports your conversion and cost per lead in your dashboard.

    Learn more about conversions.

  2. Product catalog sales
  3. Store visits


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